Mike & Bryan Interview & HD Korra Promo Art


The good people at Nick were kind enough to pass along a high definition version of “The Legend of Korra” promotional art. Click the image above to see it in all its glory.

In other Korra news, Speakeasy spoke with “Avatar: The Last Airbender” creators Mike DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko in an interview that sheds some light on a number of topics ranging from the highly anticipated new series, to their thoughts on Shyamalan’s adaptation, whom the mother of Aang’s son Tenzin is, and more! Read on Avatar faithful!

The Wall Street Journal: How did you come up with the idea for the spinoff?

Bryan Konietzko: When Mike and I first created “Avatar: The Last Airbender” we always knew it would have an ending to it, that particular story. But as the show really took off, and found an audience all over the world, we knew that despite our intentions of ending that story there would probably be a time when Nickelodeon would come calling and want some more episodes….When that time came we had this idea for jumping ahead and telling a story about the next Avatar, this girl Korra.

If there’s a new Avatar, that means Aang has passed on. If he died around age 70, isn’t that pretty young for an Avatar?

Konietzko: You gotta keep in mind that he was frozen in a state of suspended animation for 100 years, so he kind of burned up some of his extra Avatar time.

The new “Avatar” is a woman. What inspired you to change the sex of the protagonist of the series?

Michael DiMartino: It’s not so much about changing because we had Avatar Kyoshi before Aang. We’d established that the Avatar can be male or female and we just thought let’s explore one of those more in depth, because Kyoshi was a popular character with a lot of fans and it seemed like a great opportunity to not retread what we’d done with Aang, who was a great hero, we all loved him, but we really wanted to try something different. And we have so many great female fans out there, who really responded to Katara in the first series, we thought we have the fan base who are really going to enjoy seeing the Avatar be a female.

Konietzko: Mike and I, we love those characters too, and we’ve encountered countless fans who are male who really like those characters too. We just don’t subscribe to the conventional wisdom that you can’t have an action series led by a female character. It’s kinda nonsense to us.

The one image that you released is Korra looking out on Republic City, where a lot of the new show take place. Tell me about that city.

Konietzko: That’s kind of a piece of concept art so when the show premieres next year it won’t look exactly like that but that’s the direction we’re headed. The first series was sort of a road show where every episode they were going to some new location. That was another new thing we wanted to do is root it in one big complex location but mainly one place. We were drawing inspiration from Shanghai in the 1920s and 30s and Hong Kong and even Western cities like Manhattan and even location-wise cities like Vancouver, a city that juts out on a peninsula or an island and has these big mountains around it.

Will we see characters from the previous series pop up?

DiMartino: I don’t want to give anything away, but rest assured there’s a definite link between the old series and this one.

Republic City is a city plagued by crime. There’s an anti-bender revolt. Does this new series deal with more mature themes?

Konietzko: Mike and I like a balance of tones. We never set out to make an overtly silly show or an overly serious dramatic show. We like dealing with all those things. It’s fair to say we’re dealing with some sophisticated things and the show is growing up a bit. But that said, we’re not in a calculated way trying to target another demographic. Even in the first series, it was about a world war and some pretty serious issues.

If Tenzin is Aang’s son, who is his mother?

DiMartino: [To Konietzko] We can say that, right? [To Speakeasy] It’s Katara. It’s not a huge surprise.

What did you guys think of the live-action version of “The Last Airbender”?

Konietzko: We’re just really focused on this new show right now, and kind of taking this off in its own direction and not concerning ourselves with that right now.

So you didn’t follow the casting controversy about the movie version of “The Last Airbender”?

Konietzko: We didn’t head up that film. We’re just happy to be back generating the original content in this mythology, which is what we do.

Would you like to bring a cartoon version of “Avatar: The Last Airbender” to the big screen?

Konietzko: We would love to. I think Mike and I would absolutely love to do feature animation. Either another story, or it if worked out, one in the “Avatar” world. We would be really excited.


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156 Responses to “Mike & Bryan Interview & HD Korra Promo Art”

  1. Tori Says:

    I’m so excited!

  2. Kizzy Says:

    Sad *tears* and Happy *tears* at the same time. I’m very sad to hear that
    Aang died at such an early age for an Avatar.

  3. Moody Says:

    sweet. cant wait for this stuff

  4. Avataang Says:

    I’m really looking forward to watching this, thanks a lot for this entry! 😀

  5. Avatarfan101bytch Says:

    omgg :[[ still so sadd 😦 y does aang have to be dead?!!

  6. ATLAfan Says:

    WOOO! SO PUMPED NOW! I was beginning to think re-living another run-on series would ruin Avatar, but now I’m pumped. I think this “ANTI-BENDER” revolt will really show value and detail into the beauty and power of element bending. (For all those Zutara fans, I’m part Z/K fan too so yeah… bummer) The Legend of Korra is going to be awesome!

    • Jenny Says:

      i literally punched the screen when it said that aang married katara! im glad u see how zutara is way better than kataang.

