Airbender Breaks $100 Million in Week 2


The box office estimates are in for the weekend of July 9-11th, and The Last Airbender has surpassed the $100 million mark after its second weekend!

After adding thirty four additional screens to bring its theater count up to 3,203, The Last Airbender dropped an estimated 57.5% from its opening weekend, grossing an estimated $17.15 million.


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33 Responses to “Airbender Breaks $100 Million in Week 2”

  1. Tori Says:

    So does it meet the budget?

  2. Fire Cat Says:

    Budget was at 150mil, and they’ve made 100mil in the Box Office. Depends on other sales, but with just the Box Office, they’ve got a little ways to go still.

  3. Find somebody else Says:

    I enjoy watching the cartoon series with my daughter cause it’s actually a good story. I couldn’t wait for the movie to come out and me and daughter went to go see it.. Sorry we both give it a 2 thumbs down. First I thought his name was Ang not Ung, I thought the characters were Asian, The boy Sakai wasn’t even funny. The actors were horrible… Everybody look like it was their first time on the job. Please let somebody else remake it. Thanks

    • Mia Says:

      I find it difficult to take a person who cannot even articulate their own thoughts seriously. I doubt you’re old enough to have a child.
      It is spelled ‘Sokka’ in the show as well as the movie. Where the hell did ‘Sakai’ come from?

    • Secretzfan Says:

      Do real info on the movie. That was the asian pronunciation, and it was some of the actors first time except Sokka who plays in Twilight so of corse he wasn’t super funny.

    • swordbender Says:

      Mia, you are a little harsh. The parent who wrote this obviously doesn’t have the time to dig a little deeper with the faults he/she found in this movie, because if he/she had, he/she would realise that the things he/she found wrong with the film were justified. “Find someody else” should think before writing.

    • Axokaine Says:

      Justified or not swordbender, “find somebody else” is an honest review from what you will find from a HUGE portion of the population who went to see this movie. If someone doesn’t like that they’re favorite characters named are pronounced differently all of a sudden than how they were for over 3 years in the cartoon, then they just simply don’t like it. Doesn’t matter the reasons why. More people should listen to reviews like this because many many of the movie goers who went to see this film aren’t going to spend days on the internet learning all about this movie. They simply pay and go see it and then because of the bad acting, the lame scriptwriting and the mispronouncing of the names, they don’t like it. Every time someone on the internet says they don’t like this movie, 15 people jump up and try to tell them why they should have actually liked it. Lol He/she is an honest reviewer with very good reasons why they didn’t like the movie.

      I liked the movie. I’m a huge fan of the cartoon. I watched all the new episodes the night they were shown and I own every single release DVD of Avatar that was released. I liked the movie because I’m such a huge fan, but I won’t act blind to the fact that it really was a terribly made movie. You and Mai sound like you’re in denial. Be true to yourself and to this movie instead of taking cheap shots at someone who was being honest.

      • Mia Says:

        Axokaine: Who are you to tell me my opinion is wrong? I was commenting on her bad writing, spelling, and general word usage, not the opinion itself. How can s/he claim to be an adult when they write like a child? How can s/he claim to be a fan when there is no ‘Sakai’ in the cartoon or film anywhere? Usualy I agree with those points s.he made, but I cannot condone them being presented so poorly. Either s/he wants to be taken seriously, or not.
        Until s/he learns to articulate, I’m going with ‘not’.

      • Charles Carver Says:

        Often, I cringe when people treat my language with such disrespect. I have learned however, that many times errors in grammar and spelling come from people typing as fast as they think. I would suggest a thorough proofreading before submitting anything. I would also advise all to never take anything seriously.

      • Secretzfan Says:

        Yea that is true but at the same time it is diffent all over some people just hate because of the fact the hate LA Movies which I don’t have a probem with if people just say that nitpicking through every detail. Then it doesn’t even have to be the internet. The ady before the movie came out the had a “LAST AIRBENDER REVEALED COMMERCIAL” Secondly your supposed to do research if you are an adult and a fan of the series. Then your talking if they see one thing wrong when the fact of the mater is this is a adaption.

    • swordbender Says:

      oh yeah and all the kids were knew at the job except for sokka and dev

    • CorruptCamel Says:

      Mia, I think you are being a bit harsh. Find Somebody Else’s comment was, at the very least, readable and definitely understandable. Sure, it wasn’t an articulate masterpiece, but not everyone is a grammatical genius and not everyone cares how articulate a message board comment reads. That’s the beauty of the internet, we can all voice our opinions, writers and non-writers, kind people, funny people and even the jerks who troll these message boards and flame everyone for whatever reason (no, I’m not saying you’re one of those people).

      Some fans may even misspell a name of a character now and then. FSE never claimed they knew everything about Avatar: The Last Airbender, but simply that he or she had watched and enjoyed it with his/her daughter and didn’t like the movie. Relax a little bit.

