More Korra Details!


More news is pouring in on “The Legend of Korra!” This time the Wall Street Journal Speakeasy got some juicy story & character details from Nick, and also a slightly higher res version of the previously released promotional still!

Nickelodeon said in a release that “The Legend of Korra takes place 70 years after the events of ‘Avatar: The Last Airbender’ and follows the adventures of the Avatar after Aang – a passionate, rebellious, and fearless teenaged girl from the Southern Water Tribe named Korra.”

Korra’s quest eventually leads her to Republic City–the epicenter of the world of “Avatar.” A metropolis powered by steampunk-type technology, the city is inhabited by people from all nations. Korra finds that Republic City suffers from rampant crime and is also dealing with an anti-bender revolt. Korra is tutored by Aang’s son, Tenzin, is the ways of airbending.

Sounds like the world of Avatar will closer reflect the steampunkish early concept art from the original series as seen in the recently released “Avatar: The Last Airbender” artbook! It’s also interesting to note that Aang’s son, Tenzin, can presumably airbend, when Mike & Bryan previously stated that Aang would be the last of the airbenders.


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43 Responses to “More Korra Details!”

  1. bugsbane Says:

    If my math is right, and Korra found out she was the Avatar at age 16, and if the series chronicles the time from when she finds out she’s the avatar, that means that Aang died at the age of 66. What if he didn’t have Tenzin until much later and Tenzin is in his 20s, it is interesting for Tenzin to discover more about his father Aang through Aang’s reincarnation as Korra.

  2. Tori Says:

    Though I am bit worried about the plot of the series, I am curious, and excited to see it! I’ll be nostalgic about the original characters.storyline, though. I hope this new series lives up to it. 🙂

    2011 cannot come sooner!

  3. Kirby Says:

    Wow. my jaw dropped when I saw that pic! I cant freaking wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I gotta see this series! Im so excited! there are sooo many things to find out about what happened to everyone?

  4. samawama Says:


  5. adrian Says:

    a single tear just rolled down my cheak………….. :] im happy

  6. Andrew Says:

    I do believe Katara will be present early on in this new series as well as some of our favorites kind of just to excite all of us viewers and fanatics of the originals. Maybe Zuko or others. I do believe it is so compelling that Tenzin will be for sure introduced to secrets of his father, Aang through Korra which means the viewer will be as well. Aang will be there in the spirit world such as Roku was there for him he will be there for Korra. This will make me miss the original gang so much though just the thought that Aang is dead and everything will be changed with all the previous characters. Maybe Zuko will still be the Firelord.

  7. Jess Says:


  8. Sentinel Says:

    Wait, Aang was supposed to be the last of the airbenders? I didn’t know that. Hopefully,we’ll get more info in the following weeks.

  9. nick ulrich Says:

    well tenzin is an airbender because all children born an air nomad can airbend.

  10. Avatarfan101bytch Says:

    :[[ im still sad…excited but..soo deepply sad :[[

  11. ATLAfan Says:

    I’m so looking forward to the series but if they pair Korra with Tenzin like “Kataang” or because Tenzin is Aang’s son I’m going to throw up.

  12. avataraang Says:

    if they do pair up korra with tenzin then wouldnt it be like tenzin kissing aang cause korra is the recarnation of aang????=O

  13. Rizzles Says:

    well Aang was the last airbender because all of the others were killed. Since he’s a strong bender and an airbender at that, I’m guessing the genes passed down. If only Apa could have reproduced cuz I’d love to see some more flying bison.

    • Rayet Says:

      I think in the artbook it says that one of the original ideas for Apa was that he was a ‘she’ all along. Which would have meant lots of little flying fuzzballs!

  14. ILOVEATLA Says:

    I wonder if Tenzin will be able to airbend and waterbend, because he’s Aang and Katara’s son…

  15. alee Says:

    wait im confusewho got knocked up paahhahah

  16. jeff Says:

    IM SO GLAD!!…i hope they give us more information about if there will be any Relationship with Zuko, Azula , The fire lord, i hope they give us more information about them and this new story line of Korra….

    I wonder How long is this series gonna take like how many episodes or books idk….

  17. leona Says:

    i hope that they dont pait tenzin with korra because itll be weird it be like aang kissing his own son

  18. wildlife98 Says:

    in the last series the gang traveled to such amazing places so i’m kind of sketchy about this whole republic city thing, but these guys are geniuses i’m sure they can pull it off!!:D


  19. Jasmine Says:

    I’m not sure about Korra and Tenzin getting together. I kinda have a feeling Korra might be Sokka’s daughter, making them cousins.
    But who knows, that’s just my guess. 🙂

  20. Pacquiao Vs Margarito Fight Says:

    Thank you for sharing a details.