      • Caiti Says:

        Didn’t say married, just that she’s the mother. Since Aang is a monk, i don’t think he’d get married.
        What angers me the most though is that they didn’t take into account that people /change/ as they age. You might not end up with your first love, especially if it’s at such a young age when you find it.

  7. ATLAfan Says:

    Btw: if they do another Air/Water couple like Aang and Katara with Korra and Tenzin…. that’s going to be a bit disappointing.

    • Setsuna Says:

      @ ATLAfan: Well, If Aang is 82 (or even 70), his son would probably be 40 or 50 or so, at least 30. No way there’s going to be a Korra-Tenzin relationship.

      • kaitlyn Says:

        well hey dont forget that some people do have kids sometimes up to their fifties, which would lower Tenzin’s age to a more suitable one. Though I agree with you there is most likely no way there’s going to be a korra and tenzin relationship, especially since korra is the reincarnation of Aang.

    • Kassie243 Says:

      Well they have to have an airbender marry somebody because if they don’t… there will be no more airbenders and avatars must learn ALL the elements so no airbenders – no avatars.

    • Kevin Says:

      I don’t think they are going to do that because technically speaking korra is tenzins father

    • Anonymous Says:

      Tenzin would probably be 10-20-30-40, even 50 years old then Korra 😡

    • kaitlyn Says:

      For fan of ” Zutarra”….
      Maybe Korra’s love interest will be of the fire nation. It would be suitable since fire is the natural opposite of water.

      • wildlife98 Says:

        I have a theory, lets say zuko had a son, and he was the next heir to the throne but he ran away because he didn’t want to be the next firelord, and lets say that it’s mostly firebenders who are in the anti-bender revolt, now lets say korra was very much like katara and she didn’t like firebenders for a good reason, and zuko’s son moves to this city, and korra believes that zuko’s son also is an anti-bender person thingy, and she ends up meeting him by cercomstance and evedently hates him. So to clear up this whole zutara thing the creators make a relationship with him and korra, but a relationship like zutaraians would have wanted with zuko and katara.

        (by the way there was never a zutara, there was no attraction between katara and zuko at all, the only reason why fans think that is because they wanted it and because of the episodes the guru parts 1-2)

  8. ALEX Says:


    • Heavenly Says:

      Yea, you right he should be 82 when he dies.

    • Kirby Says:

      No because shes most likely 16? so he had to die before she was born obviously. so he was 66 when he died. not counting the hundred years frozen. 70-16=54+12=66 to break it down.

      • Rachel Says:

        I concur with Kirby. The math is sound. If Korra knows shes the Avatar, then she should be at least 16 years old. And I’m guessing that Tenzin is anywhere from 15-25 years old. Maybe even 30. You never know though. Something random could pop up an change sometime. It’s still in development so anything can change.

    • Kassie243 Says:

      Well he would be 182. He lived extremely long. Frozen or not he was still alive. So Aang should have died years ago. Katara, though I’m not sure. She would be 84 and that’s old but not that old. I know people that are a few years off from one hundred.

    • Carakav Says:

      Don’t forget to factor in Korra’s age at the start of the new show.

    • Jarrin Says:

      he dies 70 years later not at the age of seventy

  9. Heavenly Says:

    That’s really telling that they don’t want to talk about the movie and make it known that they did not head that movie (i.e did not help to create that piece of crap of a movie).

    I’m glad that they rather focus on the new series to give the fans something to really enjoy.

  10. Anonymous Says:

    Guys. Remember, we can still see Aang when she goes into the spirit world and the avatr state and the like. Calm down, it’s okay.

    I can’t wait for this.

  11. TickledPink Says:

    lol, I loved how Konietzko didn’t say a thing about the movie when asked… which really means he er… didn’t like it. xD
    So pumped for this!!

  12. Ari Says:

    Imagine a son of Zuko & Mai… with Korra.

    A Water/Fire couple will be great XD

    • adrian Says:

      Haha….steambender hahahahahahah…..oh iv been waiting to use that one..

    • Jenny Says:

      ewwww mai and zuko? u just had to bring that up?

      • wow Says:

        lol so please get over it already. Mike and Bryan wanted them as a couple and frankly they’re kind of cute together.

        If I was as immature as you I would say “EWWW” to zutara but I like them as friends and I won’t stoop that low.

    • Stranger Says:

      I know! I mean, sure, having fire nation royalty finally get a cool person would be amazing, but… Zuko and Mai’s kid? I hate to think about that. The creators really should’ve considered Zutara more thoroughly.

      • rocker1234 Says:

        what is with everyone and zatara!!!! look, aang loved katara and it would have broken his heart if katara had gone with zuko, aang may have even killed zuko because of this. I was sort of a zatara fan too, but aang and katara are a really great pair, so get the hell over zutara and focous on kataang!!!

      • lucy Says:

        shut up about Zutara already!

    • lucy Says:

      ugh is that the closest you can get to Zutara? LOL

  13. Tori Says:

    Aside from Korra’s past lives and Tenzin, what do you think this mysterious link between the old and new series will be?

    • Nubi Says:

      Probly so Zelous followers of Ohzi (sp?) who will probly be the cause of most of the anti bender movment. I just hope it dosnt turn into a racial conflict similar to the Naturals and Corrordinaters of the Gundam Seed universe.

