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High Definition TV Spot #7

June 28, 2010

Paramount sent us a HD version of TV Spot #7 today. This spot has so far been my favorite, mainly because of the great Appa roar at the end.


HD Television Spots #5 and #6

June 25, 2010

Paramount released two high-definition versions of television spots #5 and #6 today for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy and keep checking for the results of the novel contest!

Television Spot #5 “The One”

Television Spot #6 “Save Us”

Two Views From Test Screening

February 4, 2010

It seems that a test screening of an extremely rough cut of The Last Airbender was held last night in Phoenix, AZ. Two Aint It Cool News readers were in attendance, and wrote up their thoughts. Some good…

Shaun Toub plays Uncle Iroh and is totally one of THOSE guys who is in a million things but I never knew his name. Anyway, by far he is the BEST thing about the movie. Great character, great performance. And Dev Patel was also good as the cast out son of the fire lord. … Overall, I think they have a fun-to-watch summer movie here. I’d put it more on the Narnia level rather than the Lord of the Rings level, but still it has a nice feel to it and unlike most of the other test screenings I’ve been to, I’m actually really looking forward to watching this one again when released to see how it looks in the end.

And some not so good…

Whoever cast this film should be taken to task, because, if this was the best group of actors you could assemble, I’d hate to see the ones you rejected. This was some of the most wooden acting I’ve ever seen.

Click here to read both reviews in full.

Catching Up

October 7, 2009

Hey, it’s been awhile. After a brief hiatus, due in large part to family and professional obligations, and in small part to the lack of interesting news, we’re back in the saddle again. Time to catch up!

Shaun Toub spoke with Thomas Attila Lewis on the red carpet at the Emmy’s briefly about his experience working on the film. He believes it’s ‘an incredible film’ and ‘visually unbelievable.’ Toub went on to describe how the world is ‘full of mystique’ with a really complex protagonist.

Cliff Curtis (Fire Lord Ozai) spoke on The Last Airbender with CraveOnline.

Cliff Curtis: How was shooting The Last Airbender?

CraveOnline: It was wonderful. It was really great and it’s also great that I’m going to be able to work the two. I’m not giving up film. I’m just doing another job that happens to be on television.

Cliff Curtis: Are you playing a character from the animated series?

CraveOnline: Yes, I am. I’m playing fire lord Ozai.

Cliff Curtis: Did you take anything from the animated form?

CraveOnline: I’ve not watched it. I didn’t want to watch the animated form because I knew the director, M. Night, was going to depart from that.

Cliff Curtis: You must be dealing with a lot of pyrotechnics. How do you deal with that?

CraveOnline: Fire, well, that’s a good spin. Is there anything in particular about fire? Yeah, just don’t touch it. I don’t know, don’t touch it, you’ll get burned. In particular, I’m so in the world of making a movie. They have safety meetings before anything is done and all the safety people gather around, so I’m so protected from the fire, I don’t even get near it.

Cliff Curtis: Do you have a visceral feeling when the explosions go off?

CraveOnline: No, because both of my characters, whether it’s Rabbit or the fire lord, actually are very comfortable in those situations. So I pretty much just ignore it.

Cliff Curtis: Both this show and the Airbender movies, this will be the first time you’ve played the same character more than once. Is that a different approach?

CraveOnline: I’m yet to discover that. I don’t really know. You’re right, I haven’t done that so I’m about to figure out what that’s like. I think the big difference so far that I’ve discovered is that in a film, it’s very contained. So we know before going in to make the film what the film’s going to be, and then when the film is completed, we find out what it is. Whereas television, as far as I’m discovering, it evolves. As the show evolves, everything’s fluid. Characters can disappear tomorrow as you see in the pilot.

Cliff Curtis: What is M. Night like on the set?

CraveOnline: He’s very deliberate and predetermined, extremely. He’s planned everything. Storyboarded to the frame.

Cliff Curtis: So you’ve seen the movie already pretty much?

CraveOnline: No, he doesn’t show those to you unless he’s trying to explain what he wants in a scene, so I only get a portion of that, that’s relevant to what we’re shooting.

Finally, Entertainment Weekly brought us an exclusive look on the set of The Last Airbender, with four new photos of Noah Ringer, Shaun Toub, and Dev Patel. Click the images below to view in high resolution.

Mandvi, Toub, and Curtis Join the Search

March 15, 2009

Aasif Mandvi will take on the role of the evil Fire Nation Commander Zhao.


The Dragon of the West has a face! Shaun Toub has been cast as the wise, kind, and powerful Uncle Iroh.


Cliff Curtis will portray Fire Lord Ozai!

Keong Sim has also been cast as a as yet unnamed Earthbending father.

Principal photography is set to begin mid-March 2009!