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Having grossed $51.8 million over the Fourth of July weekend, The Last Airbender’s current domestic box office now stands at $69.3 million after only five days! Director M. Night Shyamalan already has the entirety of the sequel mapped out, with Summer Bishil becoming the main antagonist for the remainder of the films.

“The third is more ambiguous, but the second one, I’ve written a draft that I’m really happy with and is darker and richer, and it has a wonderful antagonist in it in Azula, who’s kind of like our only real, pure antagonist in the series, so I’m excited about that.”

Night also spoke on the absence of the Kyoshi Warriors from the first film, and hints that we might not see them on the eventual home release.

“I probably won’t show the Kyoshi Warriors because I want to save them for the second movie, because I’m going to have to introduce them all over again.”

“We shot [the scene] and [the Kyoshi Warriors] were amazing, and we spent an unbelievable amount of time choreographing them,” he said. “And they just distracted from the movie, because the movie wasn’t about them.”

Of course, all of these plans hinge on The Last Airbender’s box office success.


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94 Responses to “Night Talks Sequel”

  1. Ryuutakeshi Says:

    I can’t believe Paramount may actually let him make this thing.

    • chickenlord Says:

      yeah… im suprised that this movie even made the amount of money it did… i guess the 4 of july really made it for them…

    • Emily Says:

      Yeah, especially with the reception of the last movie

      • Al Says:

        Can’t believe how badly he has ruined this film it could have been epic.
        But instead it has been completely ruined, everything i loved in the cartoon has gone, the dialouge and script is just shocking, he could have just converted the cartoon into live action, no changes to the script. let someone else take over and hope that it can be saved in the 2nd movie and if not stop ruining it

  2. Kirby Says:

    What a twist! Yeah I mean no the movie was ripped apart by critics and fans but sure lets throw him more money to continue to destroy what we all love. Great idea. who else is for it? lol.

  3. Secretzfan Says:

    YES! THE KYOSHI WARRIORS ARE HER!! Take that haters

  4. Drogue Says:

    The movie s making money off of peoples love for the cartoon, not shamalamadingdong’s brilliant interpretation. Let’s be real. He’s a hack and the movie sucked. He only hing keeping it afloat is the lay over form the show. If paramount has any since, they’ll reboot this crap festival or atleast fire shamalan.

  5. Hannah Says:

    It is ridiculous that they are even letting him consider making the second book.

  6. NO Says:

    Get somebody else to do it!
    Has he even seen the movie’s ratings?
    Oh man….
    @nextairbender Have you seen the movie?
    You haven’t given us your thoughts on the movie yet and I’m curious about your opinions.

    • anthony Says:

      I agree, the movie didn’t follow the books at all, they got names wrong like Ong instead of Ang, Soka not saka and there grandmother is grangran, they just butchered the story line. why did the creators let him do that. i expected so much more. the next book has got to be better.

      • putri Says:

        the pronounce different because shyamalan want to make the name as ASIAN’S PRONOUNCE. it’s true actually. I’m from Indonesia,Southeast Asia

      • Fire Cat Says:

        Then, we’ll say they butchered the first few Harry Potter movies, with that logic. Or how about Watership Down, Secret of N.I.H.M. Some changes to the story line, don’t mean buchered storyline.

        All I ask, is you think very carefully about why you think they butchered the story line. Was it because of cuts that might be necisary for a movie adaptation? Was it because of changes made, so that it wasn’t exactly the same?

    • Find somebody else Says:

      Amen! My daughter was sooo mad about the movie. A 7yr old hated it!

  7. Trevor Says:

    I wish they’d make an extended DVD version (Like LOTR or something), that way he can include the Kyoshi Warriors, and still reintroduce them in the second movie. I’m excited, I loved the first movie.

  8. chickenlord Says:

    ok, (moderator i really want this posted!) Shyamalan i HOPE that you can make this movie…main…for another chance to redeem your self and the movie series…take it to the shows standards… more funny! More acting,More funny, better bending response(the bending had a delayed reaction and way too many movements that DIDN’T DO ANTHING!), more relationships & character development, make the characters know and care for eachother, other then just “he’s our responsibility”,and MORE FUNNY!!! I also truly would definantly, positively, love it and forgive you if you changed back the pronunciations of the names! when it comes to names it’s no question of if its realistic, its the freaking characters of the show, you might as well have called appa, momo and momo, appa… really i hope you get the chance to make this second film, and i REALLY hope you see this and consider taking what i’ve put down here and applying it to the film…one more thing…in a little TV special thing you said that you mixed slap stick into the movie…WHERE was that??? i missed it…you can’t be talking about that appa tail thing…that was it?……

    • Krel Says:

      I agree. The big problem with the first one for me was the lack of humor. Sokka was so serious! Uncle only mentioned tea once! The characters lacked some of their prominent traits, which made the movie kinda boring. Character development is needed in the second movie.