  14. Sergio Says:

    I really think they didn’t like the movie… lol. the way he avoided talking about it. haha. I’m excited for this new series. It’ll be cool to see a female avatar, cuz if you notice, the cycle starting with the dude that came before Yangchen was a dude, then girl, dude, girl, dude and dude, haha, so yeah, Korra had to be a girl. Oh and also, I think we’ll be getting a lot of what happened after the war cuz if Aang is gonna help Korra like Roku helped Aang, Roku told Aang a lot of stuff that happened before was born so yeah, Aang will probably tell Korra everything that happened with Zuko as the Fire Lord.! Oh wait! What if Zuko is STILL the firelord!!!! That would be GENIOUS! And then he dies in this series, I would LOVE that!.

    • Rachel Says:

      Wait, you WANT Zuko to DIE!? Why?

    • Jenny Says:

      U MONSTER!!! why in the name of agni would u want his hotness to die????? i think u should die for saying he should die! (dont kill me for saying that though)

    • Anonymous Says:

      it doesnt go boy girl…. because aang came after roku and there both guys

    • Jarrin Says:

      its not bad idk if my post about azula’s grandson who’s mother was killed by non-benders was posted but azula’s grandson has same characteristics of azula can’t bend and takes over the revolt and kills zuko with the his well trained dual blade as a gift from great UNCLE zuko then kills zuko find me on facebook if you wanna talk about btw my face will be gray and sideways

  15. Lewis Says:

    Words can not explain how overly excited i am about this! I literally shed a tear when hearing aang died, but in a way… it’s Aang passing down the torch for the new “Hero”. I really hope they come back to Aang’s story from where the first show left off with flashbacks or something… kinda what they did with the first series. uuuugh! CAN NOT WAIT!

  16. adrian Says:

    Yo, designer, rename this website “the legend of Kora blog”, im freakin pumped for this **** yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!OMG cant wait to see Aangs son and old Katara and Zukos children, and w…… OH…..MY…GOD…… What iff Azula broke out of prison raped some dude and had little maniak twins… 0.O CANTWAITCANTWAIT I wonder what Sokkas up to? And wut the heck happened to Tai Li?

    • Azanah Says:

      Lol yeah! xD
      This site should totally be renamed ^^

    • Imani Says:

      Lmao wow. That bit about Azula is shocking and i highly doubt she would rape someone. That was an extremely funny comment though lol.

  17. adrian Says:

    OHMYGOD I almost started crying when I realized this, WHERE IS TOPH NOW?……………….AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! WHERE!? TELL US!!

    • Anonymous Says:

      i agree i would like to know where toph and sokka r maybe they had kids……o.0… but i do not think that they will have anything like what you said about azula thats just not for the kids that wach the show but if she got crazyer as she aged and broke out of prison that dose fallow chacter .. hahaha.

    • Imani Says:

      Toph!!! She was my fav character! I hope she’s still alive and kicking. Maybe taught some metalbending????

      • Anonymous Says:

        guys, calm down they can’t give away everything maybe there is a HUGE thing that happend to toph or sokka and they just can’t give it away!!

        P.S(i’m sure they will put in toph and sokka, they were really beloved characters i’m sure they will put them in the new series) =D

  18. bugsbane Says:

    The show is definitely going to be different because of it’s rooted in Republic City – once Korra gets there. The only time that happened in the series were the 4 (or 5) episodes in Ba Sing Se and the 3 episodes in the Northern Water Tribe.

    This time, Bryke will have a chance to create familiar haunts (i.e. Ichiraku Ramen in the Naruto World, or something similar) where emotions, memories and people will be attached to settings within the world. Perhaps Korra can regularly visit a house where Hue’s descendants live and eat some possum chicken every now and then.

    Always, the Avatar has led by ‘influencing’ citizens to grow instead of overpowering them with his/her strength. So too will Korra refrain from excessive bending to cure the city’s ills. Just as Zuko’s fire bending ostracized him from the Earth Kingdom town were he left his dagger: (Zuko:”Read the inscription.” Boy:”It says:’Made in Earth Kingdom'” Zuko:”Not that. The one on the other side.” Boy:”‘Never give up without a fight.'”) so too might Korra discover that her bending separates her from the people she needs to lead.

    This is not to say she’ll not bend. But her bending will be subtle and appropriate so that the anti-bender mob will be convinced that she’s benign and see her as no threat.

    But writing the story in terms of being ‘rooted’ will allow us to concentrate on the characters instead of having to build a ‘setting’ each time. A footfall on a cobble stone step could identify a place as easily as a the background hum of steampunk machines.

    How will Korra’s rebelliousness be tamed. How will she find the humility to admit her mistakes. Who will she hurt? How will she redeem herself? How will she find out what she must do? Remember that Aang had no idea at the end of book 1. Remember that the invasion plan was in shambles at the end of book 2. Only in the last 4 episodes did Aang know. Korra’s conviction will be as strong. But she’ll need knowledge and wisdom to determine what must be done.

