Send Word to the Fire Lord


Avatar Returns?The Avatar has returned?

Cartoon SNAP has posted job openings for an Untitled Avatar Project.

More job announcements — Looks like things are heating up in animation production! Here’s the latest hiring news as cut-n-pasted from the Animation Guild job hotline: Nickelodeon Animation Studio is looking for several artists for its newest show, tentatively titled, Untitled Avatar the Last Airbender Project!

Jobs up for grabs include: Storyboard Artists, Storyboard Revisionists, Storyboard Supervisors, Prop Designer, and Character Designer. For information on submitting your resumé and portfolios check out Cartoon SNAP’s full job posting.


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64 Responses to “Send Word to the Fire Lord”

  1. Tori Says:

    Hmmm . . . perhaps a new spin-off or series is in order? *crosses fingers* I heard Mike and Bryan were thinking of doing a new show . . . I hope this is serious! 😀

  2. Renara Says:

    Ah! This is so awesome!!! They’re working on a new Avatar project?! Yays!!! *goes to squee*

  3. Britty Says:

    Yup 🙂 I’m excited, I’ve heard from a person ‘in the know’ that Mike&Brian were working out 12 new episodes. I don’t know if it will include the same characters or not, but it will definitely be in the same world. I’m excited!

    • Fandom of the Opera Says:

      Yeah, I heard from my friend who worked with some of the people of A;TLA that the new series has been planned on since the last series ended, and that it would focus on some different characters than the last series, but still occasionally include your favorite old characters. 🙂 Sounds intriguing. ^_^

  4. Ashley Says:

    I hope that this is serious too! I would love to see some new Avatar!!! XD

  5. lizzers Says:

    AAAaaaah!!!!!!! so excited!!!! can hardly wait!!! MUST.FIND.OUT.WHAT.HAPPENED.TO.URSA!!!!! THERE IS HOPE FOR ZUTARA!!!! Wooo!!!

    ok, im done now. 😉

  6. Jeff Says:

    WOW THIS IS SO COOL!!….please make it real…..Im waiting for it…..Avatar the last airbender ROCKS!:… bad owns Naruto so bad!!

  7. Ryuutakeshi Says:


    I don’t even really know how to react. Mike and Bryan were so adamant that it had ended.

    • Psypris Says:

      Well, Ryuutakeshi, Mike & Bryan were adamant that AANG’S story had ended. They did say the wanted to explore the world of Avatar again, though. People are hoping that it will be a spin-off of sorts, but I think what this means is that it’ll be either some time in the past (maybe during his 100yr sleep, before Iroh & Ozai etc were even born?) or in the future – after Aang’s reign as Avatar.

      Personally, I’d love to see more Zuko, even though there’s nothing more to be done with his story (I just love him ^_^) but realistically, it’ll be the same WORLD of Avatar, just different people.

      Oh & I SO saw this coming (the idea that they’d wait til the movie came out before announcing anything LOL)

  8. Kizzy Says:

    so very excited! I mean the way it ended seemed like it could be open for more episodes. I really want to know wth is Zuko’s mom?

    • Scotty Says:

      While M. Night said he might answer the question of where is Zuko’s mom. I am more hoping it is a prequel, we all know Aang was meant to be with Katara, just go back to the “Cave of Two Lovers” episode and “the Fortuneteller” episode, and see. Maybe this Avatar project will be called “Avatar: the air nomads” Book Air. That would be sweet.

  9. bobthebuilder Says:

    uggh… they are gonna base the cartoon from the movie… so like the manga they are gonna look diffrent from the old series.


  10. subz1987 Says:

    I’m hoping it’s Book 4 – Air. They kinda left a few things unresolved at the end of Book 3, and they should really finish off the series with one more season

  11. sokkaa Says:

    Hmmm. I’m gonna apply.

  12. QUin Says:

    How do you know

  13. sokka fan Says:

    hmmm. im 15, i wonder if i could apply!? im great at drawing people from the avatar series. hmmmmmmmmmm?

  14. Zac Abraham Says:

    IT would be such pure win if they actually made it a prequal of like, previous avatars? idk. But it would be cool if they made episodes after aang and katara kissed, when it ended i was all like. It was good, Kataang pwned Zutara (but i perfer Zutara) and then all of a sudden, Zuko asks where his mother is and im like “WHERE THE HOLY JESUS IS URSA?!?!??!?!”

