New Airbender Clips Released

by posted two new clips from The Last Airbender today. If you’re concerned about spoilers I would not recommend watching. Enjoy and remember The Last Airbender comes out July 1st.

Aang Battling Fire Nation Soldiers

Zuko and Katara Fighting


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10 Responses to “New Airbender Clips Released”

  1. Tori Says:


  2. Okurasu Says:

    can’t wait for the movie!!

  3. Fandom of the Opera Says:

    These are great! Oh, btw, have you seen McDonalds now has The Last airbender toys in happy meals?

  4. Luna Says:

    and now the Zutara fans can go on about life action movie zutara 😉

  5. Fandom of the Opera Says:

    Oh, and have you seen the new videos on the website, showing clips from each nation? 🙂 They’re great!

  6. Noah Says:

    Awww, it’s so tempting! I know the show like the back of my hand, but I don’t know if I want to watch any of the movie before seeing it properly in a theater. D:

  7. hi i like pie Says:

    I hope this movie wins aginst twilight i am going crazy

  8. Ryuutakeshi Says:

    the fighting looks amazing and I love how the shot Aang vs the soldiers.

  9. Tori Says:

    Look at Zuko’s scar! 🙂
    His lips not only look . . . never mind. But they also look dark, like they’re bleeding? The lighting perhaps?

  10. Periwinkletea Says:

    Does anyonr know who designed the movie credits layout for the film? I am interested specifically in the icons used to decorate and/or symbolize the filming locales…

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