    • Tori Says:

      What do you think must be done now? Do you think we’ll see more of the old characters as well as our Korra? What do you think Tenzin will be like? Hmm. If he’s Katara and Aang’s son, I wonder which he’ll look more like?

      • bugsbane Says:

        Wow – I would not venture to guess how Tenzin will LOOK like. but, the fact that Aang died in his mid 60s lends itself to myriad possibilities.

        Consider: could Aang have died because of a fault of Tenzin? (or Tenzin’s sibling?) Could Tenzin’s airbending have been the cause of Aang’s death, thus leading Tenzin to burden himself with guilt. Making him flawed and afraid of airbending unable to seek redemption except perhaps through Korra?

        That’s just me flailing at the possible plot points for a deep, coherent theme for the series.

        I am certain that we’ll see the old characters: the wonderfully flawed but oh so real characters. I am also certain that there will be an underlying theme for the show – i.e. it won’t be like ben 10 or teen titans which could go on forever. There will be struggle. there will be an end. there will be resolution. and at the end of the series when Korra triumphs to lead the nation to peace, there will also be certainly seeds of future conflict.

      • Fandom of the Opera Says:

        I thought Aang was 83 when he died… he was already 12 before going into the iceburg, and was almost 13 at the series finale.

  19. chickenlord Says:

    hahahahahahahahahaha!!! thats awesome! they relize the shitty-ness of the movie! =D im happy that they didnt like it…if they did it…frankly it would be heart breaking…

    OT: i really dont think the series needs a new series…i was pretty content on them ending it before it got stupid… quit while your ahead i say! i dont want avatar to turn into another pokemon where the first few seasons are awesome but then they keep going on, the voice actors get tired and the writers dumb down…

    i am interested to see how this turns out…and mainly…i want to see the old cast as old people =P sokkas gunna be a h00t being an old man =P…hope aang has a beard…

  20. alee Says:

    hahah sooo cant wait ahhh

  21. ladyem Says:

    If Bryke wasn’t doing it, I would have no hope for this.

    However, I will dare to hope that it will be as awesome as the last series. I think Bryke can do it!

    (Although, I want to counter whas others have said- I am REALLY GLAD it is not taking place right after the gAang’s story. Although there were cliffhangers, it had a definite ending to it. I would have ruined it if they picked it up right then. In fact, I was kind of hoping that they would skip the water and earth avatars and go straight to the fire one to put more distance from one story to the next.

    Also- some speculation. Since Bryke have said over and over that Aang is THE LAST Airbender, I doubt Tenzin can airbend. I bet that Korra is going to rush to him thinking he can solve all of her problems with airbending, when in fact, he can’t really help. If anything, he has probably learned airbending stances and the art of airbending without actually being able to do it himself. )

    • bugsbane Says:

      ok. I was initially with you on skipping to the fire avatar to put more distance. But doing water/Korra just opens up possibilities that would be missed – and it can be done without disturbing the completeness that is ATLA.

      As far as Aan being THE LAST Airbender – remember that he could energy bend as well. And thus, Tenzin while not a ‘natural’ airbender might be ‘modded’ so he could airbend.

      If in fact Tenzin cannot airbend and if in fact the age of the Avatar is dying to be replaced by technology – then – wow… that’s pretty intense. It’s not outside the realm of what Bryke has guts to do – but that would turn the whole world on its head.

    • Steve Says:

      I think Aang was meant to be the Last Airbender in event that they didn’t do anymore in the Avatar universe. The fact Aang has a son is evidence enough that there will always be atleast one Airbender for as long as Aang’s descendants exist, because all Air Nomads were benders. ALL of them. That, itself, was stated a few times.

      Plus, I still think it’s utterly silly to assume that there isn’t other Air Nomads out there. Afterall, they are Nomads..

      • bob Says:

        but i doubt bryke would mislead their audience that much if they got korra to find a cave and find all air nomads living underground, or find a way to unveil undercover airbenders, since the title ‘the LAST airbender’ kept flying at us every episode.
        One way they can work around misleading us is by mentioning that when they always said ‘aang IS the last airbender’, they could now add ‘during that time’

      • Imani Says:

        Exactly. I believe that The LAST Airbender was Aang AT THAT TIME. I don’t think we would be purposefully misled that way and in the end we get some pop up saying “oh, by the way, there were some rogue airbenders living in some far away land.” That would just be wrong.

        I think Tenzin will be able to airbend. I don’t think he will be able to solve ALL of Korra’s problems but i do think he will be there to teach Korra. If not, i forever applaud Bryke for his insane ability to create an amazing story. Not only will that story be surprising but it will also be captivating because anything that can go wrong for Korra, will. It’s a shame how that would probably be more entertaining than if Tenzin was an airbender lol

  22. Jeremy Says:

    All I ask is for Granny Toph that still kicks ass…ALL I ASK.