      The name pronunciation was just annoying.

    • Tori Says:

      Thank you! I agree! He should have a second chance. Those who don’t want to see the movie DON’T HAVE TO!! IT DOESN’T EFFECT THEM!

  9. Blake Says:

    Hey everyone! Shyamalan has no clue on how to wright a script and turn something beautiful into something new with out destroying it. He has only done things from his own head and was too worried about making it his own since that is all that he thinks of. I will be attending the Denver School of the Arts after this summer to study filmmaking and become a director and screen writer. I hope that no sequel will be made for I hope to give everyone the true AVATAR THE LAST AIRBENDER we all wanted. I have all ready begun a script and by the time I will be able to start making major motion pictures it will be perfect for The Last Airbender to be REMADE! If anyone is interested in how I want the movie trilogy to go email me at

  10. Secretzfan Says:

    I think the sequel will be better as it will give Noah Ringer and Nicola Peltz a better chance to work on there acting.

  11. Jeremy Says:

    ……I’m calling Peter Jackson.

    • Keito Says:

      Yes, please do!

      • Eedeh Says:

        He will not do it because no matter who makes the movie it will have to be a little different from the series, and it seems that people cannot appreciate artistic input by directors. So tell me one director who is brave enough beside M Night to take on the part

      • Fire Cat Says:

        I agree. I doubt that Peter Jackson would do it. He might even laugh at some of the things fans are saying, as MNS had less amount of time to work with the the LotR movies, and even Jackson knew he had to make some adaptation changes. He might though, advocate for a longer movie. That is about it.

  12. AlexaGrace Says:

    After the atrocity that came out on Friday, Paramount really has faith in that man?! Do we really need to screw up the story any more? We should just put the past behind us and forget any of this ever happened.

  13. Tori Says:

    I’d watch it. πŸ™‚
    I like Night as a director, but not as a writer. Hope he’ll have some help this time by not having so much exposition.

    • theCharmed1 Says:

      Yeah. Good point. He might want to get some help from other film writers. If they reach Season 3; they should cut the plotline of the Day of Black Sun and Sozin’s Comet into 2 different movies. That way there’s more building suspense and more action to put in.

      • Agustin Says:

        You know? that is EXACTLY what i’ve been thinking since i knew the movie was coming out. One movie about the invasion, and the other about zozin’s comet. That would be great.
        And M Night not being there in the next movie would be great too… and i haven’t seen this one yet!

    • adrian Says:

      I completely agree, he is a good director, he is visionary, but he sucks at writing. So… give him second chance at directing but hire a new story writer.

  14. Fandom of the Opera Says:

    YAY! πŸ˜€ I’m happy for this, since season 2 was always WAY better than Season 1, and he’d BETTER make this movie at LEAST 2 hours long.

    Also, Summer looks perfect for Azula, so that should go well too.

    Aaaand the sooner we get these movies, the sooner we’ll get the NEW SERIES! ^_^ (Legend of Korra)

  15. Tristen Says:

    I enjoyed the movie, so I’ll stay optimistic of the series.

  16. Amp Says:

    m. night shyamalan totally fcuked up! the movie adaptation was effin terrible! the only reason why it grossed that much money is because of the fans from the cartoon… watta rip off!

    they should not make a sequel!
    better of, they should reboot it in the distant future!

    he didn’t make sokka and aang funny
    its too dark! shyamalan is such a douche, he feels like he owned and created the cartoon show.. he felt that it was his own starwars, fcuk! he was just a leecher of idea in d 1st place.. he shouldnt have made that MUCH changes!
    poor character development!
    poor script and dialouges!
    he shouldnt have changed the pronunciation of names..
    instead of rushing the movie and planning it in 3 parts.. it would have been better if it was made into 6 parts.. 2 parts for each season in the cartoons..what a movie franchies it could have been… damn!

    lastly, noah ringer as aang was kinda ok for me..
    its such a pain to see this movie come to waste

    • Secretzfan Says:

      You idiot how may times I gotta say it with this being a adaption it would be hard for it be super funny. Also don’t forget that Paromount made him cut down his parts. Aslo the pronunciations of the name were changed to be asian like with M Night being from India it is natural to pronounce them like that.

