Airbender Opens With $16.35 Million!


Playing on approximately 4,600 screens, The Last Airbender has scored the 5th highest-grossing Thursday opening ever with an estimated $16.35 million! The estimated total also includes $3 million the film earned from midnight screenings, which was the highest-grossing midnight launch of any non-sequel film of the summer. Seems like Airbender is on track for a very respectable opening weekend indeed.


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84 Responses to “Airbender Opens With $16.35 Million!”

  1. Stan Says:

    Word of mouth is gonna kill the movie, it won’t make more than 80 million domestically, making it an utter flop given the money sunk into it. Of course it’ll probably make a buttload overseas, enough to justify a sequel and we’ll be stuck with another turd from M. Night.

    • Anonymous Says:

      I agree, M. Night should resign as director of any future endeavors into the Last Airbender episodes. He’s taken a great storyline and turned it into a fiasco. It appeared as if doing the movie was a rushed job and had no direction despite the TV series. Maybe Nickelodeon should have hired the director of the Lord of the Rings trilogy. They did a wonderful jog with the storyline they were given and took the time to do it right. In the end, I will not invest my time nor money to see the sequel. M. Night Shyamalan, you should have stopped at The Sixth Sense. You suck!!!!

    • Anonymous Says:

      it will make over 80 million. its already made 69 million and it hasn’t been released in the philipines and some other country’s yet. the movie really isn’t as bad as u all make it out to be. all the key points (minus kyoshi warriors) were slipped in but some in a different way in order to make it tie together as a movie more than just an compilation of episodes.

      • Anonymous Says:

        Are you kidding me? Just because all the key points were slipped in doesn’t mean they were well integrated. Far from it. It just felt like a bunch of events loosely strung together with minimal justification or explanation. No character development or depth. The friendship between the main characters…totally unconvincing.

    • Fire Cat Says:

      You really shouldn’t speculate such things though. It’s allready crossed the million dollar mark, domestically.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Honestly as a fan the movie was disappointing I would have like to have send the movie stick to the story line of the actual show. There was nothing wrong with the story line and because the story was change to be shortened it wasn’t it’s best that it could have been

  3. Jeremyx7 Says:

    If anything they should remake this like they did the Hulk which was great the 2nd time around. Honestly I think M. Night had and still does have the potential to make a really awesome film of the last air bender.

    You really do have to give him credit for the long single shot scenes at least, those were done excellently. However the movie had one huge main problem…….simply put it was only an hour and 40 minutes…I mean seriously come on.

    If it had at least another hour tagged onto it I really and truly believe many of the other negative aspects of the film that followed because of this would not be present or at the very least be minimal. Would’ve been more then enough time to develop main important characters, smoother and more coherent scene transitions(not as jumpy & random), a little room for more appropriate humor, and last but not least focus more on the deeper philosophical ideals that made the show that much more interesting and engrossing to watch.

    I thought The Last Airbender as a film in itself was ok honestly but as a fan of ATLA and M. Night I was expecting it to be much more deep and to stick with what made the original series epic (which it really should’ve been like). Sadly it just wasn’t. Of course there is no way it can be just as detailed to a 20 ep series but at least it could’ve been more deep and enjoyable.

    I still want to see another version made based off the first book of Avatar before they decide to go with a sequel. Something in film form to do the animated series justice. If they can at least do that then I would welcome a trilogy in film form by M. Night.

  4. Ryuutakeshi Says:

    Paramount just lost a couple hundred million.

    • Aureawolf Says:

      Not necessarily. The official budget was never announced, but $150 million seems to be the general consensus. The movie so far has grossed $32 million in two days. It would only have to stay at that rate for 10 days to make back its full production cost. And even if the numbers drop, I have a feeling it’ll stay in theaters longer than 10 days. ^_^

      • Fire Cat Says:

        Agreed. It’s been a couple of weeks, and it’s crossed the million dollar mark. It will at least stay in theaters three weeks, before they decide to can it. I say that, because there seems to be a record of giving movies a three week chance before they do.

  5. alee Says:

    i think people are very lucky to not live on a island called New Zealand where we get films 10,000 years later…… but i supoose i should be patient. *sigh*

  6. Ryuutakeshi Says:

    You know what I think the problem was? He tried to make it to much like the show. That’s why it didn’t work.

    Maybe having the Kyoshi Warriors, Jet, and Jeong Jeong as a resistance together who set off to rescue earthbenders from the prison barge would have been better. I suppose from there there are multiple options.

