The Mini-Legend of Korra

by board member MoonlitShadow attended the Avatar signing with Bryan Konietzko & Mike DiMartino at the San Diego Comic-Con today, and returned with the following bit of Korra news…

So, Im currently using my iPod to type a short message, but I just got out of the avatar signing at the Nick booth. One pretty big piece of info- Korra IS a miniseries, and Bryke is happy because tha means they can really make an impressive 12 episodes instead of hits and misses like they felt they had with original series. Also, expect Korra to air in LATE fall 2011.

I’m sure some will be disappointed that it will not be a full season, but this could work out for the best. At least we can be sure that Korra won’t be making any trips to the Great Divide.


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  1. chickenlord Says:

    this isnt a bad thing, I don’t think they could keep up a story for long in just one city so this is the best choice, as long as avatar wont turn into another pokemon im happy.

  2. Setsuna Says:

    Um… When exactly is late fall? I don’t live in America, so I’m not that familiar with the seasons…

    Anyway, I’m glad. 12 episodes means they can focus more on the storyline and not detour to all the random nonsense (no matter how fun that may be) and at the same time not keep it too short. When I saw ‘mini-series’ I was almost afraid it would turn out to be like 6 episodes or something.

  3. Steve Says:

    Fall would be later in the year..probably September, October, November, etc.

    I think it’s for the best that it’s a mini-series, really. I’m as big a fan as the next person is, but really there’s just not much that can be done that wasn’t already done in the original series.

    Bad guy does bad things, Avatar shows up and stops them. The end.

  4. bivin75 Says:


    ….duh????????? Almost all the action anime and cartoons are like that. It’s how the story is told the plot developed etc.

    <3333 so excited nyahaha

    They should make Earth and Fire spin offs too!

    • Swordbender Says:

      I don’t know about that. The avatar universe has expanded well on the nations. Obviously we know enough about the fire nation seeing as they are the nation that the original series was trying to stop. We also know alot about the air nation based on aangs insights and episodes taking place there. 80% of season 1 was in the earth kingdom and 100% in season 2 or around there. We probably have enough info about the earth kingdom. That just leaves water and they are already doing the spinoff.

  5. lacsap Says:

    i thinks its ok, otherwise it would be compared too much to avatar the last airbender, which, of course, can not be topped. i hope they will make the full length animated film after korra to explain what happens to the gaang and maybe ursa etc. that would be nice 🙂

  6. ean Says:

    its ok. as long as there’s avatar!

  7. Lisette Says:

    I’m really not looking forward to this.

    I’m rather disappointed 😦

  8. Kristin Says:

    I’m a little disappointed :/ I love the original series & I was excited to see that they came up with Korra, but only a mini-series? Sure a lot of things happened in TLA, although a lot of questions were left unanswered. I was hoping you’d hear parts of what happened in Korra, I was also hoping on seeing some of the older characters (Katara, Sokka, Toph, etc…) & hear what happened to them after the war. And how is she going to master Airbending in just twelve episodes? Sure Aang mastered everything in a year but it still took him a while :/ Also anticipating something “mini” for almost a year and a half isn’t really worth it.

    Sorry for ranting but I’m just a huge, huge fan of the original series and was expecting a lot more out of Korra.

    • Says:

      I agree waiting a whole year for just a mini..and exactley what is a mini and could it be possible that they could end up creating a whole series from just the so called mini. I want to see more im a big fan and if the legend of korra is half as good as the original then the creators have nothing to worry about, They need to stop playing around and do us all a favor and just give us some more damn Avatar! a whole lot more!

    • Aang Says:

      kristin im a fan too i agree with u alot i wished after the kiss they continued it for a while as soon as it ended i felt really sad because all thatt adventure ends here and with so many questions left i want the old avatar back iif i contact them i would ask the to create season 4 of the legend of aang dont u agrre kristin , iwas so sad that i cried for sometime becuz my favorite tv show has ended i felt as though i was actully with the team so its really disapponting. anyone got the emails for the creators so i can contact the creators. Reply Soon.

  9. Tori Says:

    I agree with Great Divide thing. Thank Korra for not going there, huh? lol!
    I also agress with the pros of having a tighter story-arc, but the cons . . . I mean, 12 episodes is a bit short, don’t you think? It doesn’t have the epic feel of waiting for something for that long. Of course, I’ll watched and anticipated it, but I was hoping for a tad bit more from Korra.