      So name pro-unctions should never have been a problem.

      • Amp Says:

        your the idiot! it wouldn’t be hard to be funny… adaptation or not… just as long as ur the right man for the job to direct it… knowing m. night shyamalan was a suspense-horror type director… it was inevitable that he made this movie not funny, but…
        1. he could have tried!
        2. he could have asked some funny lines from the 2 creators of the show!
        3. he could have asked advice from other scriptwriters or screen players for funny lines!
        what happen?! nothing remotely funny related to the cartoons!… your a douche for defending the movie… hard? r u stupid or plain dumb?… if u put your mind into it.. you’ll make a movie special and somehow funny just like d show… you don’t know a lot about movies and adaptations u moron so STFU… go back on watching cartoons… removing the funny side was a definite major change… its 1 reason why young adults love the series in the 1st place, not only kids… so why alter it that MUCH?…

        pronunciations to be asian like d director? that’s just plain manipulation and disrespect to the series… who cares if he’s asian or not.. yeah he’s the director but its not his creation… he could have alter minor things… he should have humbled himself, a sense of humility for having d opportunity to direct this great series… what happen? he got too big of himself?

        don’t get me wrong… i still love the cartoon series (its that epic to me)… but the movie was lame… it didn’t stood up to the series’ epic factor and level… it should have been directed by someone else… someone who’s an expert on fantasy-action-comedy… asking too much? maybe… but avatar: the last airbender fans deserve much better than this… the show was great b’coz of the epic settings, story, action and don’t forget funny lines (thats why young adults kinda got hook on this series)… fans should never forget that.

      • Fire Cat Says:

        @ AMP – It really is not as EASY as you think it is. On top of coming out with funny lines, he has to figure out when it is appropriate to add them, and when it isn’t appropriate. Part of the factor was time too. From the Nick special they did, right before the release, he wanted to put more slap stick comedy in, but stated, as the storyline got more serious, he had to cut back simply because it wouldn’t have necisarily fit.

    • chickenlord Says:

      this is good to know… i had censored myself in my post earlier…thought if i had insulted shyamalan in the post the moderator wouldn’t aprove of it…now i know!

      shyamalan your a douche bag! make the second one long enough to have a decent story, also the boulder better be in this! and it would be totally eff-ing awesome if you got the rock to play him!

  17. Tori Says:

    *sigh* Grow up people. The movie was good. You can’t expect all 10 hours of footage to be in a 2 hour movie.

    • Tyler V. Says:

      Exactlyy!!!! i loved the movie, but i think they could have used more kataang in it, but besides that, it was great

    • Fire Cat Says:

      I agree with you Tori. That seems to be the biggest problem people have, is he cut a LOT of the story out. But fact is, he had to, or else it would have REALLY confused some of the non-fans. If something is there, simply to cater to fans, you have to ask, as a director, writer, artist, whether it is something really needed, or something that should be cut.

  18. Vixen Darkfairy Says:


    I did not think “The Last Airbender” was terrible. Appa looked amazing, Noah did a nice job, and I liked Uncle Iro. The film ended exactly as Book I of the cartoon series did, with Azula being tasked… In the final analysis, it was a decent effort. It was FAR from perfect, but still enjoyable. I can live with the changed name pronunciations, but…

    Things I did not like:

    1) Middle 1/3 of film was wayyyyy too rushed. Boom! They are in the Southern Air Temple. Boom! Iro and Zuko are hiding in the Earth Kingdom. Boom! A huge rebellion begins and it’s all just flashes of scenes in the background. I got the feeling some bigwig producer said, “You have to cut 45 minutes from the film — no exceptions. It’s a kids movie and they won’t sit that long.” So everything non-essential was cut, but the M. Night Shyamalan lacked Peter Jackson’s ability to then rearrange the scenes so they appeared to flow seamlessly. Perhaps a Director’s Cut DVD will fix the story.

    2) Amateur exposition. As a writer, one must explain the rules of a fantasy world in a SUBTLE way — bits here and there, shown by actions or comments by several characters. Grandma’s — who should be “Gran-gran” — speech tells far too much. When Katara asks, “What is the Spirit World?” it just kills me, because these characters are supposed to have been living in that world their whole lives, and should either take such rules for granted (evil characters) or treat them with reverence (usually good characters). Similarly, the boy in the tea shop scene is downright painful. If the boy had personality, it could have worked. For instance, if the boy had said something like, “The Prince? Oh he’s a loser. He challenged an Admiral to a fight in the Agni Kai. But then his father, the Fire Lord, stepped in, and he totally chickened out. Total loser. So the Fire Lord blasted him in the face, giving him a good scar to remind him of his failure. I hear he’s trying to regain his honor somehow, but he’ll probabaly just fail at that, too.”