  23. Marta Says:

    I love how Mike and Bryan just wash their hands of the movie. Good for them. XD

  24. Imani Says:

    I hope that none of the same stuff will be repeated (i.e. characters personalities, styles, story lines, ect). When they bring this to the table, they need to bring this with it’s own freshness and purity like they did with the orginal avatar. The different kind of themes to the characters and back ground stories were all very original and that is why avatar was loved! Like many of you wrote, if they pull a pokemon string on us, I’m going to be angry. They need to be like X-man, no matter how many movies you make, it’s always realistic and ties together. Pokemon has been out since I was 4 (i’m fourteen) and Ash is still 12. What kind of crap is that? Ash should have had sex with Misty by now and be the proud parent of however many kids.

  25. AJ Says:

    Loved how they responded to the whole movie thing. I haven’t seen it and i don’t intend to.

    I’m reallllly excited for this because, 1–it’s a water tribe girl. I mean c’mon guys, that’s awesome in itself (or maybe just awesome to me seeing as how i loved Katara). 2–The flashbacks when Spirit Aang talks to Korra will be epic since it might tell what happened after Zuko became fire lord and peace was established and blahblahblah.

    As for Korra and her own gang–
    Anyone near her age that would be related to the original Avatar gang would have to be one of their grandchildren. Or they would have had to be born when the original characters are…really old. And i assume the gender would be flipflopped (i.e., granddaughter of Zuko, grandson of toph–well…if she even hooked up with anyone, lol– and on and on)

    If Katara and Toph are still alive and not afflicted by arthritis according to their ages, more opportunities would come up for Korra to learn from them someway somehow. Would Katara teach her bloodbending? I don’t know, she only uses it when she’s seriously ticked off and she doesn’t like it very much so maybe not. Will Toph teach her anything?

    Either way if she learns from both Katara AND Toph (the kickbutt benders of their own elements) she will ultimately gain a whole lot of cool points. I realllly doubt that both of them will be alive in order for this to happen. Just a simple theory but you get my drift, right?
    And the rest of the GAang might not even be alive. I guess it really all depends on what happened that made everyone hate benders.

    I’m wondering if katara will look like Gran Gran…lol

    And the other concern i have is the show being on nick or nicktoons. I don’t have nicktoons or the the money to be buying the seasons on DVD. If it’s going to be on nicktoons, i better be able to watch it on the website somewhere. That’s all i’m saying.

    I’m rooting for you Korra!

  26. AJ Says:

    If Katara and Toph are still alive and well then there’s hope for Korra being kick@$$ in those areas of bending if she isn’t already.

    So many possiblities.

  27. Azanah Says:

    That awesome pic is SO my wallpaper for the next year xD
    (At least until new art comes out^^ hehe)

  28. bivin75 Says:

    YATA!!!!!! This definitely liven up my mood about that stupid movie. I’m soooo freakin’ excited wahahaha. And a ATLA animated movie! That will surely erase the bad memories I had when I watched TLA! Wohho!

    Crap i still hope there’s more after Korra…at least complete the elements! With Avatar from the Earth and Fire. That’ll be pure AWESOMENESS…

  29. Shrike Says:

    Old man Sokka. He’ll look exactly like he did with the fake old man beard in Book 4. Except it’ll be real. There we go, perfect sequel, no questions asked. XD

    Spoofs are really hard to pull off, but it seems like this one is going to be a real winner. I’d be baffled if this could ever be NOT a great show. I’m just wondering how long this show will last. Just as long as the original? Half as long? A fourth? I guess it’ll depend on how good it does. I know I’ll be watching. ^^

  30. bob Says:

    for some reason the picture makes me think of ‘mirror’s edge’.. and i think theres a posssibility of the rest of team avatar outliving aang? because they would only be in their 80s or something.. remember king bumi was over 100 years old. maybe aang died not of old age hmm

  31. Kevin Says:

    Maybe I’m just more forgiving than a lot of people, but I really enjoyed “The Last Airbender” movie. After the wretched adaptations of “Eragon” and “Percy Jackson” that strayed so far from the source material that they were hardly recognizable, I think “Airbender” was amazingly faithful to the original series. Now, of course, I wish that the movie had been longer and that more events/characters from the first season of the tv show could have been included (I was especially sad not to see Sooki (sp?) and the Kyoshi Warriors) but I understand you have to make some sacrifices in order to condense the movie down to a reasonable running time. I am not putting down anyone else’s opinion of the film. I’m just one of the people who hope it does well enough to warrant movies 2 and 3, as I think they would be even better than the first. I want to see Toph!

  32. Imani Says:

    I’m looking forward to this for Sooooo many reasons. I am the biggest Avatar dork and i am proud to say that i am on Korra’s side. She’s going to make this story awesome and Mike and Bryan are going to make sure she kicks major ass. I have TOTAL faith in those two. They didn’t let me down with the original series and i have no intention of believing they wont follow through with this one.

    If their comments, or lack thereof, on the movie is any indication, i think this is going to be a much needed gift after that abomination of a film. And let’s not even start fantasizing about the animated movie that might come. I don’t think my fragile hope can take that. Let’s just say that if that happens….. there is a god….