    But imagine. Aang lands amongst the resistance. The last four avatars tell him of Sozin’s comet in the Kyoshi shrine. Aang gets involved in the raid on the barge. Jet gets crazy. Aang gets captured by Zhao. Blue Spirit rescues him. Fire Nation blames resistance and attacks them. Aang and co. flee to the North Pole.

    Something like that may have been better. That could have freed up so much time. It would have allowed for the suki romance, Aang to try to keep peace (with Jet and all), meet Jeong Jeong, and then have the whole Blue Spirit thing. That would save time for Zhao and Zuko to duel and Sokka and Yue to fall in love as well.

    Just a thought. I’ve been thinking a lot today.

  7. Really? Says:

    Am I the only one bothered by the fact that so many names were mispronounced, despite the fact that the movie was not based on a book, but a medium where such pronunciations are not really up for interpretation? I am seriously asking this question, because though I know it is a small concern compared to the rest of this train-wreck, I have not seen it mentioned anywhere at all, so am I missing something?

    • Scotty Says:

      M. Night explained in a couple interviews that he had a linguist come in and found out the way the names are actually pronounced. Meaning, in the cultures that the names are used in Sokka and Aang are actually really pronounced “Soah-Ka” and “Ah-ung”.

      It was pretty obvious it was done on purpose because even Avatar is pronounced “Of-vatar”. I just wish it was more consistent because “Avatar” is still pronounced normally half the time. If you are going to go one way, in my opinion, it should be all the way (makes it less confusing).

      Even so, people behind me in the theater were yelling “It’s Sokka!!!” when they said it differently (which made the experience less enjoyable)

      • Red Says:

        Thing is, WHICH language IS IT? There are over 2,197 spoken languages in Asia. He claims ‘Asian language’, but ‘Asian’ is not a language.

        Was it Cantonese? Sanskrit? Khasi? Mandarin? Gan? Hakka? Was it a NECESSARY change?

      • sirmon Says:

        He should have saved the money spent on the linguist (and kept the pronunciation in the show – which was his base audience). Saved the money spent on the 3D conversion.

        Used the money to reshoot a couple of scenes to round out Aang’s and Kataras and Sokka’s character.

        These are decisions that a good director makes. It doesn’t take much to have made this a great movie.

      • Fire Cat Says:

        You guys say the laungage changes were uncalled for, but I say they were called for WHEN an actor questions why a name from his OWN laungage, is mispronounced. Aka, the actor who played Iroh noticed the inacuracy.

    • mk Says:

      yes you are, mike and brian themselves said that the movie was closer to their original material than the series, and that they changed the pronunciations because they were “too asian” for small kids to try to pronounce, therefore, they changed them for the show, the movie is in a sense their real names

    • Becca Says:

      Very few people are mentioning it, true. I think it’s because we knew beforehand which names were going to be different and how. But honestly, that was the single biggest distraction of the whole movie. I find it absolutely ridiculous and kind of offensive (how is it that M. Night is the expert on Mike and Bryan’s creation?). What was even more distracting than the mispronunciation: the characters that pronounced things properly! Katara and Sokka’s “Grandmother” (it’s Gran Gran, M. Night. Is it really that hard?) was saying “avatar” correctly, all the while Katara was not. Ridiculous.

      Did anyone else notice that they never really named Master Pakku? And Momo’s name was barely audible in it’s only mentioning. I find that very telling as to the amount of movie that ended up on the cutting room floor (not to mention the fact that much of the trailer content didn’t even make it in. Sorry, Kioshi warriors).

  8. Jordan Moss Says:

    I know some people were disapointed but we should stay positive so they can continue to make more movies, I’d rather have a decent movie then no movie at all. We can deffinently help out M. night for the second movie id really like to give him a second chance besides, I really enjoyed this one even though it didnt stick to story i got to see one of my favorite cartoons come alive.

    • Moody Says:

      thank you. I agree.
      people just stop whining.
      yes it was rushed and had very little emotion,
      but it was still an okay movie. and I personally liked it.
      and I want to see the trilogy done. if mnight doesn’t do it, no other director is going to pick up from this or start over.
      it’s either now or never and I want to see it done.
      show a little support.

    • Azanah Says:

      If all Avatar stuff was gonna stop right here I’d be heartbroken. T_T
      Just because of one flop!
      We need to encourage people to continue with Avatar, but WITH MORE QUALITY. People outta know by fans’ reactions to this movie that we want quality films. Not something vaguely avatarish that’s churned out for cash. With some thought put into it Avatar can become HUGE.

      • Tori Says:

        Honestly, no one here could do any better. I liked the movie even though it was rushed. BNut they asked Night to cut so much out of the movie.