    Still very excited for A:TLK (or is it A:TLOK?

  10. Kirby Says:

    That kinda sucks in a way I was hoping for a longer series like the last one. I mean they can do a few seasons with like 12 or so eps each so they do have those pointless ones like the last series. thats fine by me. Still a year away so looks like I have something to wait for again.

  11. Austin Mann Says:

    Disappointed to the fullest extent. What the heck is a mini-series? It basically mean that the directors are too lazy to actually make another real series. I am probably one of the most obsessed ATLA fan in the world. But I am VERY disappointed. Bryan Konietzko and Mike DiMartino, Come on guys we need another show to keep us from dieing because of being deprived of a real good show such as Avatar The last airbender.

    • Hopeless Says:

      They might not have that option you know, it could be making a mini-series is the only way they could get an agreement on making this series at all!

    • Ch4p1n ~ WaterTribe Says:

      Well, i dunno about that… I’m as well a very huge gigantic fan of A:TLA(and i am as well disapointed) but they both said that in the 1st series, it took up to 9months to finish one episode. Up to writing a script, planing the scenes, animation, etc. I know that dosen’t prove anything but I’m sure they have reason for this. An as good as A:TLA was, I do really hope as well as you that they don’t dispoint us.

  12. Kevin Says:

    If it’s 12 episodes I hope their hour long episodes

  13. Cameron D Says:

    I am completely disappointed in the fact it is a ‘mini-series’! As soon as i heard i texted all of my friends and told them to read up on it and i wasn’t going to spoil anything, then they will be just as disappointed. I am a huge Avatar fan, i was already mad about the movie, it was nothing like the show at all. I pointed out every difference that made it bad and wrote it down, there were 32. The traveling around the world is the best part, the main character gets to meet different kinds of people, ones that viewers can relate to, like; Maang, Haru, etc. I hope the producers and directors read these comments to get some ideas. ^ And i agree with Every negative comment. This is a real let down, waiting a year and a half to get news of a new spin off series, then waiting a whole other year for it to come out. They should at least make two seasons out of this. Thats all i am saying. I even had a dream last night that i was the avatar, so if a guy who is the avatar in his dreams cant make a difference… then i don’t know who can…. 😦

  14. Fett8802 Says:

    (Posted this on imdb. Thought people who read this directly might also like to read it)

    It’s obvious that those of you who don’t like the 12 episode idea have little to no experience with other anime. In Japan, it’s quite standard practice to be only 12 episodes long. In fact, a “season” is 12 episodes. (Even though Japan doesn’t air anime in “seasons” like we do.)

    Some of the absolute very best anime to come out of Japan is only 1 or 2 seasons long. (Cowboy Bebop, Elfen Lied, Air, Escaflowne, etc.) In fact, the ones that get truly popular over here tend to be the Shounen animes that go on forever (Dragon Ball Z, Bleach) and those usually are only quality shows for the first few seasons.

    When Lost negotiated the end date and new they didn’t have to put filler in anymore, the quality of the show increased exponentially; while the amount of episodes per season shrunk from 24 to 18.

    The same will happen here. It’s actually quite a blessing. The storytellers know exactly to the letter what story they want to tell, how they want to tell it, and how emotionally to get us there. That is all evidenced by there being only 12 episodes.

    Go watch “Air” (The Japanese version if you can find it) which is only 12 episodes and I’ll be damned if you aren’t emotionally invested enough in those characters not to cry through the last 6 episodes.

    Sure, there’s an initial disappointment for those of us that wanted a huge amount more (Me included), but this truly is a blessing. It will be extraordinary quality.

    And I’ll place my bet that the creators have more ideas up there sleeves for further story lines outside TLA and LOK.

    My 2 cents.


    • Aangavatar Says:

      first of all avatar isnt an anime its a regular action cartoon like ben 10 except better and if it was an anime it would have anime comics does it no it doesnt tokyo pop is just american comics tryin to be japanese

      • Lolo Says:

        There have been anime that aren’t adaptations of manga.
        Plus, I’m sure Fett is just comparing it to an anime season, not calling it an anime.
        He is right though.
        Just because a series is short doesn’t mean it won’t be awesome. 😀
        Elfen Lied was a really short series and it was amazing.

