Another Peek At the Prequel


Comic book artist Nina Matsumoto has posted yet another glimpse of the upcoming Last Airbender prequel manga, this time focusing on Prince Zuko and Uncle Iroh.


She had this to say about the image…

NON-OFFICIAL pic of Zuko (left and center) with Iroh (right), as they’ll appear in the Last Airbender film prequel manga.

This is another ink test I did as practice, since I’m using a different inking method for this project (maru pen and stark black and white with no greys as opposed to a technical pen with grey tones). I’m figuring out the best way to render the Fire Nation armour in black white, since they’re dressed pretty much entirely in black in the movie. This picture is the closest thing I’ve posted to how the manga will look.

Movie Iroh has some awesome dreadlocks. It’s weird that he has them, I know. It took me a while to get used to them, too. But man if they aren’t fun to draw.

Thanks go out to Sarah for the tip!


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16 Responses to “Another Peek At the Prequel”

  1. griffinfire777 Says:

    (Woah, my heart jolted when I read my name. 😀 )

    I like everything about the designs except the hair styles. I could live with Iroh’s dreadlocks, but Zuko’s hair reminds me of those Dragonball Z characters. Ah well. The scar looks cool.

  2. Carakav Says:

    I dig the dreds. They scream: “This isn’t the cartoon!”

    Part of me is disappointed, the other part is impressed.

  3. Victor Says:


  4. Vanja1995 Says:

    Awesome! The manga will be great, I’m buying it… I wonder if its in color though..?

  5. nemogbr Says:

    Looks like they’ve basically gotten rid of the topknot and the Avatar series legends.

    Zuko will be an Emo?
    With Iroh being a Jesus Christ with dreadlocks?

  6. Ero Says:

    I love how Zuko looks, but I’m not a big fan of Iroh’s dreds, to be honest. They sort of look like worms.

  7. Airbender101 Says:

    I’m a bit sad about them changing from the cartoon, but also very proud of them for doing so– if they stick to the cartoon, then people will get after them for every little thing they do differently. If they go REALLY different, then rather than being a copy of Avatar’s world, it’s a whole new dimension! 😀 I also love Iroh’s dreds, just not Zuko’s hair. xD it makes me think of dragonball also. 😛

  8. Emily Says:

    OMG Zuko is way hotter than before! I didn’t think it was possible! Iroh kinda looks like Jesus. It’ll be wierd adapting but I think I like it.

  9. WarriorSokka Says:

    Zuko – Awesome

    Iroh – Disgusting. I will put a smiley face sticker over ever page he is on when I buy the manga. Disgusting. I hate dreds. He’s not supposed to have hair that can even be dredable

    I’m really DREDing this design.

  10. Darkmonkey Says:

    Why are they making the Fire Nation armour black instead of red?

  11. durian jam Says:

    Dev Patel looks closer to this rendition of Zuko.

    • Sabrina Says:

      That’s what I thought too… Maybe that’s why they drawed Zuko like this? Or maybe that’s why they chose Dev Patel… don’t know ^^

      But I like the older Zuko from the cartoon more than this version :/

      • Sam Says:

        Late late comment, but your comments made me laugh so I had to say something-

        I don’t think the two of you realize that this prequel manga is based off the MOVIES (not the show!!) and therefore looks like the actors: i.e. Dev Patel (who looks exactly like the Zuko above) and the what’s-his-face that’s playing iroh (also who, not coincidentally, looks exactly like the iroh above).

        Make sense?

  12. darkelia Says:

    I like both the designs. & I agree the more we try to stick to the cartoon version the less likely it is to be beleavable in the movie. As long as they don’t change realy important stuff it should be great.

  13. theCharmed1 Says:

    The scar looks nice. I just wish it was maybe a little more noticable in the movie. Looking forward to the new version, whenever it’s on sale.

  14. price comparison Says:

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    Another Peek At the Prequel « Last Airbender Film | Avatar: The Legend of Korra News, and Media Fan Blog…

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