        The movie is flawed, yes. But I look forward to a second movie . . . with a different writer. That;s all we need, really. It isn’t as bad as everyone thinks. You have to treat it like its own thing and not be so close-minded. And, yes, most people are saying, “I went in with an open mind and it was nothing like I wanted it to be.” Yes, the movie is flawed, but it could have been way worse. If you as kme, we should blame the editors . . . and most of Night’s dialog.

        I enjoyed Zuko, Iroh, and Yue. They actualy WERE the characters! The movie isn’t all bad. Come on., let’s hope for a second.

    • MomoBro Says:

      I’d actually rather there be NO movie if this is what they put out there. Do it right or don’t do it at all.

  9. Tim Collins Says:


  10. Jeremy Says:

    Frankly I think it’s all M. Night’s fault. Everyone in that film did rather fine (except Rathbourne’s unblinking Sokka) and it makes them all seem like bad actors because of the writer and director……who is M.Night. Ringer’s Aang was surprisingly faithful so I wouldn’t want him to get cut because it was his first film and again……M.Night made him look dry and awkward. So frankly we should all cut our palms in a vertical slit, pour the blood on this pointy circle *ignore the goat* and summon PETER JACKSON to do parts 2 and 3…….only if Jackson cares to do it well or unless M.Night learns from this film and does it right……which I doubt. Long story short, the film series still has hope, M.Night probably needs to not be there.


    Hey Why arent you posting how much the Last Airbender SUCKED! worse film since DBE!

  12. Heavenly Says:

    What M. Night Shyamalan should have done was to have the creators of the show Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko write the screenplay(since they know best about the show, the characters, the settings, the relationships, and just the all around source material) rather he himself(M. Night) putting the script together.

    I also feel the creators of the show should have been more involved in the casting and production of the movie to get a complete Avatar the last airbender feel like in the show.

    If the movie does make enough money to qualify for a second one then I hope Paramount and M. Night take in considerations by having Michael and Bryan do what they do best and create a world that we came to love in the series.

    Also a complete recasting is a must. This is not usual to happen and does happen in movies from time to time.

  13. Tyler Says:

    I rather liked the film. Though I thought it was rather rushed, and the girl playing Katara wasn’t the best. But other then that I thought everyone did fine. I’m hoping for a sequel. But if we do get one, I hope they A: hire a new director and or writer, no offence to M Night or anything, but I think he should just take a break for a long while. B: give Nicola Peltz some acting lessons. And C: Make it a longer movie so they don’t have to rush it and cut so much out.
    Over all I’d give the film 6 1/2 out of 10.

  14. Tyler Says:

    And like Jeremy, I really liked Noah Ringer in the film. I really hope they don’t cut him because I thought he did fantastic for his first movie.

  15. Emily Says:

    I just watched it with some people who had never seen the show and they were completely lost the whole time. I think they did a great job with the costumes and locations but for the second movie M. Night should learn his mistakes and correct them. The girl who played Yue did, in my opinion, an awesome job acting along with some other characters but honestly, that’s all I’ve got for positives on this movie. Towards the end, I go to one of my friends who was sleeping and said “I’m sorry.” Knowing I was a big fan of Avatar, she said “me too.”

  16. nick ulrich Says:

    i liked the movie aswell. some parts made me a lil upset tho like how zhao was killed onscreen o__o and how there was no zuko vs. zhao or when iroh goes nuts and kills everyone LOL BUT all in all it wasnt that bad. like i enjoyed the part when aang gets captured at the air temple. it was a really close adaptation from the story. and the blue spirit part was very close alongside the blowing up of zuko’s ship. so i was pretty ok with how this movie turned out. however i widh they would do more bending, then bending forms -____- LOL but thats just meh.

  17. Ryuutakeshi Says:

    Well, Angry Joe has now got his review out… it’s not pretty.

  18. sadfan Says:

    I think they did an over the top job on cgi graphics… Story was soso with the time they put into it. BIG mistakes that I saw was first off the movie was NOT LONG ENOUGH to capture the audience attention from one scene to the next… WAY too jumbled from scene to scene. 2nd, the sound felt like it was from a HALLMARK movie. And 3rd bring some better actors, whoever cast for this movie didn’t take his time finding the right ppl, Noah Ringer held his own which was more than I can say for Nicola Peltz (katara) who seemed stiff most of the movie and like she came out of a cookie cutting acting class. Jackson Rathbone (sakka) didn’t have enough lines and his face seemed distressed most of the movie… just didn’t fit. Shaun Toub (iroh) was the best actor… BUT he’s spanish…. what’s up with that??? No other FIRE nation man was spanish accent… HE JUST DIDN’T FIT, despite him being best actor in movie. ALSO Aasif Mandvi (Commander Zhao) was HORRIBLE script line and acting… nothing like the charactor in cartoon. There was also several parts of the movie they changed that didn’t need to be if they just made the movie LONGER. that’s my short opinion.