    • Soyam Says:

      OMG…..It is true I can believe that Nickelodeon and the producers of the AVATAR (The last air bender) allow that they have change and mess up the story TOO MANY CHANGES! I thought the characters were Asian not Indian as others person have mention in here, what sup with that! beside there was a lot in the history missing why not make a movie of 3 hours like Harry Potter or Lord of the rings. I am sure MR.DIRECTOR don’t mind make the same amount of money that they did when they open on first week. Director you should watch the full cartoons before you make the changes and pick the actors according the story and not because your race you can get a lot of others actors with low budge to make the movie and to look as the characters in the real story of the cartoon, you just damage a good cartoon story and Nickelodeon and the producers of the AVATAR STAND UP For your creation is your inspiration, reputation and hard work, on that movie SHAME ON YOU TO ALLOW IT!. Do not allow to make any others changes for book 2 and 3, with today technology I was expecting a lot better movie I mean A LOT. If is the same director of the movie I will not paid to go and see it at the movies the 2 book, is not worth it I will wait for TV. FANS DON’T ALLOW TO RUIN THE AVATAR.

  4. Secretzfan Says:

    In the end you guys we need a sequel from him so all the actors can do better.

  5. Mia Says:

    CHarles Carver: So, you agree, or at least understand?

    • Charles Carver Says:

      Yes, I agree people should look before they leap. Sometimes, if I’m feeling charitable I actually edit the bad grammar; but since the movie came out there have been way too many comments for me to do so. From now on, mistakes are public.

      • Mia Says:

        I’m just very annoyed that people think this is okay, and that they deserve respect. You see, words are how we speak with each other here; if I have to struggle to read what someone is saying, why should I take those words seriously when they themselves don’t?

      • Fire Cat Says:

        I personally don’t mind a few gramatical errors here and there, as I have a few myself every now and then. Vocabulary though, can reveal a lot about the person writing something. While I do understand that character names do get misspelled, I shudder when I see a name that is very badily misspelled. There is a difference between recognizable, and not…

  6. Jeremy Says:

    Is all of that really serious for one mistake? I mean ffs she isn’t perfect some times people make mistakes and don’t realize it you all know what she meant so get off his/her back about it.

    • Mia Says:

      One mistake? I could hardly even READ what they wrote!

      • Jeremy Says:

        You do know they just spelled Sokka “Saka” and accidentally added an “i”. If I could realize that then honestly you should too. But a whole thread for one honest type error should not have like 10 responses.

      • Fire Cat Says:

        @ Jeremy – Actually, it wasn’t just the misspelling of the name. The writer shortened because to ’cause’ and wrote ‘me and daughter’ should have been ‘my daughter and me’.

        I may be wrong, but the reasons that these jumped out at Mia, might have been, because when spoken out loud, these are indicators of the person possibly having low education in the first place.

        Now, we shouldn’t discredit people because of their education levels, but… when one sees that, some people have to wonder if the person is possibly, but not definatly, closed minded, or if the person is forming their ideas through preconcieved notions that don’t necisarily work.

  7. Teleigha Says:

    This movie was a great movie granted it was a little rushed but it was a great movie there should be another for the fans.

  8. Drew Says:

    alright this movie was a screw up. if u want to make a movie off a cartoon series, you get someone that has more experience. motivation from ur daughter is not legit. and u at least have to follow the book, u dont just do what you want to do or do do what u ‘feel’ is right. i stayed with the series since the very beginning and loved it. i have not seen the movie, and never will. the trailers are enough to tell it doesnt correspond with the cartoon. and now theres gonna be sequels?? just dont even try m. knight. u failed once with it, hand it over to someone more experienced. heck, make that guy remake the whole 1st movie. i say no one should even see it, unless you havent followed the series.

    • Fire Cat Says:

      You haven’t seen the movie, and feel that you can determine that the movie doesn’t correspond with the cartoon, because of the comercials? I’ll admit that a lot of the people leaving negative reviews have said that the movie didn’t follow the first season, but most of the things I’ve seen have nit picked minor changes, or things that were cut for time, and not necisarily needed.

  9. alee Says:

    isnt it nice to have a few dollars spare mr M .Night thing you may wanna get some bigger jeans hahaha

  10. robinclank2 Says:

    i liked the movie and im a big fan of the cartoon and if anyone says it failed to do justice to the original show. they are either lying or saw a completly different movie than i did. yes of course there are changes to the movie but when it come to the main events and major plot points their all there in some form or another. i would go as far to say that 75% of the movie is supported by events that occured in the show. but you should know that the names were pronounced the asian way in the movie and it was also suppose to be said the asian way in the cartoon but they said it the american way. so it was the cartoon who got the names wrong in the first place. i love avatar but i didnt judge the movie like some crazy fan boy and didnt bitch about every single thing and nitpick the crap out of the movie. Sure, a lot got left out, but anyone who was expecting a carbon copy of the cartoon is being idiotic, because it would never be possible, no matter who directed. the movie wasnt made for avatar fans it was made for everyone.

  11. Angel García Says:

    Hi!! I’ve seen the movie in spanish and the dubbing was the worst. I liked all the movie but the dubbing.

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