Los Angeles Times Interviews Noah Ringer


Los Angeles Times reporter Amy Kaufman talked with The Last Airbender’s own Noah Ringer at the 2010 Kids Choice Awards.

Nick.com has also posted some Airbender related videos, you can see those at the links below.

KCA 2010: Last Airbender & Ryan Shekler Interview

KCA 2010: Airbender’s Nicola Peltz Bends Slime

KCA 2010: Taylor Lautner & Dev Patel Interview

This videos are probably the worst quality imaginable. If we get higher res versions, we’ll post them.


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14 Responses to “Los Angeles Times Interviews Noah Ringer”

  1. beardofpower Says:

    So this is the kid the racebenders think is Satan, eh?

  2. Rita Says:

    Katara: I like your hair
    Aang: I HAVE HAIR!! How long was I out?!?

  3. Swordbender Says:

    Aang has hair?? Lol he sounds exactly like aang should and nothing like in the trailer!!

  4. beardofpower Says:

    Just to clarify, are we sure that he has NO Asian heritage? He almost looks like he may have some in him.

  5. Swordbender Says:

    I know right? Same thing with aang in the show. What we need is more noah ringer as aang facetime. I mean, this the first time we’ve heard him speak even a word with the camera on him!!

  6. adrian Says:

    wow this is really good. I allready knew that he was a fan of the show before doing the movie but now I have been reassured that he probably knows Aang’s character well and besides that , he actually sounds like him! I mean he just sounds like this goofy 12 year old kid who is taking on to much responsibility, just like the real Aang. M. Night made an Ok choice

    • Sentience Says:

      xD I love how you go from praising this casting choice to ending with “M. Night made an OK choice” as though when referring to M Night it is no longer a good choice, but merely “ok” xD sorry if I come across as rude, but I just found it a little… hypocritically funny xD

  7. rainyfriday Says:

    You guys know he had the nickname “Aang” before he was casted. It’s because he used to shave his head during his martial arts routine and people who saw it swore that he looked just like Aang. Guess that’s why Shyamalan picked him, eh? Even though he doesn’t know Bagua. 😦

  8. Marsha Says:

    He did not have the nickname “Aang” before he was cast. He had the nickname ‘avatar’ because he had been shaving his head for some time (and some might have thought their was a resemblance to the cartoon character :). And, while he may not have known Bagua, he was a black belt in taekwondo long before he was cast. And, if you do your research with the interviews he’s had published, he said he shaved his head cause it helped him stay cool while practicing taekwondo – I think he will be a great Aang!

  9. adrian Says:

    yeah i totally agree. And SENTIENCE, no hard feelings , i’m cool. I just meant it like OK and a thumbs up, you know.

    • Fandom of the Opera Says:

      oh haha got it. xD I’m sorry, I completely misunderstood that (guess that’s what happens when you can’t base it on tonal indication lol)

  10. goergia Says:

    Thank goodness HE SOUNDS NORMAL!
    I don’t know what’s up with his voice in the trailer, but it’s much, much more Aang-ish here. Or, sorry, I mean Ong-ish, lol.

  11. Tiffany W. Says:

    I don’t really care what anyone says but that kid is my age and he is so HOT

  12. syssa zarzuela Says:

    well i just have to say that he has a lot of potential. if anything, he could be very well on his way to being the next jakie chan….haha. its a shame that he’s so friggen young yet so friggen hott. i wish i was younger by bout two and a half years..haha. i think he will be a fine aang….BUT…i think he was done an injustice with his acting lee way. if he claims to be similiar to aang in the series…well he should be given the chance to show how aang truly is….A KID! otherwise he was superb. i can’t get enough of him…

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