  19. kid81 Says:


    My little sister and I are very big fans of the anime, and though something was telling me that it was going to be bad; i was really hoping to be proven wrong. So i took my little sister to check out the movie on the opening day and during the whole time i could not stop thinking about how much i wanted the movie to end.

    IT STINKS!!!
    Even my sis who is 10 said it was bad, and they shouldn’t have made it a movie.


    I could have been a better Aang, Sokka, Katara, Zuko, etc
    and i’m black

    How can people screw these things up? Everything from Dragonball Evolution to this piece of crap. The anime’s were PERFECT, a blueprint for success and yet people screw them up.

    WHY? HOW?

    Actually no…Dragonball evo was better than this movie (And i couldn’t finish watching that garbage).


    People i only WARN YOU
    save your money, DO NOT SEE THIS MOVIE… I BEG OF YOU.

    if you don’t believe me, check the web. It’s everywhere about how bad this film was.

    • Kirby Says:

      Just got back from seeing it and I agree with you 110%. I am sooo pissed and disappointed with the movie. I wish I hadnt wasted my time and money on it. I LOVE the series and it was just crap. Bad acting, bad bending, No emotion, Little comedy, Gets his arrow from meditating? WTF? you get it from mastering air bending! ugh! I can go on and on with what was wrong. two things I did like was the fire navy ships and the Northern Water tribe. Looked really good. So much thrown into different part. I almost walked out of the theater. Seriously.

    • Fire Cat Says:


      First, I have to wonder, how many have you and your sister actually seen? I am going to go with saying, very little. A good deal of anime fans are still at the point that they wouldn’t call anything made outside of Japan, anime. Those that are at the point, will attach the countries name, before Anime. For example, American Anime for Avatar.

      Second, I have to think that the reason you two hated the movie was really because you choose to nit pick things. I say this, because you said the original was perfect. I can’t name one thing I really like, that was perfect. Instead of going into a rant, try to actually think your thoughts out before you post them. You came across as an over obsessive fan, who felt the movie should have been catored to what you wanted, and what you wanted alone. It’s all a matter of your choice of words really.

      • Heavenly Says:

        Can you please stop telling people how they should feel, react, and how to express themselves?

        The thing about having difference in opinion is that they are DIFFERENT.

        Just because you choose to look on the bright side of the movie doesn’t mean everyone else has to.

        Now I am not just saying this to you because you’re not the only person that is doing that here, but please stop dictating to others how they should respond.

      • Fire Cat Says:

        @ Heavenly – There is a difference between telling someone that their oppinion is wrong, and telling them that they could possibly express themselves in a way that makes them come across better. I was trying to tell them how they came across, and that if they had picked different words, they would have come across differently.

        I also thought part of the reason that we have different oppinions, and choose to voice them, was so we could have interesting talks about the differences. It helps either side, to figure out logical faults that they’ve forumlated.

  20. bob Says:

    so we all agree that shyamalan must be replaced should there be a second and third movie? is that possible seeing as a contract was made for him to do them? i wouldn’t bet on him ‘learning from his mistakes’ because according to an interview that was posted on this websites previous blog-post he seemed ignorant of any.

    i realise that book 1 would be the hardest of adapting out of the 3 because since it is mostly about introducing characters and big plots, there cant be a lot of continuation, compared to the other two. But this shouldnt mean we start dropping whole scenese/episodes of introductions, or else it will seem that, in books 2 and 3, we will just be introducing characters for the one time anyway. eg we will now only see june and her shirshu once, in the third movie, and how awfully convenient is it that the gang will come across an animal that is able to find iroh without any of their own effort. we need kyoshi warriors in book 1 so we can miss suki until she reappears in book 2 and even more so in 3.

