Shooting to Start This Week in South Philly Seaplane Hangar


According to a report by, shooting is set to begin this week at one of the largest soundstages on the East Coast.

This week, M. Night Shyamalan and his Last Airbender cast and crew will shoot at the Navy Yard in South Philly on what could be the largest soundstage on the East Coast.

It’s a World War II seaplane hangar that served as the PX for the Navy until it was decommissioned – 75-foot ceilings over about 100,000 square feet, or almost two football fields, including end zones. Paramount knocked out the hangar’s temporary columns, walls, and ceilings, so it’s all clear. “Built for war and indestructible” is how Greater Philadelphia Film Office head Sharon Pinkenson describes it. Before Shyamalan got ahold of it for his action film, it was used for storage of equipment for the X Games during the winter between the competition’s two summers in Philadelphia.

After doing a little researching around I managed to find a picture of the hangar/sound stage. This thing is huge!

South Philly Hangar Sound Stage

South Philly Sound Stage Hangar-- ©2008 Everett Priestley

Frank Marshall added a picture of the hangar to his Twitter site this morning!

Navy Hangar Set -- © 2009 Frank Marshall

Navy Hangar Set -- © 2009 Frank Marshall


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