    3) The director chose not to show how dangerous Aang’s avatar form could be — another reason why he fears the title. When Aang freaks out after finding his mentor dead, he should nearly blow Katara off the cliff or something. Then, in his protection of the Northern Water Tribe, Aang in the cartoon does, in fact, KILL in his Avatar form — a thing he regrets later.

    4) Unnecessary narration. Did Katara really have to TELL us that they presented themselves to the Northern Water Tribe’s leaders? I think we could see that for ourselves. Again, I feel something was cut for time — most likely a falling in love scene with the Princess and Zuko — and the narration was a clumsy voiceover to tell us, “By the way, we had to cut it, but there’s a whole relationship that formed; Zuko fell for the Princess!”

    5) Sokka’s character was badly handled all-around. His humor scenes were dropped except for 3 quickies: Appa’s tail, and 2 waterbending mishaps. And I’m sorry to say that the actor is just too stiff. He does not use his body language at all, and relies solely on his facial expressions to tell the character. Unfortunately, his face is not very expressive! He needs to use his eyebrows! Then add in relaxed shoulders and putting his arm back lazily behind his head sometimes… He needs to pull off “casual” and “carefree” to contrast Katara’s driven, everything-is-so-important attitude.

    6) If the director was cutting out the Kyoshi warriors to save them for later, then he should also have cut out the statue scene. That’s just poor planning for a writer/director. It’s going to cause logic errors later in the film series. Aang and friends could simply have aided a random Earth village and gotten the scroll. Since the other rebellion scenes had to be cut and glossed over, this one uprising could have served as an example of how the rest of the small villages were freed, and been left at that.

    7) Zuko’s hair. In the cartoon, Zuko’s haircut was a sign of his character arc. He goes from the cold baldness with a warrior topknot, to a softer-looking teenager as his heart softens and a measure of goodness takes hold. In fact, the scene with him and Iro chopping off their topknots is an important turning-point in the character, with wonderful symbolism. Now that scene can never exist in the sequels. 😦

    Things that made it worth watching nonetheless:

    1) Excellent costuming. Really dead-on, and with use of realistic fabrics.

    2) The use of partnering techniques in the fight with Aang and the “Blue Spirit.” Fabulous fight choreography. Thumbs up!

    3) Zhao is the man you love to hate. What an a$$hole! Nicely done.

    4) The film opens with the bending forms. ❀

    5) Did I mention Appa looked AMAZING? Fab fur texturing — even in the water, when the wet fur looked just like an otter's. Appa was stomping around in the final battle, too. Yay!

    6) The temple room with the avatar statues. I want it in my house.

    7) Nice handling of the frequently-asked question, "Why don't they just kill the avatar and be done with it? Why do they keep capturing him?" Zhao's delivery of THAT exposition felt quite natural.

    8) The bending special effects looked lovely, as did the scenes of Tai Chi style practice sessions.

    9) Zhao's fear at murdering the Moon Spirit. It really conveyed the gravity of the act.

    10) I really like Noah's acting as Aang. He even gets the voice right when telling Katara how he was "just upset." He actually sounds as innocent as the cartoon character! His martial skill is also put to thorough use. I actually can't think of anyone else who could do a better job in the role. I look forward to seeing more of him — both in Avatar sequels, and in other future films. πŸ™‚

    Although I know it's unlikely, I wish M. Night Shyamalan would read my review before making Book II. He just needs to tweak the things I listed — where possible — and continue to do those things he did well, in order for the sequel to be a really good film.

    • Vixen Darkfairy Says:

      Ugh! Please excuse my cut’n’paste errors! Sokka fell for the Princess, of course. NOT Zuko.

    • Kirby Says:

      All very good points. Good break down of the movie.

      On number 3, if you or someone else can remind me, where does he kill in his avatar state? He was the ocean spirit for a time and sweep away the fire nation soldiers but im not sure if he killed them? I know during that too “he” pushed away the war ships too. The only thing that could be considered a killing (no one dies in avatar lol) was Zhao by the Ocean Spirit but it was ONLY the Ocean spirit and not Aang with it. He was set down just prior to that point by the OS. Maybe I missed something?

