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Exclusive: Journeys to the Spirit World

August 18, 2009


We have received what appears to be authentic pages of an early draft of The Last Airbender script, dated March 2, 2009, from an anonymous source. These pages detail Aang’s visit(s) to the Spirit World, and a few interesting plot differences from the animated series. As we are unable to confirm nor deny the authenticity of these pages, please read on with a bucket of salt close by.

Update: Producer Frank Marshall has tweeted that the “script does not seem real” to him. It’s interesting to note he didn’t flat out deny the summary’s authenticity, as he did the promotional image last month.

Update 2: The legendary Gene Simmons of KISS recently update his website claiming to have been offered a voice over role in The Last Airbender. And what’s the role? None other than the Dragon Spirit heavily featured in these alleged script pages. It seems the legitimacy of that portion of the script has been settled.