Last Airbender Manga Announced


During Comic Con ’09, Del Ray Manga a division of Random House announced they will be releasing a Manga based on M. Night Shyamalan’s The Last Airbender. No release date has been announced yet.  Dave Roman will be writing it and   Nina Matsumoto will be creating prequel art.

Coupled with news of a new toy line just last week based off The Last Airbender, this gives Avatar fans even more to look forward too.



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24 Responses to “Last Airbender Manga Announced”

  1. pg15 Says:

    So an American animated program based on Japanese anime is being adapted into a manga? That’s mindblowing.

    • Just a Noob Says:

      😮 It was animated in Korea if I am not mistaken.

      • bookieface Says:

        Even though it was animated in korea still makes it an american animated program. Cause its american not animated in america

  2. Tasunara Says:

    F***ing right! That’s awesome!

  3. Aaron Says:

    YAY!!! ^_^ I can’t wait for the movie. I don’t know why people are so upset about it, I mean, REALLY, if you hate the movie, don’t watch it! It’s as simple as that. 🙂

  4. Caleb Says:


  5. Qazplm123890 Says:

    Sounds interesting.


    An American manga based on an American movie based on an American/Korean anime.

    Sounds cool, but I hope it doesn’t pollute too much in the process like in the game telephone or something.

  6. Victor Says:

    I’m so reading this.
    I don’t usually like animes or mangas but this is one of the very rare exceptions.

  7. teacher4U Says:

    whats it form?

  8. teacher4U Says:


  9. Alex Says:

    Uh… manga? I personally don’t think that’s the best of ideas but that’s just me. I mean the movie is going to be AWESOMENESS, but a manga… I’m not so sure about it.

  10. Qazplm123890 Says:

    What’s if for? Well, it’s for us true fans to love and for jerks who make fun of the movie to throw things at. But I think it sounds cool. Dunno if it’ll be good though.

  11. sam Says:

    Really? This is the very first thing I’ve heard about this whole movie ordeal that I am NOT happy about. I’ve been very happy with everything else from the casting to the idea of a movie itself, but this is really hitting a nerve. When I first read the toy article, I wasn’t upset, but wasn’t ecstatic either. Now that I’m reading this five seconds after reading said article, however, I’m upset. The movie hasn’t even come out yet and it sounds like they’re already selling out. Toys, the rumored video game, no doubt other merchandise like T-shirts, hats, etc., and now a manga. We don’t need a manga for this, really. Avatar isn’t even anime, and for hells sake, the movie is definitely not either.

    • pg15 Says:

      You do know that the Avatar series has itself “sold out”, right? There are plenty of Avatar toys and clothing and comics and books out there already, all based on the series.

    • Obi Says:

      i like to think that it IS anime, I picture it up there with those other
      legends (yugioh, inuyasha, etc…), and it is based on asian culture,
      where anime and manga is from anyway, AND the creators were
      inspired by anime

      I don’t have problems with a manga, as long as its a real manga graphic novel, and not a comic book.

  12. farhan Says:

    omg!!!! ahhhh!!!1

  13. Tasunara Says:

    Sam, it’s called marketing, for christ’s sake. They make merchandise to hype people up about it.

  14. Da kool 1 Says:

    hey thaey said that the release date is april 2010

  15. teacher4U Says:

    Hey Keong Sim on his website says hes father of earth bending boy which is huru’s father! didnt know if anybody knew that

  16. Unico Says:

    If they are so stuck on making this a manga, they should have done it as a man-wah, basically comicbooks drawn by Koreans.

  17. NellyPanelly Says:

    The artist doing the manga is on DeviantArt, under Spacecoyote. Really great work-all unofficial of course. The Happy Zuko pic is priceless!

  18. Tanweer Says:

    It will be gr8! Isn’t it???

  19. zenith Says:

    I have been watching this movie. that’s nice manga but the story it’s to short.

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