      I think he killed that vulture-bee thing in the desert that almost took momo but thats it? Sorry its off topic to the main topic is but I wanted to make sure? Thanks.

      • nick ulrich Says:

        jet died. well supposedly. haha all the deaths in avatar are like unsure.

      • Kirby Says:

        Zuko: Did Jet just…die? Sokka: You know, it was really unclear

        Lol. yeah I just meant during the siege of the north.

      • Fire Cat Says:

        No. You have a good point. Aang is strong and CAN kill, but the fact that he decides to not, to the point of taking away the Fire Kings powers instead, says that he isn’t a killer. From the interviews I’ve seen, one of the reasons MNS choose to do it the way he did, was to emphasize the campasionate side of the Avatar, and that he isn’t supposed to hurt people, not if he can help it.

  19. Luna Says:

    I have to wait till august to go and see it, so i only can say things that i’ve seen in trailers. But if you see the critics then i’d have to say PLEASE DO NOT LET HIM MAKE THE SEQUEL get some decent director in who knows how to make movies like these. I to think movies like these should be maked by men like Peter Jackson.

  20. coilover2005 Says:

    Book 1= EPIC FAIL!

    Book 2= EPIC FAIL… DUH!

    Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko should come rescue their masterpiece some how.

  21. nick ulrich Says:

    i hope that he splits book 2 and 3 into two parts each 😦 it would make the movies way better.

  22. Anonymous Says:



    *Lets go of shift*

    Please, M. Night, just hand it over to someone else.

  23. Jeremy Says:

    Just saw the movie (for free bwahahaha) and I can’t fully hate the film. It can be fixed as a series but man was that bad. I admittedly freaked at the intro just like the show I thought “How can this go wrong?!.” But I was way wrong. As an adaptation it was astonishingly well made….one honestly cannot put EVERY SINGLE THING in a two hour film…so for what it did have (or supposed to for that which was cut) it was fine. Those who complain should make their own movie adaptation of any subject and try to include everything that happens in the original and it will fail because the movie will never end and no one will see it. Also will go too far from the point.Costumes were more realistic but good looking. It was weird hearing the name changes but I didn’t care. Didn’t care about the race thing either. Ringer’s Aang was decent, can’t blame him because he isn’t an actor but if they do keep the cast I hope he takes classes. I liked everyone else except Rathbourne’s Sokka….I’m gonna need that guy to blink more and not try to be so intense. And admittedly I laughed at a few parts of the film (Appa “eating” Sokka with tail, Aang doing the whole “I’m not behind you” with Zuko) but the humor was so stiff it came off as just weird. Appa and Momo and the Komodo……not rhinos were cool despite they barely did anything.

    And to what I didn’t like…..ACTING AND DIALOGUE AND WRITING. Jesus M.Night! I mean im no film student (yet…I plan to be) but even I know more about screen writing than he does! Also plot chopping and rushing was wayyyyy too much. I mean WE could generally follow everything….people in the audience had my friends EXPLAIN things to them. And as much as I understand the extra motions used in bending (you know to gather the chi to actually use it) you’d think they’d do more epic things. For example in the Earthbending village where like 6 of em are stomping and doing stances and a tiny rock flies by as if tied to a string….I freaked. Bending effects were good but lazy. Katara got hit full in the chest by fire but her shirt/blouse thing wasn’t burned. Nor any scorch marks in the ground or anything. It was very lazy

    All in all if M.Night has nothing to do with the series then it should be ok. I say Peter jackon (LOTR guy) should do it. I’d rather it not be a remake because I like the cast. Ringer, Patel and Toub were awesome. Also I WANT MY TOPH SOONER NOT LATER.

    • Secret pie man Says:

      Exactly why doesn’t anyone think like that. Also the squeezing everything in was just thanks to Paramount cutting it down and it caused problems for M Night. It is true M Night isn’t that great of a director I mean I only recently started watching his movies. And that is why we need a sequel so the actors can grow. I mean what better way to learn how to act than just doing it.

      • Fire Cat Says:

        Many people don’t relize that the studios are trying to cut down the film lenght on a LOT of movies. You guys wonder why we don’t have the Hobbit, or why the last Harry Potter movie is in TWO PARTS. That is it! Actually, I we’ll need to really wait and see, how the last movie does, split up like it is, because I believe that is DEFINATLY a first in film.