    Like many of you, i’m hoping for some pop ups featuring old characters but for the most part, i want to see some new faces. I’m really looking forward to Republic City. It sounds amazing. There are just so many possiblities and like i said, i have total faith that this is not going to disappoint. I’m rooting for this show with everything i have ❤

    Until late fall of 2011, i will be eagerly awaiting!

  33. Anonymous Says:

    I don’t even know what to say. This is the best news ever.

  34. wildlife98 Says:

    ooohhh! i was sooooooo worried when i thought of this, i hope korra has friends like aang having katara, sokka,toph, and zuko!!
    (not counting tenzin he’s more of her master)

  35. Jenny Says:

    NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! CURSE YOU MIKE AND BRYAN!!!!!! Y DID TENZIN’S MOTHER HAVE TO BE KATARA???????? Y NOT TOPH??????? ZUTARA RULES KATAANG ANY DAY AND DONT U FORGET IT!!!!! but no i was seriously punching the computer screen when it said it was her. it’s not fair! there are way more zutarians than there are kataangers! y cant u listen to us mike and bryan? *sobs* i really hope maiko didnt happen. if it did then ill jump off a bridge. but any way, i cant wait for this to come out! so excited!

    • wildlife98 Says:

      dude, this is what I think will happen. Lets say zuko had a son, and he was the next heir to the throne but he ran away because he didn’t want to be the next firelord, so he moves to the city where korra is, and it’s mostly firebenders who are in the anti-bender thing, and korra is very much like katara and dosn’t like firebenders for a good reson. So by curcomstance she ends up meeting zuko’s son and evedently hates him, and maby he joins her group, maybe they just keep meeting each other, maybe they get trapped together like zuko and katara bach in Ba sing se, and to clear up this whole zutara thing the creators throw some romance in with ech other and they end up having a relationship, but a relationship that zutara fans would have wanted with zuko and katara.

      ( 0.0 )
      (“)_(“) it’s a bunny!!

  36. Lesley Says:

    Sounds interesting, and the art is beautiful. I can’t wait.

    Hmm… I think I have some evidence against that rumor that the antagonists will be the descendants of Azula, and the protagonists the descendants of the gaang. A large portion of book 3 was comprised of the moral that you can become whatever you choose, and that fate was something you chose yourself (Quoting Aang: “No one is born evil.”) and if no one is born evil, than no one can be born “good”, either. I mean, just look at Sozin and Roku, Zuko and Azula–they started out exactly the same, but they chose their fates and molded them into what they wanted with their choices and mistakes.
    So after an entire season of expressing that, why would Bryke turn around and make the next series comprise of the protagonists’ children being protagonists, and the antagonist’ children being antagonists? I think they’d make the characters a bit deeper than that, and not to mention it’s a total cliche that has plagued fanfiction for years. If anything, I can see a plot twist where a protagonist has antagonist children, or an antagonist had protagonist children. Hmm… it’s be interesting to see Zuko’s son or daughter turn out like Ozai or Sozin. And considering how young Aang was when he died… this may seem silly, but could one of Aang’s children or grandchildren killed him? I mean, I always thought that Ozai had something to do with Sozin’s death. Maybe in a flashback, we’ll see, say, Tenzin’s father about to attack Aang (As epic music plays in the background, builging great suspense) and then just at the climax of the scene, it’ll cut to commercials.

  37. wildlife98 Says:

    I don’t think tenzin will have killed aang because he is supposed to be korra’s master, and if korra has to bring peace to this anti-bender revolt her master would have to be a peaceful being


  38. wildlife98 Says:

    when mike and bryan said the show is growing up a little i hope they only change it a teeeeeeeny bit, the show was fine the way it was you don’t need to turn it into dragonball Z!!

    • Bigdog Says:

      It would be brilliant if Tenzin accidently killed Aang during a training exercise because Tenzin would feel its his fault and would refuse to practice bending until Korra comes along. He would relent at first but knowing that she spiritually his father, hearing her comforting words and maybe motivation would get him back into airbending and teaching her to make her fully realized like his father.

      About the connections to the first series, my guess is that Sokka is Korra’s grandfather. My guess on the first episode would be that Sokka would have the role of Gran -Gran , Bumi and the Inventor thrown together, thus connecting the two series

      • wildlife98 Says:

        um…. quick thought, sokka wouldn’t be korra’s grand father beacause he’s katara’s brother then he would be korra’s/aang’s half brother.

  39. wildlife98 Says:


  40. wildlife98 Says:

    WOOOOOOOOOOO YES YES YES YES YES YAY YAY YAY YAY YAY YAY YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • wildlife98 Says:

      i hope korra will have her own gaang like in the last serie all of the caracters were perfect, their personalities, their backrounds, everything!!

  41. wildlife98 Says:

    connections to the last series are probably like, sokka and suki’s son or daughter or zuko and mei’s son or daughter joining korra’s gaang (pun intended), it would be brilliant if zuko had a son and he was the next heir to the throne but he ran away because he didn’t want to be firelord after zuko had passed on, then he joins korra’s group but he dosn’t tell anyone that he is the next heir and poses as a normal refugee boy (unless there is a relationship with him and korra but he would only tell korra) then later on in the series you would find out that he is the next firelord! that would be brilliant!!!!!!