    But seriously everything was pretty much given to Shyamalan on a silver platter – the characters’ personalities, body language (including martial arts), plots and subplots, an original score theme (asian drums (and when i say original i mean not overused in moviemaking), settings! (the movie’s version of firelords palace looks like my kitchen) even camera angles (such as showing only halves of zuko’s face, the close up of zhao as evil overtakes him to kill the fish, the many cool camera shots during the blue spirit/aang escape, the shot of zuko’s earthkingdom ladyfriend dragging him to the waterfountain, and even during iroh’s time in prison, the camera showed zuko behind the bars symbolising that he was the one trapped, his lack of freedom of mind (i know these examples werent all from book 1 but you get the point)……
    …. but apparently shyamalan likes disposable plates

    the only thing a good director only should’ve needed to work on was directing actors

    and 1 hour and 40 mins! with star wars writing and narration!? i wish i could smack shyamalan

  21. Kevin Says:

    Just found out about 45 minutes or so of the movie got cut out last minute and those were ..
    Katara getting her necklace taken away
    the kyoshi warriors
    and the winter solstice episodes
    I hope a directors cut version gets released on DVD or blu-Ray

    • Azanah Says:

      45 MINUTES????
      Why didn’t they leave it in????? T_T
      Would have made it so much better!

      • Kevin Says:

        It might of been more or less then 45 minutes that was just a guess but you’re right it would’ve made the movie alot bettter

    • Sentinel Says:

      Are you serious? That much? Did M. Night do that or was it Paramount?

      Let’s hope there’s an extended edition on DVD.

    • Oh boy. Says:

      Well for one, Paramount or his producers made him cut it for the children audience because they have a short attention span>:( Even though most of the fans are like teenagers. The Kyoshi warriors were cut because they had too much screen time. They were M. Night’s favorite part, so they started being too awesome. And since they have such a small part in
      Season 1, people new to the show at the end would be like “Hey, what happened to the Kyoshi warriors? I loved them but they disappeared!”
      So now they’re moved to Movie 2>(


      • Fire Cat Says:

        I really think, other then the Kyoshi warriors, were Paramount’s idea. I think the reason for cutting Kyoshi warriors was a good one. He decided that, while he wanted to cator to the fans need, he needed to actually cator to the non-fans. Needs to be a balance in adaptations.

  22. bini Says:

    havent seen the film yet. its coming to my country SOOON. i loook forward to it lol

  23. Tori Says:

    For the MOST part, all I see is fans crying asbout how they didn’t see the parts they wanted (different for everyone) and the names. The names are correct, actualy, so stop crying about it. The makers of the show even comfirmed it.
    Sure, Katara wasn’t great. I think a recasting of the siblings is needed for a second movie . . . or more acting lessons. Dev Patel (Zuko) and Iroh and Yue did EXCELLENT!!!!
    I liked the movie, surprisingly.

    • Red Says:

      Correct in WHAT WAY, though? M. Night claims ‘Asian language’ but that’s a very broad field. There are over 2,197 spoken languages in Asia. WHICH of those many languages was used?

      And really… the names from the show are the names that those who’ve seen it are familiar with. You don’t change the names (even IF it was to ‘correct them’) to suit you and certainly for no reason. Even if they are TECHNICALLY correct that doesn’t make it right to change them.

    • Heavenly Says:

      See this is what I don’t get. Why was it so important to M.Night to make the names accurate in punctuation(to their Asian lineage), but in interviews he says the characters are ambiguous(these same characters that are heavily influenced by Asian cultures and Inuit cultures like their names) but he doesn’t show that same importance in his casting choices?

      Also I find it kind of hearten that a cartoon influenced by Asian culture somehow has to be diverse when it goes on the big screen. Since the show is about fantasy then why is so wrong to have a full cast of Asians in a world that is basically inspired by their culture?

      The Lord of the Rings was influenced by European culture, but yet no one tried to diversify it when it came on the big screen. All the leading roles were played by Caucasians. The same for Harry Potter.

      • Scotty Says:

        That is so true, why would he be picky about authentic name pronunciation and not authentic casting.

        First I would like to point out that 90% of the movie was Asian and Middle Eastern. So the Asians in should not be complaining, it is the Innuits (Eskimos) that were changed. Sokka and Katara are definitely Eskimo in the show (they lived in Igloos for goodness sake), and were changed to a more Russian European look. And Zuko being Indian instead of Japaniese/Chinese makes him look nothing like the original character.

        But my major complaint is not the look of the characters or the name changes. I knew they were going to be different before even watching it, and I was still expecting a great movie. My major complaint is how much was left on the cutting room floor: Kyoshi warriors teaching Sokka how to fight better. Katara happy that Aang found her necklace. The dragon spirit talking about Sozin’s Commet…. because so much was deleted, it zapped the emotion out of the movie.

        The Last Airbender Manga is better because it does not have all those things deleted, and the pacing of it is up to the reader. (the movie seemed really fast, I still wish I knew what the southern water tribe really looked like. Things went by way too fast.)

      • Heavenly Says:

        I would like to say that I am not affiliated with but I do see where they are coming from with the whole Hollywood thing of erasing away Asians in movies.