  24. Agustin Says:

    You know? It’s actually gonna happen. It doesn’t really matter how much it sucks, the movie made a lot of money (and will be making more, when it debuts in other countries), so, in numbers, it’s a succes. You think paramount cares about what fans wented, or what they think? No. I just hope M Night is honest with himself, googles the reviews and fans opinions and learns from his mistakes, or just steps aside, and lets a decent director (Peter Jackson please!) do the job.
    I’m still waiting to see the movie, it comes out in agoust here. Not expecting too much, luckyly.

  25. Rizzles Says:

    So, I haven’t watched it yet (wanted to wait and see what the reviews were first). Should I watch it 3d? Because apparently the 3d version is darker than the regular. What’s the general opinion on the 3d effects? As for the humor situation. I kind of knew it would end up like that after seeing the trailers. Sokka’s lines seemed so stiff and there was no whine in his voice like the show has it. As for Iroh…I WANT A FAT IROH!!! I’ve also been reading that the movie had too much plot and not enough character building. I think he should have gone LOTR style and made the movie longer to encompass the filler episodes. It’s much better to get reviews saying the movie was too long but interesting than the movie was too plot filled and boring. Hopefully Shyamalan can use a second chance to fix his mistakes from the first movie. The advantage here is that even in the show the first book is the weakest of the three (and book two has Toph so it has to get better…right? Well as long as Toph is as sarcastic as the Toph in the show).

    But yeah, 3D or Regular???

    • Jeremy Says:

      Go see it regular and with the lowest expectations you have. it will make the movie better.

    • Secretzfan Says:

      Hey you know what this is only book 1 and a lot of people were really just mad at the relationship between Katara and Aang, but there doesn’t really grow in book 1 plus the movie does have a big plot, but that is part of made the movie so intriguing. ALSO GUYS TOPH IS GOING TO BE ASIAN!!!

    • Fire Cat Says:

      Regular… it seems that a lot of people who were REALLY upset went and saw it in 3D. It was adapted LATER for 3D, which is where the problem comes from.

      I laugh at the Aang/Katara thing too. The most I saw in book one, was Aang crushing on her, and some fans actually wondered how she even came to like him. Which is why, I am hoping that the movie can give it development that is even sided, rather than not.

      Actually, that is the one reason I am glad they didn’t make him seem too childish, and now even Katara too motherish. Just me though…

  26. Ashley Says:

    Sorry people BUT cartoon and Real Life are Different. Its too difficult for them to make it exactly like the cartoon…Yes, I know the movie was a disappointment but you cant change the fact that nothing is perfect…

    • chickenlord Says:

      this is true but but he fucked up on the easy stuff to make it more like the freakin cartoon, i can under stand the bender not being the same (kinda) or the locations, but the story and characters SHOULD be spot on except for a few edits of the story to make it fit into a movie length(by movie length i mean a real movie length 2-2.5 hours not a lousy 1 1/2 hours for an epic tail!!!)

      • Fire Cat Says:

        I don’t think you realize, studios aren’t letting directors do movies the length of LotR anymore, which is what that length would be concidered for a child movie.

        I am also actually used to adaptations not always making characters spot on. I only gripe when the characters are what can be deemed, OoC. I didn’t feel any of the characterizations went that far.

  27. coilover2005 Says:

    ^ Hmmm….. Ever seen the Movie “Sin City?” That’s an EPIC example of something that was Re-done and done just as good, if not better.

    To make all the heat go down a bit in here, I thought I’d share a video someone shared with me on another site.

    THIS IS A MUST SEE!!!!!! HAHAHA. Click the link ———>

    • Kirby Says:

      Yup that exactly sums the movie up in a nutshell. I laughed at that before and more so now cause of the movie.

  28. adrian Says:

    even iff the story sucked, I will still watch it and consider it only a tribute to ATLA and it will be a real treat to watch the elements in action “for real”.

  29. chickenlord Says:

    i feel i should say this…people who are saying this was a good movie…wouldn’t know what a good movie was if it smacked them in the face danced around and screamed “im a good movie” at the top of its lungs… there was no acting, no character developement, a smushed up story where half of the dialouge (very little dialogue) was telling you the story instead of showing you the story, the characters werent the same, none of them had personality… it just sucked ok…watch it again after you watch a good movie…then you’ll see how shitty it was…

    • Secretzfan Says:

      Well that was harsh, but some fans who say it sucked don’t really know the difference between a movie sucking and a bad movie and one that is just okay. Listen as a writer I know that every charter that is created has a personality. And it was telling it instead of showing but then this is M Night I guess umm. Listen to tell you the truth no director should write a script that is my belief as a writer. Directors should just direct.