        [PS: Tokyo Pop translates and publishes manga here in America. Please do some research before you start saying stuff like that. D:]

    • Kotryna Says:

      I completely I agree with you! I took your suggestion and watched Air. I loved it! Glad you posted it. It was such a great series! And it only need 12 episodes to make it that way.
      Now I’m a lot more hopeful about A:LOK being just as long.

    • Jean-Luc Says:

      You information is a bit faulty there: LOST only shortened the episodes from 24 to 18 because of the writers strike that was going on at the time, otherwise it would have been a season shorter with a full 24 episodes and one less season.

  15. Scotty Says:

    Only 12 episodes? Why?? Maybe there will be more if it is a hit.

    Nothing in the first season of Avatar TLA was a miss. I liked every single one of those episodes. I remember one of the creators saying that the King Bumi episode was a miss, but that is one of the best ones in my opinion.

    More Episodes!

    • Azanah Says:

      I agree. And what’s wrong with “The Great Divide” by the way? I keep hearing people refer to it like its a thing to avoid. :/

  16. Miko Says:

    I also think 12 episodes is a tad short. The whole reason I like to watch series is because(!) the dramatic operations of a series differs from that of a movie. In the end, I have a deeper understanding of Worf than I have of Luke Skywalker. Building up a relationship takes time, and also some less “exciting” moments that are instead humoristic, sad or just everyday-ish. A miniseries is always sort of a compromise between the dramatic arc of a movie and a full lenght series for me, and the least interesting of the three…

    Still, looking forward to is very much! Just a tad dissapointed that this is all there’ll be…

  17. jeff Says:

    Well i think 12 episodes kinda Short i wanted atleast 21 or idk MORE!…BUT if this will be 12 episodes Make it Worth the time to watch it having good Storyline and good bending style which means that Korra knows has to know the bending that can be strong as Azula With electricity and Toph That can control Metal!!…… Please Creators make it Really Epic that Korra already knows the bending and can be as strong as Aang in the end….And make the Evil villans Strong so it can be a Challenge for Korra…Would be awesome !……Dont dissapoint me please

  18. Stephy Says:

    Well I must say I’m pretty disappointed! I at least wanted one full season…One of my favorite things about TLA was the characters, and how they changed over the course of the story. I know that in twelve episodes they can tell a really fantastic story, but I also hope they can delve deeper into the characters!!

  19. Me Says:

    Yeah, i’m disappointed, I love the long run of a seasonal show. But the best quality stories tend to be ones that don’t drag on. So I believe a mini series does mean that it will be quality show. Besides, they never said how long the eps would be 😀 (cross you fingers for hour long eps)

  20. Willie Says:

    Its not that bad that it is a mini series. Obviously Nick is just testing the waters. Even though the first Avatar was a smash hit they played it safe with producing new episodes, which as many of us devoted fans remember, is why it took months for new episodes to come out. If Korra turns into a huge hit than its reasonable to believe that Nick will ask for more episodes of it.

    However, it is dissappointing to only hear about 12 episodes. that doesnt seem like enough time to have the same charactar develpment and depth that was the norm with ALOA. I guess we will just have to wait and see.

  21. Ahavah Says:

    I’m a bit unsure about how to feel. I watch anime, so I understand that 12 eps can be enough, but a. Most anime is based on a source material (manga or light novels, usually) and if you want more, you can still seek out the source. B. I really loved A:TLA, including most of the so-called “filler” eps (I don’t know why everyone hates on The Great Divide…The Painted Lady was so much worse! LOL). Seriously, I couldn’t imagine a Book 2 without “Tales of Ba Sing Se” or a Book 3 without “The Beach”…

    On the other hand, I like Bryke! If they feel this will make a better show, I trust them. I’m too hyped for more canon animated Avatar material to care how long it takes…so maybe I shouldn’t care how long it lasts, either…:3 not sure.

    I know I really, really want to see the Nick Magazine Avatar comics republished in graphic novels, including the ones left unpublished in English due to the mag’s untimely publication, and I’d love to see more OEL/graphic novel tie-ins.