  42. sunshine Says:

    What if Tenzin and Korra had a relationship similar to Zuko and Iroh? I think that would be great!! I can’t wait for this series to premiere, and I really hope it turns into an actually series, instead of a mini series.

  43. Erik Says:

    My favorite part of the whole interview was their comment about the movie, LOL! I feel relieved to know they understand how bad it sucked!

    I sure wish they could be involved in book 2 of the live action movie- that would really be kick-ass.

  44. sunshine Says:

    I’m definitely glad they’re making another season/sequel to ATLA. I was a bit sketchy about it at first, just because I love the old characters. I didn’t want to leave them behind. But now that I think about it, this could be a really great show. I’m willing to give it a try, and I think everybody else should too. GO KORRA!

  45. wildlife98 Says:

    that’s how i felt at first but i warmed up to the idea!!! it seems like it will be a really cool show!!

  46. sunshine Says:

    The lack of new Avatar epsiodes is starting to depress me. Could 2011 come just a teeny bit faster, please? Thanks.

  47. wildlife98 Says:

    that’s how i feel, i was like staring at my calender with my clock in my hand saying, com’on, com’on, com’on, com’on, com’on, COM’ON!!!!!!

  48. sunshine Says:

    Seriously!! Haha, time goes by waaay too slow sometimes.

  49. Herna Says:

    I can’t wait O.O. I’m sad that Aang dies but I hope they show him a lot and how it went with Katara. Sorry Zutarians but Zuko never liked Katara. They should show Aang making an Avatar state appearance where he is like some incredible power. I want to know what happened after the war.

  50. wildlife98 Says:

    yeah!! haha, and it only goes slow when you want it to go faster!!

  51. sunshine Says:

    True that! And when you want it go slow, time just flies by! It’s sooo inconvenient!

  52. wildlife98 Says:

    I know right!!! there is so much irony in time!! i bet God did that on purpose just to mess with our heads!!

  53. sunshine Says:

    I have no doubt in my mind that He did! And you’re right, time is sooo iroic! Gahhh!

  54. wildlife98 Says:

    I wonder if korra will have some sort of rare hybrid animal like appa or momo, oh, and I hope appa and momo are still alive although appa and momo must have been sad when aang died); ooohhh I wonder if they can be in the spirit world with him!! O.o

  55. wildlife98 Says:

    yeah, but fang was a dragon so he could have had special properties, and fang died with roku so he would have gone into the spirit world anyway, but i like the way you think!!
    (sorry about my misspellings my ninja cat is on my desk and she is trying to claw my hands when i’m typing!!)

  56. dfhc Says:

    her pet would be something water tribe, like a water sealtiger or something

  57. sunshine Says:

    This is true, I forgot about that(how Fang died with Roku). Ooooh! a sealtiger! That would be awesome. I wonder what other Watertribe animals there are?

  58. Anonymous Says:

    well sokka said there was a polarleopard so that could be somthing like a polar bear and a snow leopard, also she could have one of the four- flipper penguins that we saw in the first episode, ooooooh what if there is like a rare sea dragon creature, and there are water ways in the city that she lives in and she rides it through the city that would be awesome!!:D

  59. wildlife98 Says:

    oooh and it would be cool if she could have a snow leopard but it wasn’t a hybrid creature, they could probably draw like a really cool snow leopard!!

  60. sunshine Says:

    Ohhhh yeah! I think it’s kind funny how you never see just plain animals, they’re always hybrids. (Except for the Earth King, he had Basco, the plain bear)

  61. wildlife98 Says:

    oh yeah, and don’t forget that cat in the episode: the blue spirit
    “sorry I can’t remember her name”

  62. wildlife98 Says:

    ya’know I found out that it is going to be a mini series, but A:tla was suppose to be a mini series too, but it got so popular that the creators were like “hey if we make this show longer we make more money” so they made one of the most popular animated shows of all time. So i’m hoping thats what will happen with this show, see it just shows how smart mike and bryan are, if the show is extremly unpopular they can just end it right there, but hopfully it will be (dare I say this) as good as the last series.

    ( 0.0 )

  63. sunshine Says:

    Wonderful point, my thoughts exactly!

  64. wildlife98 Says:

    keep your fingers crossed!!!!!

    ( 0.0 )

  65. Jake Says:

    Don’t believe them. Corporate will make them incorporate ideas from M.Night’s crap movie.

    • wildlife98 Says:

      I don’t think corporate will do that because atla was Mike and Bryan’s idea and M.Night can’t pose any ideas on Mike and Bryan at all because nither worked together on the movie or the show.

  66. sunshine Says:

    My fingers are definitely crossed…

  67. wildlife98 Says:

    oh yeah, I forgot to post this. *sigh* so there was an inteview with the recorder for Avatar and….. The whole gaang has died, I was so sad when I read about that, hopfully we will see them in flashbacks. *sigh*

  68. sunshine Says:

    I’m waaay to obsessed with this show.

