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Paramount Gambles Big With Airbender

June 25, 2010

A recent LA Times Business article has revealed that not only has Paramount invested $150 million into the production of The Last Airbender, but also a gargantuan $130 million into the marketing campaign, making The Last Airbender more than twice as expensive as any of M. Night’s previous films! Paramount Chief Executive Brady Grey doesn’t seem worried.

“Like every filmmaker, Night has had his hits and misses, but I believed in his vision and that he could execute it,” Grey said, adding “It’s a bold step because he had to create a potential new family franchise.”

With an unprecedented cross-promotional marketing campaign between Viacom owned networks Nickelodeon,  MTV, Comedy Central, Spike TV, and CMT, one can hardly fault him for his optimism. However, Airbender does face stiff competition in the third entry in the Twilight Saga, Eclipse, opening a day earlier.

“I’m hoping after they see ‘Eclipse,’ they’ll come see our movie,” Shyamalan said.


Budget Confirmed: $250 Million

April 21, 2009

Frank Marshall confirmed today that the budget for the planned The Last Airbender trilogy is $250 million, and that they will be spending more on the first film “to create the world.”

Lights, Camera, Airbend!

March 20, 2009

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First picture of the Water Tribe set in Greenland, courtesy of Sermitsiaq! Filming is set to take place between March 23 through April 3, potentially totalling six minutes worth of the final film. It’s also worth noting that the film’s budget is estimated at $250 million! If that’s true, Paramount must have a lot of confidence in the production.