    If Buffy can do it, why can’t Avatar? 😉

    • Swordbender Says:

      Nice but I don’t think that the beach or the painted lady are that much filler because they both had some very important katara and zuko, azula, Mai, and ty lee character development. Tales of ba sing se had incredible insight onto iroh. The great divide had absolutely no insight, development, or point.

      • Cameron D Says:

        Umm yes it did! If you correctly remember the episode, it was about two rival… tribes. They hated each other for something that their ancestors did along time ago. And at the end Aang solved the conflict that was going on between the two tribes. Yeah, sure, he lied, but it was also testing his skills at being the avatar, making peace between people. So it was a stepping stone, in his journey to become a great avatar! so there! 😛

  22. rider28031 Says:

    Are we sure this information is legitimate? Don’t get me wrong, but the guy could have misheard what everyone was saying (it happens all the time at the comic-con crowds). And even if it was true, it’ll more than likely be ordered for more episodes if it quickly becomes popular (which it most likely will). Take the original Avatar for instance: the creators were afraid that they woudn’t be able to finish the story so when episode 13 (the Blue Spirit) came up, it was structered like a final in case Nick would pull the plug. As we all know, that wasn’t the case.

    • adrian Says:

      structured like a final? How? Please explain I am intreagued. PLZ THX

      • rider28031 Says:

        I mean that it was made to be really exciting, on the level of a finale. With Zhao capturing Aang, no one would have been more motivated to save him than Zuko.

      • Chadawesomeness Says:

        The creators said it themselves that they made it on the level of a finale just incase the series wasnt successfull enough for more eps >.>

  23. hector Says:

    it makes sense cause doesn’t Korra only need to learn Airbending?

    i don’t think it would take multiple seasons for that

    • jeff Says:

      Yea it does like Aang learn all those 3 elements they only need another element which is Airbending…So this is like Book 4 Airbender….But in like the future and not aang…lol….But i hope they make it cool this series..

    • Kirby Says:

      yeah they should call it book 4 air and have it a future book. lol. It should have 19 chapters instead of 12 so it equals out the eps to 80 total.

  24. Adroin Says:

    don’t be too worried. a lot of popular miniseries turn into bigger things because of fan demand! so demand it, dear god guys demand with all your might!!!

  25. alee Says:

    as long as its got a goofy kid a fat old wise man and an trama cased child all shall be well and every one knows you cant find another sokka

  26. Secretzfan Says:

    You guys do realize this series is going to be more mature than ATLA

  27. Hopeless Says:

    So the wikipedia link I’ve seen says its a century later with flashbacks, the other info is that its 70 years later and Korra is 16 meaning Aang died 16 years ago…
    His son or is that grandson is the one who has to teach her.
    Twelve episodes sounds like its a season 1 but leaving the option it won’t go any further unless they get a great response to it hopefully whoevers in charge aren’t the same people responsible for cancelling Firefly, Dresden Files and so on but this is Nickleodeon so should be good, right?

  28. Kirby Says:

    I wanna know if anymore info has come out about this? things im curious is her age? If she is 16, did she know she was the avatar before then? I read that she already knows earth and fire on top of her native element of water so I wonder who taught her the other two? How long did it take her to learn and when did she start to learn them? I wonder if she merely just knows moves but not mastered the other two? I know she will learn airbending from Tenzin. It just seems odd that she would know them at her age and not later? I mean with Aang, there was an up coming war(frozen then fought later on) he had to learn the other 3 in less than a year cause of the comet but why would she need to? Just a few things that came to my mind?

  29. Hopeless Says:

    If memory serves wasn’t Aang only 12 when he was told and originally he was supposed to have been 16 when he was to have been told he was the avatar.
    So if Korra knows how to bend Earth and Fire in addition to Water what happened to speed things up?
    Now as you know there’s probably lots we don’t know about the series other than its set in Republic City and this is apparently where Tenzin lives since thats where she’s going to be trained in airbending and then there’s that note about an uprising against bending itself so what else is going on?

    Will there be flashbacks where they explain all the bits left unexplained from the Last Airbender series?

    Will Sokka have something to do with this uprising or someone like Jet was originally?

    Plenty of questions yet to be answered let alone asked… and only time will tell when we learn more!

  30. biggestavatarfanever Says:

    Ya, i’m kind of disappointed that The Legend of Korra will only be 12 episodes, but maybe they will be long episodes. I don’t know. But I know its going to be awesome! 😀 Counting down the days.

