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Picture This: New Stills of Jackson Rathbone

May 31, 2010 has been posting some cool hi-res pictures of Jackson Rathbone as Sokka during the month of May. Today they had a couple of new additions which we at Last Airbender Film though everyone should see.

Check out for more great pictures featuring everyone’s favorite boomerang-wielding idea guy.


An Epic Japanese Airbender Trailer

May 31, 2010

One would think, that with TV Spots, Avatar Marathons, Prequels, and Mangas nothing could make the last few weeks better, but one would be wrong. This Japanese trailer surfaced today, and is by far the best one yet. Enjoy!

Airbender Television Spot #6 in HD

May 29, 2010

This new TV spot has been hitting the airwaves today on Nickelodeon and Nicktoons. Thanks to UkeUkeable for the great HD footage.

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Prepare to Enter the Avatar State!

May 28, 2010

Aang in the Avatar StateThe powers that be are making sure that no fan misses a chance to catch up on, or re-watch, every minute of the Avatar the Last Airbender Saga. Multiple promotions are going on during the month of June , all intended to stir the Airbender fan base into a pack of mouth-foaming, over excited maniacs.

By far the most exciting event in June is Nicktoon’s month-long “Avatar State” event.

This multi-faceted event will feature marathons, online games, and new downloadable content.

The “Avatar State” will begin on Monday May 31st at 2 p.m. EST. The first marathon is a collection of Avatar “movies” which will air from 2 – 8 p.m. The schedule is as follows:

2:00 pm                 The Avatar Returns

3:00 pm                 Avatar: The Siege of the North

4:00 pm                 The Fury of Aang

5:00 pm                 The Secret of the Fire Nation

6:00 pm                 The Guru/The Crossroads of Destiny

7:00 pm                 Day of the Black Sun

8:00 pm                 The Boiling Rock

Throughout the week episodes from all three books will be aired, and the weekend will begin the first of four “Power Weekends”. Each weekend marathon will feature a different bending style, beginning with “The Path of Water”, then earth, fire , and finally “The Path of the Avatar”.

With each “Power Weekend” comes a new online quiz, which can be played here.(Only the path of water is unlocked as of now.) Also, be sure to collect the new downloads that will become available as the weeks progress via this link.

While details are still sketchy, either week two or three will be “Warrior Week”, which features a collection of episodes highlighting the many fighting styles and skills in the Avatar universe. During these two weeks, extras from Season’s 2 and 3 will be aired along with their respective premieres.

The most monumental marathon takes place in week four, with an impressive week-long, commercial free, airing of Season 1.

Now, for those that don’t have access to Nicktoons there is still hope. The popular movie rental company Netflix is offering all three seasons of Avatar The Last Airbender in both home delivered dvd format and streaming online! And for those without a Netflix account they are currently offering one month free trials, during which, all streaming content is available.

With so many opportunities in the month of June, getting psyched up for The Last Airbender should be a breeze for any Avatard.

Prince of Racebending

May 27, 2010

The Associated Press has run a new article spotlighting the supposed whitewashing of both The Last Airbender and Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time. Michael Le of naturally wasn’t silent on the matter.

“To take this incredibly loved children’s series, and really distort not only the ethnicity of the individual characters but the message of acceptance and cultural diversity that the original series advocated, is a huge blow.”

However, Paramount was quick to come to M. Night Shyamalan’s defense.

“Night’s vision of ‘The Last Airbender’ includes a large and ethnically diverse cast that represents cultures from around the world.”

We shall see if the fans and general public will accept these casting changes once The Last Airbender arrives in theaters July 2.

M. Night Vs. 30 Ninjas Part II

May 21, 2010 has recently published the second part of their interview with director M. Night Shyamalan, in which, Shyamalan explains the difficulty of creating a complete fantasy world.

JULINA TATLOCK: You know, one of the things that I love about your work is your ability to show the otherworldly within the everyday. And in Airbender, it’s almost the exact opposite.

M. NIGHT SHYAMALAN: Right, right (laughs).

JULINA: It’s the human relationships and the characters that you can identify with — that humanity in them is the everyday, but they’re within the otherworldly. This is common in fantasy and anime, but did you have concerns about the believability? Or was that a difficult leap for you in any way?

NIGHT: Yeah, I mean, it’s always tricky with a pure fantasy. You’re gonna have an advantage in a movie likeTransformers where the baseline is still the contemporary world. The baseline [in Airbender] is not anything that we’re used to, so it’s very, very tricky. It’s all about the tone. And it took a long time to get the tone right; editing, re-editing, looking at it — and then just getting the CGI, because we’d been editing without [the] CGI [shots] for so long. It was a balancing act that took a long time because we also had the tonality issues that the cartoon played very young and very “slapsticky,” and slowly extricating the balance that was necessary to make it an appropriate representation of the source material, which was beloved, but my version of it and edging it up.

M. Night goes on to comment on his love/hate relationship with previsualization, and dealing with those moments of stress that made him feel like he had lost control of the movie. Be sure to check to read the rest of the article!

REVIEW The Last Airbender Prequel: Zuko’s Story

May 20, 2010

Prince Zuko. The name alone conjures a flood of wildly varying thoughts and emotions from fans of Avatar: The Last Airbender: disgraced, enemy, friend, nephew, son, brother, betrayer, teacher….Zutara.  What most fans can agree on is that the scarred prince is one of the deepest and most compelling characters to be found in the acclaimed Nickelodeon television series, and that fact has not been lost on the creative minds behind the forthcoming live action adaptation. Speculation has run wild since Del Rey Manga, a division of publisher Random House, announced a Last Airbender tie-in manga at Comic Con 2009. That tie-in was eventually revealed to be a prequel featuring everyone’s favorite “hot man.” Officially released May 18, we’ve now had our chance to sit down and absorb every panel of Zuko’s Story. Does it reveal any titillating new insight into Aang’s complex enemy? Read on, but beware spoilers!


MTV grills Dave Roman on Zuko’s Story

May 17, 2010

Our friends at MTV, after tremendous fan response to a preview released earlier this week, have managed to sit down with Dave Roman for an enlightening Q and A session.

MTV NEWS: How familiar were you with “The Last Airbender” before taking on this project? You worked at Nickelodeon Magazine for a while, so I assume you were pretty familiar with Aang and Zuko already…

DAVE ROMAN: I was actually there when the TV show first started. Whenever there was a new show on Nickelodeon, if it was successful enough we would do a comic based on the show for Nick Magazine. Those were usually just one- or two-page comics. So I was working with the creators of the show, Mike [Dante DiMartino] and Bryan [Konietzko], specifically Aaron Ehasz, who’s the head writer on the show. We specifically wanted to do comics that were really canon — comics that fit into the continuity of the show and you could actually pinpoint what episodes these comics would fit between and stuff like that.

Be sure to catch the rest of MTV’s Q and A here. has Zuko’s Story available for purchase here. Be sure to get yours, and tell us what you think!

M. Night Vs. 30 Ninjas Part I

May 14, 2010

The first part of Julina Tatlock’s exclusive phone interview with director M. Night Shyamalan has been published over at! They discussed the extraordinary process of creating an extensive digital VFX film for the first time, and the martial arts forms incorporated into the fight choreography including ba gua, tai chi, and Hung Gar. You can read the interview in its entirety here, and be sure to look out for the second part coming soon.

Air Master en Francais

May 7, 2010

UGO recently unveiled a quartet of French Last Airbender one-sheets featuring Aang, Zuko, Katara, Sokka, Uncle, and BOOMERANG!

French entertainment site Allocine has also released the French theatrical trailer for The Last Airbender.