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HD Television Spots #5 and #6

June 25, 2010

Paramount released two high-definition versions of television spots #5 and #6 today for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy and keep checking for the results of the novel contest!

Television Spot #5 “The One”

Television Spot #6 “Save Us”


Well I Was Talking…. To Momo!

June 10, 2010

Our friends at recently posted up new photos from the Airbender iPhone application. The one we found most interesting was the one that gives us a first look at Momo, the greatest lemur bat to ever live!

More iPhone images from The Last Airbender are available at

Aasif Mandvi vs. 30 Ninjas Part 1

June 2, 2010

Dan Kaufman at  just posted the first of a two part interview with Aasif Mandvi. Mandvi goes into detail about his past knowledge of Avatar: The Last Airbender, his experience with acting with “nothing”, and the similarities between theatric off-stage events and working with a green screen. He also talks about the rigorous martial arts training necessary to become Admiral Zhao. The best part was when Aasif and Dan talked about the shakesperian quality of the story, and how Aasif developed his own interpretation of Zhao.

DAN: Now, I get the sense that this whole project is kind of new territory for a lot of people involved. I mean, this is Night’s first adaptation of material that’s not his own. Aside from Spider-Man 2, this is your first huge, summer, tentpole action film. This is your first immersion into CGI, your first bad guy role…it’s kind of like dad is giving you the keys to the car for the first time.

AASIF: Yeah, yeah.

DAN: Was all this exciting? Intimidating?

AASIF: You know what? It was. It was all those things. It was exciting, it was intimidating. But you know, I’m thankful for my theater background. Because when you have CGI, people are always like, “How do you act when there’s nothin’ goin’ on? I mean, there’s a big screen of green, you know?” And I’m like, “But that’s what you do in the theater all the time.”

DAN: You act with nothing.

AASIF: I mean, in the theater, you’re standing there, and supposedly there’s a battle going on offstage, and you’re looking at this battle, and you’re going, “Ah-ha!” So it wasn’t that unbelievably weird. It was sort of like doing a play.

DAN: Right. And you had experience doing your one-man show, so… (more…)

Sneaking the Last Airbender

July 4, 2009

We’ve got a new article featuring another set visit, this time  focusing more attention to the CGI and movie magic of the The Last Airbender.

On a private tour with other select journos, VFXWorld initially spoke to Marshall, who explained the scope of the ambitious film.

“We are creating a completely fantastical, make-believe world,” Marshall said referencing the cavernous converted sound stage that was home to more than five huge sets representing key sites within the four nations. All of them were impressively practical while also including the telltale green-screen drapes and vfx set extension markers that portend the vast amount of CG work to come.

Marshall continued, “A couple of firsts on this film for Night: One is shooting all this green-screen. He’s never really done much of that before…at all. He’s expanding his talent and range and that’s what I find exciting about it. He’s taking his filmmaking style and applying it to this fantasy world, which he hasn’t done before.

“And for me it’s been really exciting because I haven’t worked on a movie, that I can remember, that has a totally made up world. We get into a little bit of fantasy in Jurassic Park and Back to the Future, but they are still in the real world. But this is like our Star Wars.

You can read the rest of the article at