  31. biggestavatarfanever Says:

    I just had a thought. Avatars find out that they are avatars when they are 16. So if Korra is 16, how could she have already mastered Water, Earth and Fire? Past avatars, for example Avatar Roku, have taken years to master the elements. How could Korra have mastered 3 elements in such a short time? Idk, we will find out all of our questions when the series premiers. I wish the writers would just tell us a LITTLE bit more about some big questions we’ve been asking since the last episode of the last season of ATLA. And I agree with Adroin…we need to demand more series’! I mean, if TLOK is good, which it will be.

  32. Ryuutakeshi Says:

    I think everyone should just be glad we’re getting more of the story. Stop whining about the length. It’s better than nothing.

    And who knows, there may be more seasons to follow this miniseries.

    • Hopeless Says:

      There’s also the fact that unlike Aang, this avatar doesn’t have a major calamity to resolve in under a year or so…

      You know they could use this to expand the series so it doesn’t have to centre around the avatar but maybe another group perhaps linked in some way to the new series.

      After all if we want more from the world of the Avatar we’re going to have to expand whats interesting.

      Imagine Sokka going on his last trip around the world to honour the memories of those who have passed on.

      We get his family coping with Sokka we expect will be hanging around and maybe even have Korra pop her head in for a cameo whilst they tinker with what we might find interesting in this new world.

      What would you like to see if they had to expand the story so it wasn’t centred around the Avatar?

    • Lolo Says:

      This all the way. 😀

  33. Anonymous Says:

    -______- the great divide was awsome 😛 … so was the rest of the episodes they gave you character developement in every one . I think they are testing it with the 12 episodes and if they turn out to be huge nick will start making them sweat out some more episodes and eventually end it with a bang like avatar tla . ither that or some of m nights habbits rubbed off on them hopefully not LOL ~_~ hate that fruity bastard … they know what they doing but i hope they are longer than a half hour or atleast have more legends to tell.

  34. Danii Says:

    Aww, this sucks. I don’t know about you guys, but I loved EVERY LITTLE BIT of The original avatar, I don’t see why they have to make it only 12 episodes this time 😦 Must say I’m disappointed.

  35. sunshine Says:

    Will someone please explain to me why The Great Divide is such a bad thing? Am I just completely missing something? I kinda liked that episode. Sure, maybe it wasn’t the best, but it wasn’t THAT bad…

    • Hopeless Says:

      Thats the episode where the earthbender leads them across the canyon where they can’t take any food across or they draw the attention of those giant ant creatures?
      Will double check but don’t recall a bad episode after all the fortune telling one to me was the funniest!

    • Jeremy Says:

      Some People simply think that it was an unnecessary episode that didn’t move the story forward, which in all truth it didn’t, but so did many episodes of ALAB. That’s how t.v. shows are. As Sokka said, “This is the goofy time-wasting nonsense I’ve been missing!”

  36. Ch4p1n ~ WaterTribe Says:

    Personally, i find every single episode of the first series, fun and interessting. Okay… Maybe The Great Divide hasen’t much of an inportant episode to the storyline, but we still got to appreciate more of Mike’s and Bryan’s work of art. We got to grow up even more inside every character and to live in the World of Avatar. I don’t see either why the Great Divide “thingy” is not a good idea or something… Turnin’ the page, just wanna says that as much as Bryke satisfied us with the 1st series, I’m SO VERY SURE they will make an other great one.

  37. jeff Says:

    I wonder why its gonna take them more than a Year to make 12 Episodes?…is that the time they usually did for the original series…i dont see why late Fall 2011 just 12 episodes i dont get that…i hope its longer than 30 minutes each episode

  38. The Mini-Legend of Korra Article « AVATAR THE LAST AIRBENDERopedia Says:

    […] The Mini-Legend of Korra Article The Mini-Legend of Korra […]

  39. Hopeless Says:

    That depends on how long it took to make the original series.

    Three seasons, do we actually know how long it took them to get even the first season done?

  40. bob Says:

    what other hits and misses do you think bryke were talking about? i think the painted lady was sort of a subtle filler in terms of story telling (not saying i don’t like it), nightmares and daydreams besides zukos war meeting?

