This is a Warrior’s Wolf-Tail!


Pictures have found their way online of Jackson Rathbone sporting his Sokka hairdo!

“Well, it certainly tells the other warriors that you’re fun and perky!”


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9 Responses to “This is a Warrior’s Wolf-Tail!”

  1. Tasunara Says:

    Cool! I can’t wait to see how he does in the role! I hope, for his sake, that he does good! I can see these movies being the next Transformers, or the next Star Wars, even!

  2. Childs3 Says:

    Wow… He looks all rosy and drunk…
    And the hair isn’t particularly all that accurate…
    And he certainly doesn’t have a tan …
    In short, he looks nothing like Sokka.
    And much of fandom still has every intention of boycotting.

    • REALavatarfan Says:

      Lol if you were really a fan you’d go see the movie. You DO realize that the creators of Avatar are getting a percentage of the profits. The more $ they make, the more chance there’ll be more avatar episodes coming out later. Lol you really need to think things through, dear.

    • anen Says:

      sokka is brown not tan there’s a difference

  3. Erikonil Says:

    Not to mention he looks old for a teenager. Like that guy who gets held back year after year.

  4. Luna Riven Says:

    I think it looks pretty fantastic. Childs3, there is such a thing as makeup. My guess is that in these pictures, he had been on stage for quite awhile (not to mention these are exactly set quality photos) whereas during filming he has makeup artists and hair stylists attacking him every few takes. You’d be surprised the power of a little thing called movie magic.

    I for one am very excited about the whole thing.

  5. Martine Says:

    I think he looks perfect. No one is going to look exactly like a cartoon figure, and I think most of the fandom will be very happy with the casting. If the creators of the cartoon are happy with the actors then the rest of us should probably bow to that. I think one of the confusions is that some people think that it is Japanese Anime, and it is set in Asia. The truth is its an American cartoon, and the characters reflect that in their diversity. Which I think is great. Still its disappointing to see people put so much emphasis on race, no matter what their mistake. Isn’t the actors ability more important then their skin color? Very ugly thinking people. Anyhow, I like the casting!!! Im very excited.

  6. Liberty Says:

    Jackson not only looks good as Sokka, but he looks like a GREAT actor as well. Also I was sure this would happen. Everyone is worried about the film, then the next new news comes and everyone goes into “OMG MUST SEE!!!” mode.

    That they fit the ages to the characters so Sokka will be older, but still plain old Sokka. Nicola is 14 and Noah is 12 so no worries there. Sokka looks very melodramatic….PERFECT.^.^

  7. Random Asian Guy Says:

    I went an got a warriors wolf-tail haircut just for the movie! Next step… The outfit. Mwahahahaha! Then I shall run around in it at the mall!

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