        “First I would like to point out that 90% of the movie was Asian and Middle Eastern. So the Asians in should not be complaining, it is the Innuits (Eskimos) that were changed. ”

        I don’t think their complaint is with how many Asians were in the movie. It’s with not having the lead roles as Asians(well three of the leads). When the casting was first released (which was over a year ago) all 4 lead roles were cast with Caucasians, but singer Jesse Mccartney(who was going to play Zuko) decided to step down because of scheduling conflict. Many fans (like myself) complained about the casting direction. So when Jesse step down M.Night decided to add Dev Patel as Zuko to appease fans or to hush some of the criticism he was receiving. So complaining does work sometimes. Having Asian as background fillers is not the same as having them lead as main characters. People don’t remember background fillers they remember the main leads in the movie.

        I also find it sad that so much of the movie was left out and even important events that help the audience watch the characters grow and learn as the story went along.

      • Fire Cat Says:

        He changed the names, because he remembered to many times as a child, that he had his own name mispronounced, because it wasn’t familiar. The actor who played Iroh, was confused why one of the names from his culture was mispronounced. I know that the original creators wanted to make the names supposidly more friendly to a kid audience over here, but truth is, I find that to be the wrong thing to do.

        I’ve seen to many Anime’s brought over, where names are completly changed, or pronunciations changed. Though I have never had a problem when they changed the name to a nickname that fit the original name, because that is a change that makes sense. When I was little, I thought the Digidestioned’s names, were their real names.

        I am glad McCartney didn’t play Zuko. That would have been definatly wrong. However, I also have a problem with the all caucasian complaint. Zuko isn’t a bad guy, so the darks are the bad guys doesn’t work.

        They also try to keep the arguement that Noah is caucasian as part of their bases. They say, sure… he looks like part Aisan, but they never did say that, which prooves he isn’t part Aisan and is fully caucasian. I think it is more along the lines, his parents are being protective of him, how parents should be, and it’s backfired.

        The real arguement comes from the casting of Katara and Sokka. Many argue they should have been Inuit. I talked to my mom about this one, and asked her how easy it is to find an Inuit actor. She let out one of her, ‘your kidding’ right, then told me it isn’t an easy task at all.

        I also read somewhere, they were supposed to finnish casting in August, but didn’t finnish until December. I do agree with the point, that more actors of other ethnicities are needed, and I hope that this may be just what is needed, so Bleach has the cast needed, IF it is ever turned live action. You want to talk about fans who are VERY particular about their fandom, I think I’ve seen some worse die hards there. *shudder*

  24. FiloRob73 Says:

    So I saw the movie the day it came out and was VERY disappointed.

    1) As a fan of the show, a lot of stuff was left out that I wanted to see or would have done differently (as was expected anyway)

    2) However, I thought the acting was pretty bad and the way the characters were portayed was not the way it should have been. Sokka was not funny, Aang didn’t have that little kid joyfulness he usually did, Katara just came off as whinny, the list goes on…..

    Here is what I would have liked to see…

    1) The Kyoshi Warriors
    2) A better fight scene between Zuko and Katara (she was suppose to kick his butt while the moon was still out)
    3) Aang wiping out the Fire Nation ships in the Avatar State after the moon spirit was killed.
    4)In the very beginning, when Zuko captures him for the first time, I wanted him to cover that ship in ice, just to demonstrate the power of the avatar state.
    5) Better acting, the supposed heartfelt scenes, just didn’t portray much emotion and made the movie drag on.
    6) Aang should have talked to Avatar Roku, not a stupid dragon spirit, what the crap is that?
    7) Firebenders should be able to generate fire from the heat of the sun, not just manipulate it. BIG FLAW

    Ok just wanted to bitch about this lol, I’ve waited 2 years for this movie and was uttery disappointed, but don’t I have some valid points? It really doesn’t matter, I’ll just resort to watching the cartoons over.

    • Fire Cat Says:

      I wanted to comment on this, without seeming biased.

      1.) He cut them because he felt they would be better in the second movie, and less confusing to people who haven’t seen the original. He also felt he was giving them way to much time. Some people have speculated that putting them in, would have made some people not familiar with the series, think Sokka was a cheater.

      2.) A LOT of people agreed with this, that she should have had a bigger fight scene, winning, then losing. It was WAY to quick.

      3.) The director wanted to empasize the power of the Avatar, but keep the fact that Aang doesn’t like killing alive.

      4.) I did too. That was one thing, I was actually surprised got cut. I think it would have been rather believable.