  41. Anonymous Says:

    I loved atlab and when it end i was sad for a lonh time and just hoping there would be a new seas on a thene i saw somewhere that there was going to be a 4th season but they lied and there wasnt so went i saw that there was a atlok and saw proof i was so happy but then i realized it was a mini series i was mad and wished it was made seasons/books long and then i saw that it wont come out till late fall 2011 i was disappointed and thought it wasnt worth waiting for even thuogh i still want to see it but like someone sad its better than nothing and if there are olny 12eps then they might be the best 12eps and then nick will ask for more even though this series was because nick wanted from atlab also it probably want be an hour long cuz i havent seen a hour long amine show or hour long cartoon on nick but i still hope that they may just use the 12eps as like a piot eps except they know we like avatar so it might be a piot half season but everyone watch evey eps when they air so nick will ask for more and longer seasons and series

  42. Tori Says:

    How long do you think it’ll be before we actualy have something for August?

  43. Gust Says:

    It would be epic if it was like true blood, 12 episodes but a hour long each. O.o

    • bob Says:

      yes i see this 12 one-hour long episode thing more and more these days. i have a good feeling korra may just be this – knowing bryke (by looking at ATLA) they wouldn’t want to repeat ideas. since they put all these awesome ideas into aang’s story i think one of the last things left to change is the way they tell the story so they’ve come up with this…

  44. Hopeless Says:

    Having only bought the first season due to an interest in white wolf’s exalted and having caught a few episodes enough to to be able to watch them properly instead of out of sequence and once in a blue moon…
    Got the second season on order and probably get the third season once I’ve watched that so quite happy to wait and see what develops with this new series.
    And what better place to find out than here!
    PS: Watched the Great Divide twice so far still don’t see whats wrong with it, in some ways it beats the first few episodes, but nothing beats the Fortune Teller!
    The scene when she reads their fortune is quite simply my favourite especially where Aang’s concerned!

  45. alee Says:


    • Hopeless Says:


      This is actually quite an important sub plot from the end of season 3 and would be worth a flashback to at least explain what happened to her given she effectively chose exile to save her own son.

  46. aangfan12 Says:

    um okay i have alot of concerns:
    1: shes 16 and has already mastered 3 out of 4 elements?! aang was told when he was 12..and he was to young to know then! i thought avatar roku told him that your supposed to be told at 16….and he only knew fire when he was 16. so they mustof told her when she was 12..idk

    2: only 12 episodes!!!!! but acutally i understand that. it goes like this: every one loved ATLA when it was on tv. but when the movie came out every body hated it. so they were probably scared that people have stoped liking ATLA and wouldnt watch korra….but they were mistaken dont they see? we still ove avatar and we wouldnt shun it! so they prob. were just testing it out. to say it was a miniseries just to see if aang fans would still watch it. maybe when a couple of episodes come on they will see we still love them and they’ll expand it! 🙂

    3:WILL THEY PLEASE SHOW KORRA’S FACE ALREADY WERE DYING TO SEE WHATSHE LOOKS LIKE!!! but for a reason some thing about her reminds me of katara…idk why maybe the body structure…water tribe clothes…hair..i rlly dnt kno haha

  47. Hopeless Says:

    Could she be Sokka’s grand daughter?

    I wonder if that was the case whether she’d take after him resulting in her learning of her predecessor and deciding she needed to emulate Aang and learn how to master the elements early?

  48. Chris Says:

    I was sort of hoping for a full series, like TLA…

    I don’t think the 12-ep idea was due to the movie though…They definitely didn’t start this project 3 months ago…Plus, the original series had a ton of fans before the movie…I’m sure Bryke don’t think that all those fans are suddenly going to judge the series on the movie…They’ll know the fans will still be loyal to the original series, so the movie really doesn’t affect the number of episodes of a sequel…

    Personally, I liked the whole series of ATLA…In my book, most episodes were hits…There really weren’t any episodes that I didn’t like; maybe some I liked better than others, but definitely not any that I hated…

  49. adrian Says:

    dude where is the people that run this? are they like dead or something? No updates for like a year now….

  50. Wang Fire Spice Says:

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    Anything is possible when you think before you comment or post.

