Marshall Claims No Discrimination


The Last Airbender Producer, Frank Marshall, in an effort to quell the continuing charges of whitewashing the cast, had this to say on his Twitter.

The casting is complete and we did not discriminate against anyone. I am done talking about it.

Well there you have it.


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15 Responses to “Marshall Claims No Discrimination”

  1. unico Says:

    “Caucasian or any other ethnicity”

    Yeah… totally believe ya Frank :insert rolling-eyes emote:

  2. Erikonil Says:

    “There you have it”

    Yep. No discrimination. We only cast all white actors for parts that if you look at the cartoon were obviously made for non white people.

    But no discrimination because remember, they’ll have lots of Asian Americans in the background because that’s apparently all they’re good for.

  3. Jeff Says:

    i don’t know if you guys ever watched the show, but nearly all the characters in the show were white anyway

  4. Rayna Says:

    … What show have YOU been watching?

  5. Jon Says:

    Jeff, what are you talking about? Have you ever met more than 1 Asian person? Koreans, Northern Chinese, and Japanese people have very fair complexions. Some would say their even “white” in skin color.

  6. Aaron Says:

    this isnt white washed. Asians make up like 2% of america.. thats nothing. i think the director did a good job of finding people. as long as there good at acting. Look at katara and sakka.. they have blue eyes .. so how are they asian? aing looks white .. and so does zuko. only people that looked asian is the earth kingdom. GoodLuck with movie

  7. Karim Says:

    Asians make up far more than 2%, but I feel like its his movie.It is bad that racism still exists. Look at what our president goes through.To these people its all about money.Just think about it. Will this movie ever be better then the original series?

  8. david Says:

    They looked white? Do they have to be a slanted eyed caricature to look asian? They looked pretty asian to me.

    By the way, Zuko has yellow eyes. Eye color was based on their powers, despite their race.

  9. Frank Says:

    aaron, that’s not the point. the point is that in this avatar world the setting is obviously asian and inuit. there’s even chinese characters on the logo that the creators insisted by written accurately. the elements that the show is based off of borrows heavily from eastern philsophies, the weapon and appearance of aang looks buddhist, but you’re going to say they’re not asian because they have blue eyes? so all those anime characters with large blue eyes who speak japanese are suddenly not japanese? even then the creator of avatar released a poster of aang to clear up any ambiguities about his race, and looks more stereotypically asian. asians making up only 2%? so discrimination on race is ok as long as you don’t do it to too many people at once?

  10. Tori Says:

    This offends me, a white girl, to no end. I am so annoyed that people care about race and background at all. What? Since I’m white are you going to hate me too?

    My opinion:
    While watching the show, race never occured to me. I saw Chinese/Japanse influences in the culture, people, and settings. I like Noah for Aang, as I always pictured him with light skin and big eyes.
    I thought of the Earth Kingdom as Asia, actualy. So I can see all of the Earthbenders as being Asian. End of story. Get over it people.
    Make up your minds: Do you hate Dev because he’s Indian or Noah for being White? I hate niether. You can’t help where you come from!

    Toph should be Chinese! 😀

    • Stephen Says:

      Nobody hates the actors because they’re white. What they don’t like is the casting process that, to them, seemed to favor Caucasians. Nobody’s hating here; some just don’t believe casting was done fairly.

      Your last sentence contradicts everything else in your post.

  11. Tori Says:

    I only ment that Toph should be Asian to shut the Racebenders up!

    Although I did imagine her as being Chinese in particular. But any race is really fine with me. I just was concerned people were hating the actors and hating white people.

    I am no racist just because I’m white. I’ve been told my opinion on this issue doesn;t matter because I’m a white girl. I’ve tasted disscrimination too; it hurts.

    I can’t wait to see this movie. And I WILL see it. Sorry Racebenders. I should like to see the movie.

  12. Julian Says:

    I never thought it was the white actors. I thought it was the producers and surprisingly M Night. At least the actors are putting some effort to look like the characters (the tanning).

    O yeah, is it safe to assume that all asians have small eyes and yellow skin?

    It also amazes me how everything in the show is very asian oriented, yet people continue to defend the movie casting. What if I made a Slave movie and casted indian people? They both have dark skin right? Would that be okay?

    If you did some research, this is no where near the first movie to do these kinds of things: 21 (white actors replaced the asians from the true story. Note: the events was based on a true story), Dragonball (main character replaced by white highschool kid).

    White people are just inconveniently casted into the roles. It could’ve been Mid- eastern people and I still would have been upset.

    Mostly the people who are casting the actors are the problem, not white people. It may be true, however, many hollywood producers happen to be white.

  13. Jake Lim Says:

    I’m feeling uneasy about this, despite the show has already got their casts fixed. Try hiring actors from Asia or China next time, simple! Because having white people starring in an Asian movie, that is so 100% wrong! I may not feel disgusted of Americans wearing Asian clothes, but I’ll feel wrong if their faces are white when I actually see them in films (Cosplays for anime events or parties don’t count). Sure, I hope the make-up they apply better make them look really like Asians, results must be expected.

    So far, I’m not sure how the whole movie is going to go since its release date is less than 3 months away. So Hollywood, think about it, you Americans may have American audiences, but don’t forget, America is NOT a 1 whole Earth, Earth still consists of other countries as well, don’t forget you got the Middle East, Africa, and most importantly Asian countries! If this racism continues, then so be it, you’re truly lost. Are you only working just to earn some money instead of entertaining us? If this film is having more losses than profits, then you’ll regret it which you’ll cannot run away from, permanently!

  14. JDJ Says:

    I’m wondering why no one has mentioned the episode in the last season where they actually showed a poster of a cast representing the main characters of the show that used a more “real life like” animation style for the characters. (Its the episode where they are on Ember Island and watching a play of themselves) If you look at that poster, they drew them to look very distinctly Asian.

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