      5.) While I don’t think it was the worst acting, I agree that it could have been better. I saw what was normal child acting though.

      6.) I think it had to do with the fact that having two major plot elements in one movie, the comet and the envasion of the North, might have over powered non fans. Because the comet wasn’t mentioned until the end of the movie, I expect Roku to show up in the next movie.

      7.) Actually, I might be wrong, but I thought that the sun simply inhanced a Firebenders powers, and wasn’t an actual power source… much like the moon is for Waterbenders.

  25. Tori Says:

    Is no one going to comment on the pros?

    Dev portrayed Zuko vvery well. His most poigant scene was talking with that boy about his banishment. Right?

  26. Chesnie Owen Says:

    Honestly, I really liked the movie. The pronunciations of the names really did not bother me. My only problem was the timing. Had it been longer it would have been a better movie. I think they did the best with what they had. I thought that I was going to be very disappointed because usually when a cartoon gets turned into a live action movie, it is terrible (dragonball anyone?) So I was pleased!

  27. jaime Says:

    Me & my husband are huge Avatar fans. we have watched the whole series about 4 times. we were extremly dissappointed. first of all were the name changes. that was uncalled for. second was that the firebenders counldn’t make their own fire. they had to draw it from other fire. that makes no sense. anyone could just douse the fires and they would be helpless. Third, it doesnt stick to the story line. the show was perfect. why change anything? maybe he should have consulted the fans of the show first. there’s a thought. all in all i give the movie 3 out of 10. i am extremely dissappointed. shame on M. Night!!!

  28. Troy Says:

    what is going on? This is the worst ever OMG why would he use American people in this film what the hell that never works that dont know shit about the art HE MADE A BIG MESS OF THIS MOVIE AND SHOULD NOT MAKE NO MORE AS FAR AS THE LAST AIRBENDER WOW U DONT USE AMERICANS IN A MOVIE ABOUT THE ART OF NATURE IT JUST DONT WORK OK AND IF HE MAKES ANOTHER IT MIND AS WELL CUM ON DVD

  29. Troy Says:


  30. Troy Says:

    Heavenly ur so right this has made me so upset what is he thinking i dont want him to deal with this movie at all he just dont get it

  31. Troy Says:

    no more please DIRECTOR YOU @#%^& THE MOVIE BIG TIME NO you could have made just as much a the avatar it was ur’s for the taking but u go and put people of Indian decent and American y and on top of that they have no skills of fighting let alone acting out the part given to them WOWWOWOWOWOWOWO I WILL BOYCOTT THE NEXT ONE IF U DONT CHANGE THE CAST IT IS UNFAIR THAT U DID THIS TO A GREAT SHOW

  32. Secretzfan Says:

    See a lot of people’s problems are the pacing and that’s why some people watch it twice, but the theater I went everybody was quiet and just watched the movie all the way through and had some laughs. At the end of the day everyone at my theater liked it. I heard some saying how they thought Azula was neat and others talking about the sequel. So when you watch the movie don’t leave at all and watch all the way through believe me you won’t have too watch it the second time again. 16 million gosh that is a lot for the first 2 nights.

  33. Kedi Says:

    I am a fan of the animation series and was waiting for this movie for a long time. Finally I saw it on Friday, 3D. Than I visited your site and read some of the comments. I am surprised to read very negative comments. It is true that movie wasn’t all I hope it would be but at the end, it is a movie that needs to introduce all the characters, set the tone of the story and make all of it in a couple hours (plus all have to be done in real world tool- meaning it is not that easy to produce all imaginary things in real world).

    I agree:
    -Kiyoshi Warriors were missing (hopefully second movie will have them),
    -main characters didn’t bond (or at least we didn’t see it),
    -I didn’t even understand what Sokko was saying most of the time and he was not funny at all,
    -Momo (I don’t remember hearing his name in the movie) and Apa played minute roles,
    -uncle was not jolly old man but a real warrior –
    -Lord Ozark had more showing in the movie than entire animation series.
    -Movie had a definite dark tone to it,
    -I didn’t like the way the names sounded different.

    But I loved how the marshall arts were performed. I loved how Aang and Katara were so slow at the beginning with their bending but as they learned more and practiced in fighting, they were faster. I loved the scenes where bending moves were slow motion the way Aang would see it in his Avatar eyes with all the details around him. I loved the ease and fluency of each bending move. I can’t wait to have it in BluRay so I can watch it over and over again. My favorite benders are Earth Benders and even though I didn’t see much of it, what I saw I liked.