    I’m on a computer.
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  51. yusuf Says:

    it is a very interesting cartoon i have watched more than 10 times it is the most interesting cartoon i have ever watched

  52. i Says:

    well, i am a little disappointed, cos i really liked aang’s persnality,
    and tbh i dont care if there mini episodes, maybe if its a hit they will make full episodes. the new Korra seems cool.

    can someone send me the link to the official avatar website? i would like to email the director

    i have a suggestion for maybe the next full episode, becos there is only going to be 12 mini episodes of korra, maybe they could turn back time! i have a suggestion.

    can someone help me please?

    and does anyone know when its coming to england? if it isnt coming to england can someone send me a link to watch them, becos i swear, i wish it was real the episodess!<3 xxxxxxxx

  53. The Mini-Legend of Korra (via Last Airbender Film | Avatar: The Legend of Korra News, and Media Fan Blog) « Ideas are bulletproof Says:

    […] board member MoonlitShadow attended the Avatar signing with Bryan Konietzko & Mike DiMartino at the San Diego Comic-Con today, and returned with the following bit of Korra news… So, Im currently using my iPod to type a short message, but I just got out of the avatar signing at the Nick booth. One pretty big piece of info- Korra IS a miniseries, and Bryke is happy because tha means they can really make an impressive 12 episo … Read More […]

  54. MsullyNQ Says:

    I figured might as well comment. lol

    I was expecting azula to excape, a fire netion rebellion, find out about Ursa’s whereabouts ,etc, so this new story surprised me.

    hope someone responds after over 20 commentless days. lol

  55. alexia Says:

    Hey this is what I think:
    They shouldnt of just have her learn air coz they couldhave done a WHOLE other sires with the other elements and seriously allmost every one wants the series to GO LONGER! But come on just DONT BE LAZY! MAKE IT LONGER!!! loser makers ofthe sires are lazy.

  56. bigft Says:

    So are they still going to be a half hour long… I mean if its a mini-series it would make sense if it was a full hour

  57. bigft Says:

    thats just my opinion

  58. bigft Says:

    It would make sense if they were an hour long instead of 30 min. Maybe they nick will ask for more episodes if the new show is good. After all The last airbender was supposed to have less than it did

  59. Renee the Earth and Firebender Says:

    I can’t wait for it!! I just heard about it and realized that everyone knew but me!! I’m an Avatar Addict and can’t live without it. Its so awesome!!

  60. Renee the Earth and Firebender Says:

    i got a question though. How can she learn airbending WHEN THERE ARE NO MORE AIRBENDERS?????!???!

  61. iluvwaffles Says:

    This is horrible!!! The girls may just “love” the avatars a girl now, but let me tell you this, the boys are not that happy abot this decision. There isn’t even a confirmed boy kid character(Tenzin is 27) in this messed up sequel!!!! They should of gone with something they knew about(the original characters!! This mulit-series has taken a turn for the worst!!! 😦

  62. Angelica Says:

    OMG only 12 episodes!!! that has to be the worst news i have ever heard in my whole life. Avatar is more then just a thing i watch during my down time . it helped me jet through when my last grand parent died. it makes me giggle when i feel like there is no hope at all. so as might as well just plan my grave right now because what else is there to life for?

    • Hopeless Says:

      Hold your horses, just remember this isn’t half a season its 12 episodes after the original series ended!
      Look forward to this because if its even half as good as the previous series then that makes it more likely this will not be just 12 episodes!!

  63. Aang Says:

    i wnt then to make series for for the real one BECAUSE the real one rocked i cryed when it ended at the kiss because i was gonna miss this show a lot and i cryed fir days i hope the creators read thi and make another series even though its ended but still they can continue like with the story if azula escaping or zuko finding his mom or even kaara getting married and what problems the older version of aang had to face u know i would love that because aang was only 12 and he litterally has a whole lifetime infront of him so i really think season 4 should come out. maybe we can make a pettition ar contact them if there is anyway of doing that respond soon guys

  64. Aang Says:

    i want a boy avatar aswell

  65. Aang Says:

    this series is getting meesed because for example the new korra legend is set 70 years later right aang was only 12 when the original series ended so 70+12 is only 82 and also seeing he is the avatar i would say him and katara should be alive and also in just 70 years 3 of their sons who are featured in the story are alredy marrid and also 2 of them are old how on earth did this happen in just 70 YEARS!!!! how are the writers insane? reply soon guys

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