      Listen I know what a good movie is and what a suck one is . Avatar by James Cameron was awesome, The day the Earth stood still remake was bad, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen was okay.

      • Fire Cat Says:

        I have to agree with you. I saw one person call the movie bad, because Sokka and Katara were hunting a seal, instead of fishing, and that was their reasoning behind it not being accurate to the storyline.

        However, seeing a lot of movies, these kind of changes are seen as normal with adaptations. Sometimes it is a time reason. Other times, it is to make it so it isn’t EXACTLY the same story.

        If you want to talk bad storyline adaptation, where it really wasn’t true to the original content, then that would be Super Mario Brothers. That one, you have to watch with parody in mind.

        I also say, possible worse acting, Romeo + Juliet, minus the Mercutio actor. Now that… is wooden.

        Even LotR made small changes, like Arwen riding with Frodo instead of Glorfindel.

    • Amp Says:

      @ chickenlord

      i get u dude… geez! i know people are entitled to their own opinions… but they sure don’t know a lot about movie adaptations and how a good movie flows…

      we’re all die hard airbender fans out here… it just so happens that the movie didn’t stood up to the cartoon series’ epic level… its just plain disappointing…but i’ll still buy a dvd copy of this movie just bcoz im a fan of the series and not bcoz i got high praises on the movie… but planning a sequel? they better think twice…

      • Secretzfan Says:

        pf ft of course it didn’t reach the level of the cartoon anyway yea. I still can’t wait for a sequel since everything can begin to grow, and maybe we will see more Katanng.

  30. Secretzfan Says:

    Another thing that upsets me is that remember when production first started. M Night was actually worried about the movie’s success he actually said he was scared of failing. Then I saw the movie and it seems he put a lot of effort in the movie more than what big director James Wong did when making DBE.

    So anyway yea. I can’t for the sequel and hope as the 3 movies go foward he can upend the plot development.

    • Fire Cat Says:

      Yeah… DBE director James Wong… you know he didn’t put an effort in, when he turned the Eastern Dragon into the size of a bus. I had been excited too, by the comercials. But when I heard about that from the director, I felt he hadn’t tried, truelly hadn’t tried.

  31. bob Says:

    i reckon this movie could have been a revolution just as james cameron’s avatar was, only not the ‘leader’ in 3D. It could have been the first trilogy to be at least 3 hours each long, and no one would care about the length because the movie would continue to awe audiences every minute as it does justice to the cartoon. They would have used the covers for the dvds as the movie posters (those are epic without being too ambitious and cliche like the orange and blue posters that did come out), they would have used the scores from the cartoon which mostly consisted of taiko drumming for the action. i believe it would have been up there with the greats for this uniqueness

    but it could also have been a revolution in another way. in a blog of dante basco’s i read that he saw this as the movie to bring asian actors into hollywood as marketable. but we know there are hardly any young asian actors out there. Using this film to introduce them would help basco’s situation, but then would reduce the quality of the film because they wouldn’t be as professional as child actors already embraced by hollywood. would you sacrifice a good quality movie for a very likely chance to promote asian actors?
    shyamlan has sacrificed a good quality movie, but for nothing

    • Fire Cat Says:

      What a LOT of people miss though, is we aren’t going to likely get any more movies of LotR’s length. Someone threw a stinker, and they’ve been cutting back. Why do you think Hobbit was held off, and the last HP movie is in TWO parts, not one movie?

      Dante Basco, he also talks about how he would have liked to have played the role of Zuko. However, I think he was overlooked, not because of his race, but because of his age. I mean, I know a few fans wanted him, but a thirty plus year old, to play a sixteen year old? He actuall supports the actor who plays Zuko too.

      He also made the statements, being given only part of the facts. He was told that Aang was being played by a caucasian, rather then an Asian. If he saw Noah Ringer, he would stand by his word that there needs to be more oportunities for Asian characters. He might though, call the Aang is played by an Asian, to have problems, because there is a chance, Noah Ringer isn’t 100% caucasian.

      • bob Says:

        i see. its all about moderation aye, long movie after long movie after long movie would be off putting just like what 3d is now is that what you’re saying? i just want to liken the movie/trilogy to the pirates of the carribean trilogy, because i rate that as more than mediocre, good enough to keep on blu ray

      • Fire Cat Says:

        @ bob – This is possibly rumor, but my brother says it stems from people actually going to the LotR movie, and complaining about the length to get their money back. The studio’s decided to listen to their complaints and cator to the minority, rather than the majority. Of course, I don’t know if it is true or not, but if it is, I think that this was a huge blunder on the studio parts.

