Pictures of Noah Ringer & Co. Are Coming


According to Producer Frank Marshall’s Twitter, a press release and photos of the cast are due out in June! If there aren’t any leaks between now and then, we’ll be getting out first look at the Noah Ringer as Aang and the rest of the Gaang in just two months.


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3 Responses to “Pictures of Noah Ringer & Co. Are Coming”

  1. Lilly Says:

    SONOFA.. WHY is Katara and Sokka Caucasian? That is just an insult ot he show and people of color.
    This movie is starting to look like a cosplay gone horribly wrong.

  2. Abby Says:

    Y isnt there any Noah Ringer picture!!!!

  3. Abby Says:

    Katara and Sokka need a tan and blue contacts!!!!SO they look sorta alike.

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