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Gran Gran’s Coming to Dinner

April 5, 2009 is reporting that Katharine Houghton has been cast as Kanna, affectionately known as Gran Gran to her grandchildren Sokka and Katara, in The Last Airbender. Houghton is best known for her role as Joanna “Joey” Drayton in the socially groundbreaking film, “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner,” which dealt with the controversial subject of interracial marriage.


Bones on the Pagoda

April 3, 2009

Reading Eagle has an article written up by George Hatza, who visited the set of The Last Airbender, who brought back sights and sounds from the live action world of Avatar!

Co-producer, and long time friend of Shyamalan, Jose Rodriguez had this to say about the film.

“The film is very spiritual,” said Rodriguez, who resides in Valley Forge. “The storytelling is more layered (than on the series). There’s a Shakespearean quality about it: a ruthless king destroying a peaceful world. I think it’s fair to say it has an almost operatic power.”

He also made note that the film is as much for adults, as it is for children.

The Air Temple pagoda, seen above littered with the skeletal remains of the Air Nomads, won’t appear that way for long.

Ironically, the Pagoda itself may not be seen in its current state in the film. It will be digitally transformed to appear as a ruined ancient temple. Moreover, all modern background objects will be digitally erased.

Check the link above for the full article, and a video of Shyamalan on-set, doing what he does best!

And be sure to check out Last Airbender Fans‘ ever growing collection of on-set photos, from which the above shot of the rusted over Fire Nation tank was borrowed.

??? of the Water Tribe

April 3, 2009

An extra cast as a citizen of the Water Tribe sent in this photo of his/her costume to Last Airbender Fans. Looks pretty faithful to the costume design from the show thus far! Can’t wait to see more.

Seychelle Gabriel is Princess Yue?

April 2, 2009

Seychelle Gabriel’s IMDb Resume lists her as playing the role of Princess Yue in The Last Airbender. As of now, this is not an official announcement, and should not be taken as such. She recently played Young Sand in the film The Spirit, and was seen in Zoey 101 playing the role of “Very Attractive Girl.” Sounds like Sokka’s type.