  15. Tori Says:

    I wonder why people think 2 years is a big year. Katara is 2 years older than Aang, and Zuko is two years older than Katara. The shippers can’t use this anymore, right? 😀

    • Avatardforlife Says:

      I don’t think you can compare the 2 years age gap between Katara and Aang to the one between Katara and Zuko. It’s different become in terms of maturity, Katara and Zuko are better suited. Aang is a lot more childish than Katara is and it’s not just the age gap that makes him that way.

  16. Kirby Says:

    I dont really want another season or series per say. Id love one dont get me wrong but more of a straight to video movie or something? Something that is maybe a few years later, wraps up some loose ends, and see what they look like now? thats more what Id like to see. Hope to hear some more news about this.

  17. Waterbended Says:

    I think they should do something with different characters in the same universe. They could just touch upon the loose ends from the characters we know. Excited either way. It’s just such a rich universe.

  18. Old Man Says:

    Send word to the fire lord immediately.. **shocking face** the AVATAR has return..

  19. Apjgraphix Says:

    I KNOW!! They should make it “book 4: Air” And feature team avatar in the future where they are now grown. And the plot should be Aangs quest to rebuild the air nomad nation. Maybe use those people that now live in the northern air temple. Maybe they can be the new air nomads and since he was able to take Ozai’s fire bending away, maybe he can give this people air bending in a similar way. we can also have zuko’s ques to find his mom. Also have Sokka become the new chief for the southern water tribe. but we need a new enemy. Maybe a new kind of bender. What about Time Benders. with the ability to freeze rewind and slowdown time in a limited space. Or what about light benders? This would have the ability to control light. they can create optical illusions, make them self invisible (toph would not have a problem with this kind of bender 😉 or produce blinding blasts of light. What about sound bending? just imagine being able to create any sound, mimic peoples voice and use sound to create devastating sonic waves. a little far fetch but it doesn’t hurt to dream a bit.

    • Lucy Says:

      Doubt they’ll be so many different bending since it’s just all about the elements water,earth,fire and air and things that derive from them like blood bending and plant bending from water and metal bending from earth.

      Mike and Bryan said something about this and how they are going to make episodes about Zuko finding his mum.

      I think that the only way that the air nomads would be able to come back is if a few of Aang’s and Katara’s kids turn out to be airbenders. And probably the villain for this one might be Azula.

      • Fandom of the Opera Says:

        I’m betting the whole “spirit bending” thing was added not only to defeat the Firelord in a creative and peaceful way, but to give birth to a new nation of airbenders. 😀

    • Fandom of the Opera Says:

      Lol sorry Apjgraphix, I doubt they’d add ANY of that– the 4 elements are based on mild taoist and buddhist teachings, so I doubt they would do anything like sound or light, since those things are not “elements”, but rather things a marvel superhero would have. xD

      • zukolover131 Says:

        they should flash forward to the future and since theres no more air benders the avatar cycle will end.
        causing the world to go back into chaos until the next one is born…
        i dunno, just and idea but realisticly thats a good plot 😉

  20. Swordbender Says:

    Whoa lol calm down. But I do like ur ideas Abjgraphix. I’m focusing on the air nomads. If aang was to make the air nomads come back, I don’t think he would give them airbending. Because every single air nomad was an airbender, the emphasis of being an airbender was more about culture, and not as much about the element you bend. If aang was to regrow the airbenders, I believe he would take the people who want to follow the nomad culture. I’m guessing ur right about the northern air temple. The northern air temple people love flying and detaching fear and experimenting spirit, and they almost already follow the culture.

    • Larry Says:

      aang cant just make people airbenders. Energybending is bending the enery inside a person, not giving them bending.

      • Swordbender Says:

        Well if your talking to me, that’s not the point I’m getting across. But yeah I doubt that aang can pull that off.

      • Aaiero Says:

        I think it’s possible that Aang can unlock other’s chi by using energybending.
        If he can take away bending, I think its only logical he can reverse it too.

      • Swordbender Says:

        Yeah but the lion turtle said: Before the time of the avatar, we bended the energy within ourselves. WITHIN ourselves.