    In the animation Aang was more destructive in his Avatar mode and I am glad in the movie that was softened so we didn’t see a kid destroying ships and possibly killing people in it. I can see why he was so serious as the job he was carrying on his shoulders was serious. As oppose to happy go lucky Aang in the animation series, he and his “Team Avatar” were building alliances as they moved. But also he is a young boy and grew up around fun loving monks and he could still show some fun and mischievousness. I would love to see Aang do one of his famous air balls and ride/surf on it. I loved seeing him fly with his kite/staff.

    I was puzzled like most of you about the races. Southern Water tribe was all Eskimo looking people but only Gran Gran, Katara an Sokko. Northern Water Tribe was all white looking people. Is that because Gran Gran came from North?

    I actually liked that Fire Nation was represented with Indians. For some reason that made sense to me. And I loved that Earth Nation was all Asians.

    I loved the costumes and how Fire Nation, Northern Water Tribe City, and Air Bender Temples looked like.

    I saw the movie in 3D but I didn’t get any 3D feeling. Felt like this movie was 2D with extra glasses (and added cost). I wish some of the water droplets as they were being bended came closer to me, or some air bender dust swirled toward me to keep me in the action etc.

    Last word; I still would like to see a second movie and would buy the first movie’s DVD.

    • Fire Cat Says:

      He has the Kyoshi warriors filmed. However, he liked them so much, he got to thinking… they’ll take away too much from the movie. Apparently he is saving it for the second.

  34. Cherry-Pop Says:

    I saw the movie twice and liked it alot better the second time.
    I really hope there is a sequel.
    But like someone said on here already, the girl playing Katara annoyed the shit out of me. She should use the money she earned from this movie and go take acting lessons.
    And what is this I’m hearing about M Night cutting 45 minutes of the movie out.
    I really hope there is a directers cut on the DVD.
    I love those parts; Katara’s neckalace, the KW, the winter solsicet.
    And I heard the Fortuneteller was in it too.
    Damn you Paramount, or M Night….who ever cut that out last minute.

    • Secretzfan Says:

      It was paramount M. Night wanted to keep it all in after all he shot the kyoshi warriors. As for actor that is just because he got people who had no experience in the acting profession. That is what happens when you get someone off the internet.

      • Fire Cat Says:

        That only applies for Noah. Apparently the girl who plays Katara HAD acting experience previously, in some rather unknown peices.

  35. SighTime Says:

    This move was very disappointing. I could put up with the cast. But the acting was horrible. It wouldnt be too bad except it had a multi million dollar budget and should have much better. M. Night was an absolutecontrol freak when it came to making this movie. It felt like he didnt even watch the series. I would have to say Dev is talented though but he should have not been cast at all. Noah Ringer’s acting was extremely ackward like he didnt know what role he was exactly trying to play.

    • Secretzfan Says:

      Okay first of all what Avatar have you been watching, because M Night knows the series that I can tell. Also as for the acting. Guys the got people from the internet.

      • SighTime Says:

        I’m not saying he doesn’t know the series at all. I feel he definitely didnt make a great recreation of the saw. Your grammar doesnt make much sense. As far as getting people from the internet wasn’t even necessary with his budget. There are people in this world that know how to act well and fit the look and requirements to be aang besides noah. He and katara feel really disconnected from the movie making them seem less talented then they may be.

      • Fire Cat Says:

        Actually, it doesn’t matter that Noah was gotten from the internet or not. What matters is this IS his first time acting ever.

        Please… don’t be fooled into believing that casting a film is THAT easy, because it isn’t.

        Also, sure… they could have possibly found someone who could have acted better than Noah for the movie, however, could they have found someone whose martial arts skills were as good?

        So, lets say, you had a two kids. Both look like Aang. One has an acting background, minor, no martial artist experience, while the other has no acting training, with martial artist experience out of the ear, AND he put together his own video, no acting training given, and he looked pretty good?

  36. SighTime Says:

    @ Fire Cat
    I didnt see Karate Kid but I know Jaden Smith didnt have much martial arts experience prior to filming it but he somehow was able to play a martial arts role, again i can’t say if he did any good. Its all prospective Noah may have been a good stunt double under the circumstances that you mentioned. Bad acting under a multi million dollar budget is uncalled for. But I think we can all agree that this film is pretty damn bad.

    • Secretzfan Says:

      people need to just sit and watch. The theater I went too did and liked it so what.

    • Fire Cat Says:

      On one side, Jaden Smith did in fact go from having no experience, to having experience. On the other hand, Jaden got to train with the great Jackie Chan and his team.

      The acting… this is the actual norm I’ve seen from most newbie child actors. It also isn’t the worst acting I’ve ever seen either.

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