  32. Kalimthebest Says:

    I love the movie ..stop being picky guys don’t like the movie stay with the cartoon .. It is kids movie and I saw in the theatre all the kids was happy after the movie done .. As a adult if u go to see the movie just appreciate what u see and stop complaining for little things cuz it’s made for kids not for adult ..I know it wasn’t that bad to cry over

    • Fire Cat Says:

      Most kids I believe are happy about it. Though, I have seen some adults say that there kids had problems with the movies. One of the problems a kid had, was the Fire Nation had no top knots. Most kids DON’T do this, unless they’ve been taught to by their parents. OR… they nitpick for the fun of it, and they LIKE the differences, and find differences, minute ones, to be fun.

  33. Secretzfan Says:

    Oh guys here is some proof that the original came up. If you watched The Last Airbender revealed you know they tolled him what to take out and what to keep in.

  34. Alex Says:

    What in the world is wrong with Paramount? Someone needs to scream some sense at them! For God’s sake, HIRE ANOTHER DIRECTOR! D:<

  35. Helsa Erica Says:

    I loved the movie. I really wish the next casting call will reach Indonesia, i wanna join. im a huge AVATAR fan and i really wish you can tell me when will the next casting call be opened.

  36. herbaliser Says:

    oh yay
    I can’t wait!! πŸ˜€
    I really want to play toph iin it
    i think I would be really good

  37. Arianna Says:

    okay first of all, yall are dumb, the movie was horrible and anyone who loves the show will not enjoy the movie. M. Night, what were you thinking?! you made such great movies and you came out with this. Give me a break. Whatever. Peace.

    ps. leave the action to michael bay! πŸ™‚

  38. Ty Says:

    I LOVE THIS MOVIE! Please make a sequel! It was so visually beautiful and stunning.

  39. Night all time HATER! Says:

    Hi everyone,

    Honestly, I cried during the movie cause it was sooo badly made! I seriously think he should know how many people hate him and Avatar the last airbender movie! He should just stick with HORROR movies and leave KIDS ALONE!


    If anyone want to sent him to protest a letter heres his address:

    M. Night Shyamalan
    Creative Artists Agency
    2000 Avenue of the Stars
    Los Angeles, CA 90067


  40. T-TAB Says:

    I liked the movie and would like for there to be a sequal i watched the cartoon too (sum…….) which may be partly the reason i liked it to me the movie was great special effectts great and actor maybe a lil better but not to bad there learning ne ways lookin forward to the next one and not being like da cartoon exactly who carse look at da twilight series????

  41. Jessica Says:

    My kids and I really liked the movie. We saw it in the theatres and it was a great Christmas gift. I haven’t read the books, though based on above comments, I’m thinking I might. I’m eager to see what happens as Aang learns the other bending skills and continues in his fight to restore balance between the nations. And I’d like to see how the characters continue to develop.

  42. Actually Liked It Says:

    I know everyone’s bashing this movie, but I gotta say… GROW UP. You can’t make a 20-episode season into one movie and expect it to be perfect. Look at the Death Note movies. I admit, I was devastated by the lack of bad-assery at the northern air temple (and the lack of Teo), and every time they said Ong I wanted to slap my brother, but for a movie? Decent.
    The special effects were absolutely fucking GLORIOUS, and I loved every second of the movie. They had to take a lot of stuff and really compress it to make it make sense, and it would have been better if they had gone LOTR and made the movies 3 hours each (would have sat through 4 hours!!) but I bet most of the budget went into the bending.
    The only thing I have to say for the second movie is PLEASE DEAR GOD let Toph be amazing. If you can’t get a legit actor that looks like her, I would forgive M. Night literally anything if he went with the joke from The Ember Island Players and made Toph a six foot buff man! ❀
    So for all you haters, my only advice is DON'T GO WATCH THE SEQUEL. If you're there ruining my movie experience, I have been known to throw popcorn, and I'm a good shot. πŸ˜›

  43. Anonymous Says:

    No don’t do a second movie reboot the first u showed it can be done u just didn’t get the plot and chars down redo the first one id love to see avatar innlive action done PROPERLY stick to the actual show don’t make aang this serious kid when he’s a carefree humorous person yo

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