    • bob Says:

      hey im pretty sure guru pathik was a citizen of the air nomads who couldnt bend

    • Fandom of the Opera Says:

      Precisely, Swordbender– That is why Aang can do it. Airbenders aren’t biologically different from Waterbenders; they all have “origins”. They all have chi, they all use the same methods; however, they have adapted to use their chi in different forms. By simply reworking the flow of chi within someone you would be able to align them for an alternate bending style… or at least theoretically. 😀 However, I’m skeptical as to if they can take non-benders with little to no chi and make them benders; I suppose ultimately it’s up to the writers lol.

      • Swordbender Says:

        At the end of the day the writers can do anything they want. But I see where u are coming from.

  21. Viva la Avatar! Says:

    I’m excited as anyone else about this but when I visited the website at the bottom it said

    Update: Nickelodeon is now claiming they made a “mistake” regarding the name of their new “Avatar” project. It’s not called “Avatar The Last Airbender”…it’s uh, something ELSE. Yeah, that’s it! Oops! Apparently somebody spilt the beans.


  22. Dylan Says:

    i dont think the idea of a whole other series is good. avatar the last airbender was really successful because it was both really well put together, and very unique and different from other animated series. basing another series off of it will lose the variable of differenciation, and the show will lose interest of the fans.

  23. bob Says:

    i am really doubtful that any old characters are going to be included.. well at least as main characters anyway, but…

    if there would be a reappearance of old characters, im thinking maybe there might be a scene when a young main character finds help from an older wiser womanly toph or something living on a distant mountain?

    but if a possibility such as this were possible, then aang would still surely be alive and the story might be too close to aang’s..

    a main character might find the lost black space sword of sokka n pull it from a stone?<<this has no issue with time

    it will be really hard for them 2 come up with a new story since aang's story was pretty global and encompassed nearly every aspect of avatar world.

    for ideas, story writers probably might look to the historical/religious books (or bibles) of the same religion the 'avatar' concept came from; hinduism.. maybe a god who gets angry? finding a lost city underwater with completely different inhabitants (still human though)? corruption of a main character?

    however, most of it was introducing the avatar world to the audience so this next story may involve deeper (and more complicated! (Y)) concepts

    things aang's story didnt touch up a lot on in terms of the avatar world: the northwest earth kingdom, the ability for fire nation/ earth kingdom to travel to each other's cities by sailing the other way (like across chameleon bay) (i dont understand why firelord ozai didnt go this way, much shorter), the ability to do combined bending moves, the sun warriors (and that treasure that looks like an egg!) and many more but that was all i can think of atm

    azula's and zuko's agni kai shouldn't be the last.. even though now that fire nation is good, agni kai can still be part of the culture, just like how animals duel each other in this world

    im pretty sure its going to be called AVATAR: ___________ to coincide with the former title.

    i read somewhere in an interview that "aang's story is finished" and "it was always meant to be a trilogy"..

    @Dylan yes the first was unique and very bloody awesome in every way when it comes to storytelling especially.. but there is a chance.. put together the credibility of the series, the fans' thirst for more of a hectic show, the inspiration of more blockbuster movies and history, the ingenuity of mike and brian and the directors and they could pull it off. i have confidence

  24. dude Says:

    They better make sure they have an all Asian voice cast or you’ll have a never-ending nerd rage on your hands.

    Sorry Mae Whitman and Jack DeSena. . .you are the wrong “color” to voice Katara and Sokka. You’ll have to be replaced in the name of “diversity” because won’t like you defiling their Asian and Inuit diversities.

    Oh and Zach, thanks for voicing Aang for 3+ years. Your services are no longer needed. You aren’t the right color for Aang anymore.

    Dante Busco you can’t voice Zuko anymore. We can’t have the only “dark skinned” member of the voice cast voicing a former bad guy can we now? Oh and Grey despite the fact that you are one of the most highly honored female voice actors in the animation industry you can’t voice Azula. . . you are white and being white and associated with this franchise isn’t allowed anymore. In fact I think we should boycott Nick for allowing Mike and Bryan to even create this series since it’s clear Nick is whitewashing the whole thing. How dare this franchise be created by 2 WHITE people? That’s just wrong!

