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REVIEW The Last Airbender Prequel: Zuko’s Story

May 20, 2010

Prince Zuko. The name alone conjures a flood of wildly varying thoughts and emotions from fans of Avatar: The Last Airbender: disgraced, enemy, friend, nephew, son, brother, betrayer, teacher….Zutara.  What most fans can agree on is that the scarred prince is one of the deepest and most compelling characters to be found in the acclaimed Nickelodeon television series, and that fact has not been lost on the creative minds behind the forthcoming live action adaptation. Speculation has run wild since Del Rey Manga, a division of publisher Random House, announced a Last Airbender tie-in manga at Comic Con 2009. That tie-in was eventually revealed to be a prequel featuring everyone’s favorite “hot man.” Officially released May 18, we’ve now had our chance to sit down and absorb every panel of Zuko’s Story. Does it reveal any titillating new insight into Aang’s complex enemy? Read on, but beware spoilers!



Another Peek At the Prequel

October 11, 2009

Comic book artist Nina Matsumoto has posted yet another glimpse of the upcoming Last Airbender prequel manga, this time focusing on Prince Zuko and Uncle Iroh.


She had this to say about the image…

NON-OFFICIAL pic of Zuko (left and center) with Iroh (right), as they’ll appear in the Last Airbender film prequel manga.

This is another ink test I did as practice, since I’m using a different inking method for this project (maru pen and stark black and white with no greys as opposed to a technical pen with grey tones). I’m figuring out the best way to render the Fire Nation armour in black white, since they’re dressed pretty much entirely in black in the movie. This picture is the closest thing I’ve posted to how the manga will look.

Movie Iroh has some awesome dreadlocks. It’s weird that he has them, I know. It took me a while to get used to them, too. But man if they aren’t fun to draw.

Thanks go out to Sarah for the tip!