The First Slimebender


In a move that could change the very nature of the universe, is reporting that Nicola Peltz will be slimebending at the 2010 Kids Choice Awards. The KCA’s will be aired at 8pm EST on March 27th. Be sure to tune in for slimebending that would make Due & Tho proud.

thanks to RockinDMG for finding a higher quality video


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9 Responses to “The First Slimebender”

  1. beardofpower Says:

    Pity there’s not a higher quality version.

  2. xeocx Says:

    Haha. Sokka got slimed!
    Yes. Sokka. Not SOHKA. wth!
    I dunno why, but I like Katara when she turns around from the picture of Aang.

  3. Rushmon Says:

    Nicola looks quiet old there, hope she doesnt look to old for Aang in the movie

    • beardofpower Says:

      Well, I would assume that’s one of the things we’re going to hear about in the near future. Obviously it takes a while to make a film, and since they have to go through two more, they may have to extend the timeline a bit to cover the aging process.

      What’s really gonna be awkward is if a certain young actor starts going through “the change” about halfway through production. Poor kid having all this attention in that phase of hsi life, voice cracking in the middle of a serious scene…

  4. Andy Says:

    Actually on YouTube there is a HQ version. Apparently Katara was the one who was slimed, and the commercial announcer actually announced Sokka with a long O sound, which I believe is more common in other countries than the Sokka we have come to know with the Aw sound.
    BUT luckily, there is pretty much one scene in the clip that had yet to be released, showing the written language of the Avatar world. 😀

  5. Nick Ulrich Says:

    i love her waterbending form LOL
    looks like the form of a master 😀

  6. RockinDMG Says:

    HIGHER QUALITY!!!!!!!!!
    HIGHER QUALITY!!!!!!!!!
    HIGHER QUALITY!!!!!!!!!

    (In full length)

  7. Maiko Says:

    HEY! I just watched the commercial on TV, and they fixed the pronunciation of Sokka. Thank GOD!

  8. Rita Says:

    I havent seen very much of Katara, but she seems spot on on that commercial…just sayin’

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