    Dee Bradley Baker, you can continue to voice Appa and Momo. . for now.

    • Lala Says:

      Best thing I’ve heard all day!

      When will people (such as the people at realize they are just as racist as they think the casting people are (for not giving the live-action people a chance)?

    • Swordbender Says:

      Maybe we should just make avatar again and start from scratch. Everything should be asian, we can’t have no whitewashing.

  25. adrian Says:

    @dude that was the funniest yet the most good argument against the racebenders ever.(aplauding). I wonder if they even know all this information?

  26. Brandon Says:

    They should make a Book 4-Air and in it Aang will use that power he learned from the LionTurtle and give somebody worthy enough the ability of Airbending.

    He goes on a journey or something and tries to find somebody good enough to become a Airbender so when he dies the Airbenders aren’t extinct.

    Maybe Zuko will try and find his mother too.

  27. trent Says:


    i dont think it will compare to the original series but im sure it will be awesome cuz mike and bryan are doin it

  28. Alexa Says:

    Book 4 would be amazing, but I don’t think they would actually do that. I would think they would have an entirely new main cast. The only way they can make a new series is if they add a new problem. The main formula for a good plot is an introduction of a problem, the struggle overcoming that problem, and then the resolution-or solving the problem. Aang’s story has already been through this process, so adding on another season wouldn’t be sensible. However, the world they created could be FILLED with new problems and stories. Just think of the problems each past Avatar experienced. I thought Roku and Sozen’s story was pretty good,so was Kyoshi’s, the waterbender whose lover’s face was stolen by Koh, and even Oma and Shu- who weren’t Avatars, but had a good back story, anyway. So, there is soooo many possibilities.

    — I always thought they should have the Earth King’s son(if he had one) become the new earth king and rise up against the Fire Nation in revenge. Aang might have died by an Earth Nation attack (Hey! Their nation is pretty big. Bigger than the Fire Nation), and since it had already been a hundred years plus since the last Avatar, one is immediately born as a waterbender. So it would happen during our favorite characters’ lives. The waterbender joins the fire nation for support (Maybe Firelord Zuko’s kids?)against a war against the earth nation–or at least part of the earth nation, anyway. Possibly, the stronger earth nation cities excluding places like Kyoshi Island and Omashu. Maybe the waterbender is a girl, possibly Sokka’s daughter and her enemy is the new earth kings’ son? It could be a fun new shipping!

    I don’t know. These were just random ideas I always thought sounded cool. Except the Aang dying part:(.

  29. trent Says:

    they arent gonna do a book 4 or some series tying up loose ends because mike and bryan said they wanted to keep there story telling as dense as they possibly could.

    so more than likely its going to be an entirely different story in the avatar universe

  30. diego Says:

    bem acho que avatar a lenda de aang deve voltar mais agora com uma nova versao com pessoas reais
    tipo um filme uma serie que cada capitulo
    fosse continuaçao do ultimo capitulo
    entemderam agora oque eu quis dizer
    gosto muito de vcs

  31. EMC Says:

    There will be just a few more episodes that are being worked on because of the movie release and this was confirmed through one of the vp of animation, not a full season. Was very excited when he commented on that, can’t wait!!

  32. Emi Says:

    well, whatever the storyline is, i hope it still gives us a glimpse of what the future of the gaang and zuko turns out to be. GAAAH can’t wait……..

  33. jeff Says:

    mmm So when is it gonna COME OUT??…is there a Date?…that they have giving out atleast….please we fans should KNOW that ….

  34. jeff Says:

    mmm So when is it gonna COME OUT??…is there a Date?…that they have giving out atleast….please we fans should KNOW that ….???….please give more information about this

  35. Lala Says:

    Anyone see the “Avatar Extras” on Nicktoons Network (POSSIBLE SPOILER ALERT) On “Appa’s Lost Days” they mentioned that “some people believed the airbenders became wind”
    Maybe the new series will be about the airbenders returning from their wind form? haha

  36. Matt Says:

    FINALLY! Hopefully it will answer my burning question: Do the air nomads come back???

  37. sokka fan11 Says:

    They should make a new series based upon everyones decendants
    That would make a good storyline.

  38. momo is cute!!!! Says:

    they could make something like… momo the last leamur bat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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