  69. Anonymous Says:

    I think that i’m mostly sad because we may never see those charcters agian, I think most of the people are happy just because they are contiuing the show. But I wish they had just stuck with the old characters, ya’know the greatest show characters IN THE WORLD!!!

  70. wildlife98 Says:


  71. penguensledder Says:

    O.M.G you guys are grate! I thoght I was the only Avatar fan out there!!!!!!! this is the best news I have herd ever! What is it with Aang’s son killing him? Can’t he die in some other misterious way linked to korra and it makes it all to hard for Tenzin to be her master!!!!!!!!!

  72. allycat Says:

    you are all crazy!they shoud of just made another season tellng about what had happend to the gaang.aang and katara,did they get married,was there another big war.Did zuko find his mother.why dose anng have to die,why do they have to be old!And why dose there have to be a new avatar already.I was glad at first to,but I became sad when I found out about how aang dies,how he and katara are old.I probulay don’t even wan’t to see it eny more.I’ll admit that I am obsessed with the show,I watch it every day.I don’t think that this mini series is going to be as good as the original show!Please crateors of avatar the legend or korra,don’t make a totaly different thing,it’s just to sad!my whole family watched every episode with me,all you are doing is breaking the hearts of the avatar fans.I am an 11 year-old girl that crys every day because of these changes to the show!!!!LONG LIVE AVATAR THE LAST AIRBENDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • strangereyes Says:

      dude!!!! I am exactly like you!!!! I am 11 too!! and I really want the creators to just create more episodes with the gaang!! I’ll still give this show some shots but it makes me very VERY sad to think about the old show. they NEEEEEED to make more episodes with the GAANG when they are young!! however, they seemed to have left open a plan B from the last series….. I think they were planning to make another story but when Zuko asked his father where his mother is, and they didn’t give us an answer, thats a plan B if this show fails. and remember these are the creators of ATLA I think they know what they’re doing!!



  74. Anonymous Says:

    wow!!! I reaaly like this new idea for this new mini sipn-off series. Although I wish it was a full series like ATLA. I hope the producers decide to make the decisiom to make it longer. I can’t wait for AVATAR: THE LEGEND OF KORRA… 2011.



  76. wow Says:

    AHAHAHA at the delusional Zutarians
    Mai belongs with Zuko and Katara belongs with Aang. Somehow that wasn’t obvious enough?

  77. Pinkstar567 Says:

    i think that this new series will be amazing. i was never a really big fan of avatar in the beging, but as it became popular i started to get into it. i think that they agree with all of us, that m.night screwed up the movie, and they would rather not talk about it. when i saw the movie i wanted to throw my popcorn at the screen. it made me very angry…. ong… really?!? anyway. im STOCKED! for this sieries. and if sir hotness (zuko) or sir cuteness ( sokka) will appear i would be ever so grateful. hey, im in highschool i can dream cant i? all i have to say is….. CABBAGES!!

  78. Anonymous Says:

    i think if there is going to be a second season
    azula’s anti-bender grandson ‘as if she has had children throught the last seventy years’ can not bend any elements and his mom was murdered by a bender so he seeks revenge and takes over the anti-bender revolt and spreads it across the world
    idk what his name would be but he should have the same creepy characteristics as azula

  79. Jarrin Says:

    i forgot to put my name and email thing

  80. jeffpv1@hotmail.com Says:

    i dont know why they taking so long to make this new season they said this like november 2010 or something like that and until october they gonna take it out pffff too much time for just 12 episodes well what can i do i hope this season would be cool and wicked i bet it will i cant WAIT i wanna see it know!!!!!

  81. Spicetail Says:

    Hmmmm…. Something seems… Fishy about this new series…

  82. ATLA/ATLOK FAN Says:

    eeewww….pleeezzzz don’t make Korra & Tenzin a couple,…it’s kinda like Tenzin being w/ his father, no water n air……. Korra should go out with an enery/life bender,(if those even exist in the new show), or better yet the current Prince of the Earth Kingdom…OMG i can’t wait for The Legend of Korra to hit my T.V. SCREEN !!!!!!

  83. ATLA/ATLOK FAN Says:

    What would make the show really interesting is if there’s a gurl like Tai Li, but in Republic City that has multiple run-ins & disputes w/ Korra in A.T.L.O.K. !!!!

  84. Avatar Fan 4Ever! Says:

    I CAN’T WAIT! This series sounds really cool, and I’m glad that Aang will be in the Avatar state helping Korra because Aang is a really important part of the show! WHOOOHOOO!

  85. Anonymous Says:

    well katara is 15 aang is 12 jumping 70 years latter makes them 62 and 65 . also takeing the cause of death aang could have of died of sickness leaving katara pregnet as to give birth not saying she died yet giving birth she to could have got sick and died and as to see they start the only to say that she is a teenage female not confirming her age and a male master so the conclusion is not positve but for one thing is for sure korra will save the world once agian and bring peace to the four nations as once her ancestiors

  86. Carrie Says:

    I’m so excited for this show? And for anyone who is reading this, check out wikipedia for a ton of new information about the show, it’l give you probably all the information there is out there (at the moment) an will clear up most of your questions that you might have gotten from reading these comments.

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