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Airbender In 3D Posters

May 4, 2010

IGN has unveiled two exclusive one-sheets for The Last Airbender In 3D.


Third Theatrical Trailer Unveiled

April 23, 2010

Earlier today Paramount Pictures unveiled the third full length theatrical trailer for The Last Airbender. Suffice to say it features a great deal more bending money shots, and is sure to garner a lot of attention from moviegoers. It is also the first publicly released media touting the recently announced 3D version. Without further ado…

Airbender Follows Avatar Into the Third Dimension

April 22, 2010

Avatar was a game changer, and Hollywood has taken notice. Countless big tentpole movies, including Harry Potter and Clash of the Titans, are going through a post production 3D conversion process to cash in on the 3D craze. Paramount has announced that The Last Airbender will be the latest film to be given the 3D conversion treatment courtesy of Studio D, the company that worked on James Cameron’s Avatar.