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The Last Airbender TV Spot #2

February 23, 2010

Many of you may have noticed during the Winter Olympics a new TV spot for TLA. Paramount has been kind enough to share an HD version which can be viewed below.

Be sure to visit the YouTube account and watch this and other TLA trailers in 1080p.


Bite-Sized Benders Coming in June!

February 11, 2010

Early Last Airbender Action FiguresAs we get closer to the release of The Last Airbender the goodies keep piling up for Avatar fans. Over at there are a plethora of images highlighting the beginnings of a magnificent set of action figures based off of the theatrical release of The Last Airbender coming this summer.

“We worked very closely with M. Night, the rest of the Paramount team and our in-house design team, along with our partner Spin-Master, to come up with the right assortment, the right size for these action figures and make sure we we had representation of all the nations within the ‘Arbender’ series,” said Nickelodeon’s Lourdes Arocho.

Along with the images came this video giving a sneak preview of the action figures and a migraine inducing mispronunciation .

The Last Airbender toy line will be released in three waves. Wave 1 will arrive in stores on June 1st. Wave 2 will hit shelves closer to the July release of the movie.The final wave is scheduled to be released nearer the holiday season.
To view more pictures and read the full article visit MTV.COM

Full Theatrical Trailer Unveiled

February 11, 2010

Yahoo! Movies recently unveiled the full theatrical trailer for The Last Airbender, which will be screened in theaters attached to Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief this weekend. Enjoy!

Thanks to reader Missy Q for the tip. These snow storms in the Northeast are really making things difficult for us to keep Avatar fans up to date, and it’s readers like you that make all the difference.

Super Bowl TV Spot in 1080p

February 5, 2010

The highly anticipated 30 second TV spot for The Last Airbender scheduled to air during the Super Bowl this Sunday has found its way online courtesy of UGO.

Two Views From Test Screening

February 4, 2010

It seems that a test screening of an extremely rough cut of The Last Airbender was held last night in Phoenix, AZ. Two Aint It Cool News readers were in attendance, and wrote up their thoughts. Some good…

Shaun Toub plays Uncle Iroh and is totally one of THOSE guys who is in a million things but I never knew his name. Anyway, by far he is the BEST thing about the movie. Great character, great performance. And Dev Patel was also good as the cast out son of the fire lord. … Overall, I think they have a fun-to-watch summer movie here. I’d put it more on the Narnia level rather than the Lord of the Rings level, but still it has a nice feel to it and unlike most of the other test screenings I’ve been to, I’m actually really looking forward to watching this one again when released to see how it looks in the end.

And some not so good…

Whoever cast this film should be taken to task, because, if this was the best group of actors you could assemble, I’d hate to see the ones you rejected. This was some of the most wooden acting I’ve ever seen.

Click here to read both reviews in full.

Official Site Updated

February 4, 2010

The official website of The Last Airbender was updated today with a new layout, new wallpapers, new IM icons, and more. Of particular interest are the new images of Suki, Sokka and Katara!

Thanks to reader jxiang for the heads up.

Greetings My Fellow Hotmen!

February 2, 2010

A brilliant new photo featuring Noah Ringer as Aang surrounded by dozens of Fire Nation soldiers was recently revealed on

Shyamalan Praises Peltz

February 2, 2010

Rennie Dyball recently wrote an article for PEOPLE which spotlights up & coming actress Nicola Peltz, whom stars in The Last Airbender as Katara. Director M. Night Shyamalan spoke highly of Ms. Peltz:

“I told the studio I didn’t want to make this movie without her,” Shyamalan tells PEOPLE. “I said that only once before in my career, and that was when I met Haley [Joel Osment] in the Sixth Sense auditions.”

Click here to read the full article.