  21. rick james Says:

    i wonder will tenzin have apa

  22. Alyssa Says:

    From what I’ve gathered, there will only be 12 episodes of this because Korra only needs to learn air bending. And wouldn’t that be awkward if they were a pairing? I mean…Korra is the reincarnation of Aang. And I heard Tenzin was about 70…..?
    And I don’t think Tenzin should be an airbender. Didn’t M&B say that Aang WAS the LAST airbender? HELLOOOOOOOO!!! Wouldn’t make much sense to make Tenzin one now would it? I’ll be satified if we get any information about Zuko’s mother. If not, I will be DEEPELY disappointed.

  23. morpheus Says:

    whoa. so excited and glad.
    nice to see a new ba girl who can waterbend. cant wait to see the city and tenzin. of course he can be an airbender. aang was the last left alive during the war.

  24. awsomeboy Says:

    avatar korra should be great but in other words I CANT BELIEVE AVATAR AANG DIED IN THE SERIES OF KORRA

  25. TwizzlerFan Says:

    hey guys… am i missing something? because i dont see where it says tenzin is katara’s son too… PLEASE TELL ME I”M MISSING SOMETHING! I DON’T WANT TO BE WRONG!!!

  26. Antonio Says:

    OMG i cant wait!!! I am sure there are going to be more than 12 episodes. Its not like all she is going to do is learn to air bend thats the whole reason the city is filled with crime and a revolt is going on.

  27. Alyssa Says:

    It’s been confirmed that there’s only 12 episodes.
    She only needs to learn airbening… it’s not like much is gonna happen. Unless they make the episodes an hour long.

  28. Mina Says:

    There is an interview of Bryke where they clarify that Tenzin is indeed the son of Aang and Katara.
    ummm what? If Tenzin is 70 that means he was born when Aang was 12 or 13 o.O and katara 14
    Appa must be immortal. he must.

    Bumi will still be alive as well. XD

  29. morpheus Says:

    I think its just 12 episodes to give people a taste of what the new show would be like. If people love it, more episodes. If not, the end. Also, i think tenzin would be closer to korras age. A little older, but not 70. 20 to 30 seems good to me.
    Hope she gets a polar leopard dog as a pet!

  30. watertribez121 Says:

    who says tenzin will be an airbender? what if she expects him to be just becasue his dad was?

  31. morpheus Says:

    Its already been confirmed. Besides, any one born of the air nomads is an airbender.
    Also to 26 and 27, its 12 shows as of now. If people love it, which they will, it can continue.

  32. Katherine.x Says:

    I think it’s strange how Aang and Katara kiss in the last episode, then all of a sudden they’re DEAD !? C’mon. That happened way too fast. Also, to catch people’s attention, wouldn’t they want to see teenagers not really oldies ?
    My opinion..

  33. Faron Gurhoth, aka DAAL'E Says:

    I can’t believe this! I AM SO EXITED!!!! Tenzin could know water and air, but that can’t be confirmed, as he is te first character of mixed race (so would a child of Sokka and Suki) and we don’t know the rules for this yet. Also, this series may undermine all ideas put forth in avatar “book4” fanfiction. But that may be a good thing. This way, we may find out what really happens.

  34. huda Says:

    ◈☻◈☻◈☻◈☻◈☻◈☻◈☻◈☻◈☻◈☻◈☻◈☻◈ ░█░░░█░█░▄▀░█▀▀░░░░▀█▀░█░█░█░▄▀▀░ ░█░░░█░█▀░░░█▀░░▄▄░░█░░█▀█░█░░▀▄░ ░█▄▄░█░█░▀▄░█▄▄░░░░░█░░█░█░█░▄▄▀░ ◈☻◈☻◈☻◈☻◈☻◈☻◈☻◈☻◈☻◈☻◈☻◈☻◈

  35. jude sario Says:

    … this maybe the first amazing female avatar ever besides of other female avatars..


    jude sario

  36. jude sario Says:

    .. tenzin.. is the new Last Airbender of the new chronicles of Avatar….
    haha maybe im the next avatar… joke!.

  37. Fmartinez Says:

    just read about this series and can only say…………..HURRY UP!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. Avatardane Says:

    In happy to see a new series. Although I would have like to have seen what happens after the war in a mini series…you know…solve some cliff hangers that where left in the last book. Lots to think about. But I’m sure those cliff hangers will be solved in this new series…and its going to be more then 12 episodes. Nick ordered another 14 I heard so its a lot more now….but excited to see another series come out….I will miss Aang and the old group again for sure…

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