Last Airbender Manga Sample


Canadian comic book artist Nina Matsumoto, who will be working on The Last Airbender manga prequel, recently posted a piece of fan art of Avatar: The Last Airbender on her deviantART page.


While she admits she will not be rendering the Gaang like this for the actual prequel manga, it’s a nice sample of her style and a taste of things to come. She does go on to note that the prequel manga will chronicle Zuko’s banishment.

Thanks go out to valalight for the tip!


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25 Responses to “Last Airbender Manga Sample”

  1. fugle Says:

    FIRSTINACOUS friggin yeah

  2. Chas Says:

    Wow! That looks amazing!!

  3. Moody Says:

    it looks nice, the manga should be good then!

  4. valalight Says:

    your welcome ^_^
    I’m really interested in how she will do the manga. and I’m glad they actually got someone with talent to do the illustration.

  5. Nikita Says:

    So now Zuko will be a *real* bishonen lol

  6. Tasunara Says:

    Haha @ Nikita!!!!
    Can’t wait to pick it up! The art should be beautiful, so hopefully the story’s good.

  7. nathalier Says:

    The story is big ,nice y good for the word thanks!

  8. pg15 Says:

    The manga will cover Zuko’s banishment?

    Does that…does that mean it won’t be in the movie?

    • sam Says:

      No, I don’t think it means that at all…

      this manga is covering what happens in the movie, same with the TV show manga. If anything that means his banishment definitely will be covered in the movie.
      That’s my opinion, though. You can look at this matter however you like.

      • pg15 Says:

        But this is for the prequel manga, not the manga that reflects what’s in the movie.

        Believe me, I’m not trying to be negative, but this is what springs to mind when I read this.

    • Tasunara Says:

      No, it’s going to cover Zuko’s banishment by the movie’s standards.

    • sam Says:

      To your reply:

      Huh, I guess you’re right. I must have overlooked where it said “prequel”.

      But, that doesn’t mean it won’t be in the movie. This could just be where it starts before Zuko gets his scar, and then the story moves on from that point. In the movie they could still do a flashback to it. Just because it’s in the prequel doesn’t necessarily mean it won’t be talked about in the movie.
      I was having trouble wording that, though, so if you don’t understand what I’m saying I get why. 😉

      But actually the movie really has no choice but to cover why he has his scar. Without that information the whole storyline falls apart, really.

  9. 25kuzon Says:

    aang looks like a girl

  10. pasman Says:

    looking good!! cant wait to get some more details on zukos banishment

  11. ew Says:

    aang looks like the girl who played him at the fire nation theatre..

  12. Caleb Says:

    @ew: Yeah, you’re kinda right. lol

  13. Zyfa Says:

    anime eyes can do that to a person, lol

    like the style, though! Can’t wait to see the comic.

  14. Paige Says:

    I think it will cover the banishment if full detail, not just iroh telling the story 😀

  15. calantian Says:

    I used to read the artist’s webcomic Saturnalia, before it went on permanent hiatus, and enjoyed it immensely. She certainly has a very unique, interesting art style, and a pretty good grasp of pacing and story. Plus, she makes funnies! So, all in all, I’m actually pretty excited about this piece of news.

  16. Hatter Says:

    Hey! They posted a pic of what Zuko is gonna look like!

  17. admiral360dude Says:

    Aang does look like a girl. Does Sokka’s head look a little too long and pointy?

  18. Tanweer Says:


  19. zenith Says:

    I loved aang.. He is so funny ^.^

  20. Sharmaine Says:

    wow nice but aang looks like a girl from the fire nation theatre i think but keep up the good work!!<3

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